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Curlewis Sums Up

Curlewis Sums Up

Llewelyn Curlewis, S.A.Legal Expert speaking with Sky News Reporter,Jeremy Thomson, commenting on the latest adjournment, and the evidence given by Pistorius in relation to him saying that 'before he knew it he had fired off 4 shots!'

Llewely Curlewis:

“ Exactly, and my concern for the Defence is obviously, the assumption can be made, can be deducted from that, that he acted randomly, even grossly  recklessly without having given thought to any other alternatives or possibilities out there.

And, remember I told you, one of the requirements set in our Law with regard to the defence of 'self- defence' that was raised, and which is the bottom line here, is that you must consider other possibilities, and then actually decide which one is the lesser of two evils, and follow that one.  Which is obviously in his own version, suggested in his testimony, is not the case.

So that might be the point of departure for Gerri Nel to start cross examination.

It can never be tolerated that you can randomly start firing shots without giving consideration or thought to other possibilities.  I mean that is contrary to any basic principal of law, and justice,

Day twenty two now, we haven’t attended to the nitty gritty yet.  We started this morning, and then lo' and behold we're back to where we were yesterday afternoon adjournment shortly after lunchtime another hour or two of Court time wasted. All in all so hopefully this won’t  be tolerated for much longer  I would suspect the Bench will suddenly and seriously consider calling the two legal Counsel into Chambers at least, if not into open Court, and reprimand them, and tell them ‘listen guys let’s go get on with the job.’


Update Curlewis comments further:

"There is always emotional issues at stake there will always be trauma.  One can imagine, and one has sympathy for the reliving of that nights events, however that is part and parcel of a trial and especially a murder trial. Nobody suggested its going to be easy for any of the parties involved, whether its the victim and her family or whether its the accused and his family.   So I could not believe it when Gerrie Nel just shrugged and said 'ah well so be it let's carry on tomorrow morning.'

We are wasting valuable Court time.  It's resources that's going down the drain, and at the end of the day, at some stage, he must face the music.
8th April 2014

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