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Despicable, Dishonest...

 Despicable, Dishonest, Distasteful…


“Kate McCann is at the station for 13 hours, but from inside she and Trish text out updates. EVEN AT THIS POINT THE MESSAGE IS BEING CONTROLLED.”

Richard Bilton, Panorama November 2007


On 6th September 2007 Kate McCann was re-questioned by Portuguese Police.


Gerry McCanns sister, Trish Cameron accompanied her to police station, also Justine McGuiness the McCann Publicity Manager.

Yes you read correctly the McCann Publicity Manager, as all mothers of missing children do - contact their Publicity Manager in such circumstances!

The holiday villa where the McCanns and their two younger children had been staying in Portugal had been searched by the Portuguese Police some time prior to Kate McCann attending at the police station.  Items belonging to them were removed by police.   Madeleine’s soft toy, which Kate McCann had carried around with her as a prop during the months since her daughter had vanished I believe, was one of the items seized, also her diary.

Quite clearly being requested to attend for further questioning, things didn't look good for her or Gerry McCann, their holiday companions.

At this time Madeleine had been missing for four months.

How awful one might say that the mother of a missing child, whose disappearance she claimed she played no part should once more be questioned by police - she must be distraught, not know what to do -

But of course Kate McCann knew exactly what to do, to do what they had done from the first moment decisions had to be made by them regarding Madeleine's disappearance, the first moment they discovered her not to be in the apartment, or, from the first moment they discovered their child had been injured, or had died, whatever is the case - Kate McCann protected herself, Gerry!

Her first thoughts were not of missing Madeleine, assisting police with their investigation, answering questions, her concerns her priority lay in getting a story out to her Publicity Manager, and that is exactly what Kate McCann and her sister-in-law Gerry McCanns sister Trish Cameron set about doing - passing information from inside the police station to the waiting Justine McGuinness! 


Panorama – BBC November 2007

Presenter Richard Bilton



Kate McCann is at the station for 13 hours, but from inside she and Trish text out updates. EVEN AT THIS POINT THE MESSAGE IS BEING CONTROLLED.



We were a bit naughty because we did have messages coming out of the police station which we weren't supposed to...


 How did that work… what, the text messages?






And were the texts saying? Talk us through.



Sort of updates from things that were happening.    Knowing everybody had copy to write, had the 10 o'clock news like you did, or whatever, various different deadlines that they had. I felt that it was important just to manage people's expectations.




So Kate McCann is being questioned about the disappearance of her daughter, now missing for four months, and top of her agenda and that of Gerry McCanns sister Trish Cameron was to get messages out to the McCann Publicity Manager to meet the various different press deadlines TV News Reports?


Co-operating with the police, the investigation into the disappearance of little Madeleine Beth McCann, Kate’s daughter, and Trish Cameron’s niece furthest it would seem from their minds!

Nothing in the intervening months since the child had vanished had changed - The reason the publicity sought on the night they reported Madeleine as missing, no different from the publicity sought on the night Kate McCann and her sister-in- law Trish Cameron together with the publicity agent Justine McGuinness put themselves, their stories, before the missing child?

Each time, the aim, to get the McCann version of events ‘out there’ first

On day one – it was to ensure their version of abduction hit the headlines…

On this occasion at the police station – it was the untrue tale by Kate McCann that she had been offered a deal by the Portuguese Police which they wanted to make headlines!


So often people are accused of hating the McCann couple, accused simply because they question the version(S) of events told by the McCanns and their holiday companions?  Version(S) which are full of holes, versions which the police world over, not only the Portuguese Police and the British Police team involved in the original investigation, know simply do not add up!

Both British and Portuguese Police were, for good reason, suspicious of the McCann holiday party, the many inconsistencies in their police witness statements. 

With no thought for little Madeleine – some choose, for some unfathomable reason to ignore the glaringly obvious – the inconsistencies and lies, not only from that time when the child was first reported as missing, but the many changes to the story thereafter, which still to this day keep cropping up, depending on the situation the McCanns find themselves! 

The story has changed many times, to suit circumstances, this is something, which no one, no one at all can deny – the evidence of which can be found in any interview the couple have given, in Kate McCanns book, her diary – their documentaries, and shockingly in the recent Crimewatch productions aired in various European countries which were far from truthful - all rife with contradiction, and ever changing accounts of events.

The longer this case goes on, the more the inconsistences creep in, they multiply quite simply because the McCanns forget what they have said previously. 


To be a good liar they say requires a good memory! 


If there are any out there who hate the McCanns I would imagine they are in the minority.  One cannot hate someone they do not know.   And hate is such a strong feeling that I doubt there are many people in this world who hate others.


I believe with regards the McCanns it is the despicable, dishonest, distasteful, and neglectful behaviour towards their three children, then and now, the lengths they have gone to, to deceive the public - the recent report in the Sunday Times, that they hid for FIVE YEARS crucial information which could have helped discover what became of Madeleine, the perfect example -  and the use of the Fund monies, donated to help find the child, used to pay for legal actions to silence others, amongst much else, which people find abhorrent.

When one hears ridiculous comments that the McCanns are hated are being doubted in most quarters because they are good looking, educated, is rather desperate sounding...

When someone places their children in danger as the McCanns did, fully aware of what they are doing, aware of all the possible dangers of leaving three under 4 year old children alone unsupervised in a holiday apartment where the door is left unlocked/open as the McCanns did, and for the FIFTH night in a row, and those children come to harm, as Madeleine McCann did – and what follows is a series of lies aimed at deceiving the police as to the events of that night –

Is there really anyone out there who believes that those who question this cruel and callous neglect of young children, who voice their horror at how these children were treated, do so because the McCann couple are good looking?

