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Common Factors

Common Factors

Pinnochio – Pistorius- McCann –Burglars- Open windows- Change of Routines- Inconsistencies - Lies - Deceit - Beds

It’s now almost 7 days since the commencement of the Pistorius trial.

If we are to believe that Oscar Pistorius is being truthful has told thus far the whole truth and nothing but the truth, it is to believe that the witnesses thus far in this case have all lied, or as his defence counsel has suggested, that the witnesses: 

(a)  Did not hear Miss Steenkamp and Pistorius   argue/raised voices.

(b)  Did not hear Miss Steenkamp scream in fear, that what they heard was Pistorius screaming like girl (something he might do if found guilty of murdering Miss Steenkamp)

(c)   Did not hear the sound of gunshots, that what they heard was the sound of a cricket bat being bashed against a door (funny that as the defence has also suggested that some witnesses were too far away to have heard sound of gunshots but not too far off to hear a cricket bat against a door?)


(d)  That he, Pistorius thought there was an intruder, a burglar who, had come in through a window.

(e)   That Pistorius on this night, the night he shot and killed Miss Steenkamp changed the nightly routine which he normally followed in respect of where he kept his mobile phone, his handgun and a most important factor on which side of the bed he slept!

Almost 7 years since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  

If we are to believe that her parents the Doctors McCann and their holiday companions have been truthful, that thus far they have told the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, it is to believe, that anything any witness has said must be treated according to their spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell as ‘ludicrous/lies'  it is to believe what they the McCanns have suggested:

(a) That an upstairs neighbour did not hear the McCann    children cry on any night.

(b) That there had been an intruder/a burglar who had come in through a window.

(c) That they changed sleeping arrangements the night  previously with Kate McCann sleeping in the  children’s room.

(d) That they changed routine on the night the child  vanished – that is in respect of which doors they entered/exited  the apartment, the regularity of their checks of  children.

(e) And of course the biggie - two of their companions,  also doctors, making their debut on that night also,  one the now infamous Dr Payne paying a visit to Kate  McCann and her children, and the equally infamous  Dr  Oldfield he too popped in to check on McCann  children.

How come? 

Why did they all suddenly want to check on the McCann kids? 

No one checked on anyone else’s kids all week long.  

The McCanns NEVER checked on anyone’s kids at all, not even to listen at the shuttered windows of the apartments of their companions – which they had to pass, and up close, on the way to their own apartment.   Yet on the night Madeleine vanished, the McCann apartment became like Grand Central!

McCanns want the world to believe they changed routine on the night their daughter vanished that there was an intruder/burglar.  (The evidence gathered during police investigation points to the child having died in the apartment, possibly the result of a tragic accident, possibly at a time when the child and her siblings were left alone, no responsible adult in attendance to care for them.)

Oscar Pistorius wants the world and the Court to believe that he changed routine on the night he shot and killed Miss Reeva Steenkamp (witness testimony of an ex girlfriend during the trial contradicts absolutely his version) He wants the world to believe that he thought there was an intruder/a burglar in his home and that he thought he was shooting this burglar.

The Court in South Africa will hopefully get to the truth of the statements given by Oscar Pistorius.  The parents of Miss Reeva Steenkamp deserve no less than to see justice served for the loss of a much loved daughter.  To see her killer, Oscar Pistorius, if found guilty of murder, punished according to the law of their land.

Hopefully one day a Court in Portugal will get to the truth of the statements given by the McCann parents the parents of this missing child, parents who together with their companions, refused to help Madeleine, refused to take part in a reconstruction of events refused to assist police with this.  The McCann twins, Madeleine's brother and sister deserve no less than to hear the truth, to see justice served, the perpetrators of the crimes committed against their sister punished.

For now though justice for young Madeleine McCann seems a long way off, and the performance of Scotland Yard has done nothing to change that.  Perhaps hindered!

Almost 7 years now since her disappearance, and no sign as yet of her parents and their companions seeing the inside of a Court.

No sign of any one of them doing the decent thing and giving explanation as to why their stories do not add up!

No sign of any one of them putting Madeleine, her siblings, Sean and Amelie before all else.  Amelie and Sean are the ones who will have to live with this for the rest of their lives.  They are the ones who most need to know the truth of what became of their sister.

Their parents telling them of bad men, monsters having taken Madeleine may solve the parents problem short term when the children are young, but that will not always be the case.  These kids will already be asking some very uncomfortable questions.  Questions, answers to which (and when they are ready) they will be able to find in the online police files, where they will be able to identify the inconsistencies in the stories told by their parents and their holiday companions.  Video footage too of the interviews their parents have given, containing information, detail which is not consistent not only with their police witness statements, but inconsistent, interview to interview.  

No sign of the Metropolitan Police requesting that the McCann holiday group take part in a police criminal style reconstruction of events of the night the little girl mysteriously vanished which would allow for these very same  inconsistencies in the stories told by the group to be addressed, and of which there are many!

One has to wonder why this was not one of the first steps taken by Scotland Yard.

Of course in October 2013 Crimewatch  served up a reconstruction where the public were presented with nothing short of a fairy tale account of the events of the night Madeleine vanished.

This production was not a truthful account of events according to the police witness statements given by this group of people (read online police files on Madeleine McCann case)  DCI Andy Redwood of Metropolitan Police knows that it was not a truthful account.   And so too, do the McCanns and their holiday companions!

So where does that leave the Scotland Yard investigation into this child’s disappearance when what they allowed to be presented to the public was not an honest account?

Where does that leave justice for young Madeleine when still her parents and their holiday companions have not participated in any reconstruction?   Further away than ever?

Both Miss Reeva Steenkamp and the little girl Madeleine Beth McCann, had their young lives cut short by the in/direct irresponsible, callous and cruel actions of persons close to them, persons who claim to have loved them.

Oscar Pistorius is directly responsible for the death of Miss Steenkamp.   

Gerry and Kate McCann indirectly (possibly directly) responsible for the disappearance and possible death of Madeleine! 

Just as in the Pistorius case where there is only his word as to what happened on the night he shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp.    In the McCann case there is only the word of Gerry and Kate McCann that their daughter was abducted.

There is no evidence that Madeleine McCann was abducted never has been!  

In both cases, no burglar who came in through a window!
8th March 2014

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