Lying in the Sun

Crawford & Cheshire Cat

Crawford & the Cheshire Cat

Throughout the Pistorius trial I have been critical of Alex Crawford, Sky News, what I found to be her biased reporting in this case, always fawning over the Pistorius family, never able to quite contain herself.

It was to me shockingly inappropriate.

This morning I was left in no doubt whatsoever where her allegiance lies.

As Barry Roux left the Court, grinning like a Cheshire Cat (not the expression of a man who thinks Pistorius will spend 10 months in jail)  Crawford who had only just spoken with the Roux spokeswoman, almost fell over herself to fawn at his feet as she addressed Barry Roux.

Like a giggly teenager meeting a pop idol, Crawford gushed:

"Mr Roux, you've been the MAIN STAR, or one of the main stars, come on give us a couple of words, I mean it's been a long drawn out ordeal for you as well..."


One could be forgiven if they did not know, for thinking that Crawford was referring to the main player in a West End Production, which had just reached the end of a successful run - the MAIN STAR being applauded - and not the case of a young woman whose life was brutally and cruelly taken from her at the hands of Oscar Pistorius!
21st October 2014

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