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Cristobel Crock

Cristobel Crock

It has gotta be said, this female, the pieces she produces do great harm to our children.  They are harmful to those children, young persons who are victims of abuse, and harmful to those who may in future become victims.

I don't know whether Rosalinda/Linda/'Cristobel' Hutton suffers from a clinical mental disorder as she claims, or whether she is just plain old bonkers. 

What I do know from reading some of the nonsense she has written is that she is an attention seeker, and a downright liar, her stories, ever changing, she gives Kate McCann a run for her money on that score!

Bottom line is, I don't suppose most care if she lives in her fantasy world, if her imagination runs riot every once in a while, which it most obviously does, but people DO CARE when what she puts in print regarding child abuse is made light of, when it is no more than one of her fantasies, and that is exactly what her latest offering is!

This is not the first time she has declared how she is some sort of authority on child abuse.  She is not!

This time around she is speaking, as ever as a victim, but on behalf of (alleged) paedophiles!   

Hutton, her opening paragraph:

"I am in the unique position of being able to speak out on behalf of alleged paedophiles without having a zillion books thrown at me, or being accused of being a paedophile myself because I am a survivor of a Catholic children's home and the author of a misery memoir!"

One reads that, and before reading further, thinks - What the hell is she on?  What the hell does that mean?

It could only go one way after that- downwards!

The piece is the biggest shed load of shit!  

Or as Cristobel herself might describe it, a WTF moment!   She did promise she had more of them to come, guess we just never thought it would be one of her own!

(DCI Redwood, he claimed to be in a
 unique position too, with his three strands of the investigation!    One is worse than the other)

Scary, and utterly astonishing, is that the lies, the fantasies keep coming, and still there are some out there who will swallow them hook line and sinker.  

That said I do recall that the last time Cristobel published a piece similar to her latest, that one contributor did challenge her and robustly so.  The contributor pointed out to her that she was no expert in either the area of child abuse, its many forms, or in matters of child protection.

This latest crock - is horrifyingly dangerous and worryingly so.  

There is no genuine concern expressed for victims, no insight, it's just another Cristobel 'SEE SEE ME' story.   A re-hash of the story she has told so very many times, and no two versions the same!  

She has jazzed it up big time this time around - now every adult male she came in contact with as a young child, molested her!

Cristobel's crock is the stuff that makes those who genuinely care about the victims of abuse, very angry indeed for the harm her ridiculous and wild stories/fantasies may cause!

Lord only knows what she will come up with next?

There is something very seriously wrong with this female!
18th April 2015
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