For those who make such remark, accuse others of ‘hating’ based on the above, it is such a poor argument, such a poor defence of the parents, and so very desperate.

Most of all it shows ignorance, a complete lack of care and understanding of the rights of not only Madeleine, Sean and Amelie McCann, and all of the other children in that holiday party who were abandoned night after night, but an outright dismissal of all children, their right to be cared for and protected, to not be made suffer at the hands of adults, be those adults their parents, guardians or any other.

A little reminder of what the McCanns have told the world about how they treated their children.  It may just prick the conscience of those who seem to think it does not matter how these children were treated.

Little Madeleine her baby brother and sister were so cruelly treated by their parents.  The  child having told them (so her parents say) that she and her baby brother had cried in their absence, yet they still went out that very evening with holiday buddies leaving the three little children alone again in the dark unfamiliar holiday apartment, in terrible danger, doors unlocked/open, a  danger, which was to be realised in the most tragic of ways, little Madeleine paying the highest of price for her parents failure to protect them, their failure in their duty of care to their children. 

Two educated persons, who claim when at home in the UK they would never leave their children ‘home alone’ in the home the children knew, where the children felt safe, a home which was a secure property, a home where if the children woke in the night afraid, they could call out for mummy and daddy and be sure that someone would come to them, a home where the children knew where to find mummy and daddy should they get out of bed to look for them.  


Yet these same people also claim that it felt safe to leave their three tots alone night after night, in an unsecured property, one where they left the door open/unlocked, a holiday apartment, dark and unfamiliar to the children, a place where when they woke and called out for their mummy and daddy – no one came! 


A property which their spokesperson Clarence Mitchell described as being located in a remote part of the holiday resort, so remote that one of the other mums, Rachael Oldfield felt it too scary to walk the distance from the tapas bar to the apartments to check on the children.

How can any parent put their child through such suffering? 

The McCanns said Madeleine had told them she and her brother had been crying the previous evening – So why leave them again, to suffer again making it the fifth night the children were abandoned?   Simply evil!


Now back to those who feel the public hate the McCanns because they are good looking –

I trust you have the capacity to now understand the anger which people feel has not a jot to do with hatred, not a jot to do with anyone’s looks, their background, their financial position – but all to do with the appalling neglect of three little children, which took place over a period of FIVE NIGHTS, resulting in Madeleine McCann coming to harm, never to be seen again.

And specifically to the lady (and I use the term loosely) who sent me the most rude of messages – I trust this helps you understand that our children are precious and should be treated so.

Never should their fear, their suffering, their pain, their upset at being abandoned, as was the case of the McCann children, who were left so vulnerable by those good looking well educated parents you spoke of be so easily dismissed as you do, in support of those who have harmed them.   Never should the McCanns if they are telling the truth about Madeleine telling them she and her brother cried, have abandoned these children once more.

One would hope that offenders, those who abuse children in any manner or form, that their physical looks, financial and professional status, or who they know, would not influence others, be that the public or a Court of Law, that opinion be based on the facts of the case.

The facts are that the McCanns have admitted to abandoning their children nightly, leaving, on some nights the door to the apartment unlocked. Admitted also that their little daughter told them of how she and her baby brother had cried, yet they left them alone again!

Whether Madeleine did say this (pretty doubtful, at least not in reference to the night they claimed) is something difficult to prove, but it is a fact that this is the story the McCanns chose to tell the police, tell the world.

They chose to tell the world of how they
ignored their child's plight!

One has to wonder why?   Wonder not only why they would then leave these three children alone again, but wonder why they were so keen to admit to this appalling neglect.   

Perhaps to cover for something more serious?

Rather rules out any mistake being made if their child had told them of the crying, and most definitely rules out 'responsible parenting' if they knew, and still left the children alone, leaving the door open/unlocked!

Any sensible member of the public who considers the treatment of the McCann children an appalling act of child cruelty does not base this on the physical appearance of the McCann couple.

To humour you further – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.   Some may find Gerry McCann physically repulsive, others may think of him as Adonis!   Some may find Kate McCann pretty, while others may feel she is no Sofia Loren!

Some more beautiful, more highly educated, more better placed financially than McCanns persons who do not rely on a Fund, may be appalled at how the McCanns  treated their children.  Rich or poor, most are!

Your argument that the McCanns, their conduct, their neglectful behaviour towards their children which resulted in Madeleine coming to harm, resulted in this child suffering, is only thought of as appalling behaviour by those you consider to be jealous of this couple, those whom you refer to as the “uglies” the less financially well off or less well educated, those you describe as needing psychiatric care, quite frankly could be considered funny, if it was not for the fact you use this to excuse Madeleine’s parents of any responsibility whatsoever in what became of this child. That you choose to use the serious issue of mental health in doing so mocking those who are unfortunate to suffer same is quite shameful, and done for no other reason but to protect those who have openly admitted to abandoning their children.

If that is not desperate, I don't know what is.

If we are to believe the McCanns when they say that Madeleine told them she and her brother cried when left alone in that dark unfamiliar, unlocked apartment, in a remote corner of the resort (as their spokesperson described the location) and they both walked out on them again that very night – What you are saying is that only those who you consider less good looking than the McCanns would ever consider this child neglect, and do so because they are jealous?

What a ridiculous thing to say.

As to finances – many are happy to help Madeleine, happy to put their hands in their pocket, and many do, to ensure that the truth is made known.

I would think most will be more concerned with the efforts being made by some to silence, by any means, whatever that truth may be. 

Not to be forgotten, Trish Cameron, Gerry McCanns sister, one of the persons responsible for information being leaked from the police station in Portimao, gave rather dubious statements at the recent libel trial.

In 2007 Bilton said the ‘message’ in this case was being controlled – it still is!
9th November 2013

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