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Crecheman Can Talk

Crecheman Can Talk

Jane Tanner one of McCann holiday companions has always been thought of as perhaps the most crucial witness in this case, she was the only one to have seen a man close to the McCann apartment carrying a child on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.   She claimed that she saw Gerry McCann on the street talking to another holidaymaker, a man by name of Jeremy (Jez) Wilkins at the same time at which she saw the man with the child.

She said she passed Gerry and Jez who were standing on the pavement just outside the McCann apartment close to the side/back/patio entrance, and as she did she spotted the man with the child.

Jez and Gerry confirmed they stood on the street chatting.  But both men said that they did not see Jane Tanner nor did they see a man carrying a child.

Jez Wilkins confirmed that they were standing just outside the McCann apartment as Jane Tanner had said.

Gerry McCann however said that is not how he remembers it.  He claims they were standing on the opposite side of the road.  He standing on the road side, Jez standing on pavement.

We know also that the statements given by Gerry McCann are, as about reliable, as he believes cadaver dogs to be.  McCann has a poor track record when it comes to telling the truth -  He changed his story regarding which door he entered the apartement to check on his children.  He said he thought David Payne checked on his kids (McCanns kids) during that week.  Not on the night Madeleine vanished, not 'Towelgate' but on another night.  McCann knows that's not true. He knew when he gave this statement to police that the Payne couple had chosen to use a baby monitor so that they did not have to leave the dinner table to check on their own children, so why would David Payne leave to go and check on McCann kids?

Jane Tanner said as the passed Gerry and Jez she then saw the man carrying the child. He walked hurriedly straight across her path from left to right crossing from one pavement to the opposite side.

The McCanns used this sighting in all of their appeals and campaigns, and it pretty much was accepted by those who believed Jane Tanner's story, that this must be the man who took Madeleine, the alleged abductor.

The Portuguese police ruled this sighting out from early stages as they did not feel Jane Tanner to be a credible witness.

This however did not stop the McCanns plugging 'Tannerman' at every opportunity.

In Crimewatch Appeal of October 2013, DCI Andy Redwood of Metropolitan Police announced his 'revelation moment'  He claimed to have identified Tannerman as being a British holidaymaker carrying home his two year old daughter. The child dressed in only pyjamas on this cold night. The man was dressed in warm clothing. What kind of father dresses warmly but carries his child around in only pyjamas?  And how could this 2 year old have been mistaken for Madeleine who was days from her 4th birthday when she vanished?

From the moment DCI Redwood said that the man was carrying his own child home from the night Creche Tannerman the alleged abductor became Crecheman the British dad.

But unlike Tannerman, Crecheman has a voice, and one would have to assume that as he has spoken to Andy Redwood/Metropolitan Police Officers that he was able to tell them what he saw and heard that night.

Crecheman will have been able to tell the police -

Who he saw that night.

If he saw Jane Tanner
If he saw Gerry McCann
If he saw Jez Wilkins

And if he did - on which side of the street they were standing!

He will be able to describe how he was carrying his child, whether in the manner Jane Tanner described or whether carrying the child in a more normal way with the child's her head resting on his shoulder.

He will be able tell police which direction he had come from on his way to the creche to collect his child.  Which route he took after collecting her which allowed him to be at the spot Jane Tanner said she saw him.

He will have been able to say whether he hurried across the road without checking for traffic as Jane Tanner had described looking straight ahead, or whether he took it more leisurely, and with more thought and care for the safety of his child, looked around. Remember this is now Crecheman, a British dad he had no need to rush as Tannerman the long haired foreign looking  guy did, rushing to get away with the child he had just abducted.  No this was a Brit Buddie.   Tannerman and Crecheman would not have behaved in the same way.  Therefore it would be really interesting to hear if his account matches that of Jane Tanner.

He will be able to tell police who else he saw on his travels that night.  He may have seen Andy's burglars, or the blonde German guys, or Tractorman or O'Brien, or Oldfield. Depends really at what time, and from which direction Crecheman came and went on his travels from wherever he had been, to the creche, to the spot Tanner saw him and his onward journey home to..?

He will be able to tell police if he heard the voices of Jez and Gerry on that quiet street where sound would have travelled, or the sound of Jane's flip flops slapping the pavement.

Crecheman must now be a most crucial witness.   So much he can tell.  Whereas before we only had Jane Tanner's version of what this man did, now the man can tell the world in his own words all about his movements of that night, what he saw and heard.

If there is ever to be a reconstruction, Crecheman absolutely has to be part of.

The Portuguese Police having re-opened the case - to them Crecheman is someone they must be desperate to speak with if they have not already done so.   A most important witness.

Whoever would have thought that Jane Tanner's 'Tannerman' would have been brought to life - been given a voice, one that could be used for the purposes of a reconstruction, or in a Court of Law.  

Not sure Andy Redwood did!

DCI Redwood may have thought he had managed to dispose of Tannerman, and that in so doing he had put paid to Jane Tanner's story, when in fact he has, by giving birth to Crecheman opened a whole new can of worms.

Crecheman can talk!
25th March 2014
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