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Did Gerry see Madeleine?

Did Gerry McCann See Madeleine?



Gerry McCann told Portuguese Police when first interviewed that when he checked on his children on the night Madeleine vanished that he had entered the apartment by the front door entrance (car park side) that the door was locked and that he used his key to unlock it.


He said his wife Kate McCann had done likewise on her check of the children on that night.


Around a week later he changed this statement, saying that he had entered the apartment by the patio door entrance.  That the patio door was not locked, and he simply had to slide it open.   The front door he said was unlikely to have been locked (but unlike the patio door still required a key to open it from outside.)


** See ‘Key Problem’s 1 and 2


On the night Madeleine vanished, he stated he met a man named Jez Wilkins and stood on the street outside the apartment speaking to this man.


Jez Wilkins said they stood on the same side of the road as the McCann apartment was located close to the patio door entrance.


Jane Tanner, the McCanns holiday companion said she saw both men standing talking together at this location (both McCann and Wilkins claim not to have seen her)


Gerry McCann however recalls it differently from Wilkins and Tanner.  He claims he crossed to the opposite side of the road to the apartment to speak with Wilkins.


Tanner and Wilkins are absolutely positive McCann did not!


Without question the stories told by the McCanns and their companions with regards their checking of the children on the night Madeleine was reported as missing are untrue.


Gerry and Kate McCann did not suffer from poor memory not to the knowledge of the public and surely if they did, in their particular line of work, medical professionals this would have been discovered pretty quickly by their family, friends, patients, and employers the NHS.


It would seem ludicrous (as their spokesperson Clarence Mitchell would say) to believe that this couple, who insist absolutely that their daughter was not only abducted, but taken from her bed (a child known for not sleeping well and most nights getting out of bed to either wander around or to alert her parents to the crying of her two year old twin siblings) a couple who claim to remember the exact position the child was sleeping at any given time, a couple who claim to remember exactly how widely open they left the bedroom door, who claim to remember just about everything of that night with one exception –


How they entered and exited the apartment!


And that has got to be the one thing that they absolutely could not forget.


No one, not anyone on the planet leaving their home for whatever reason – FORGETS HOW THEY EXITED THEIR HOME, FORGETS HOW THEY RE-ENTERED IT!


Yet we are asked to believe that Gerry McCann FORGOT which door he used when checking on his children on the night Madeleine vanished.




Indeed he changed his mind, changed his police witness statement, but not because he had forgotten and now wished to correct his error.


He changed his mind as what he originally told the Portuguese Police did not ‘cover their asses’ did not gel with the rest of the story they were to go on to tell.


He lied about the door, how he entered the holiday apartment that is for sure.

He has for sure also lied about the side of the street he stood speaking with Wilkins.

He has done everything he could to throw the investigation, to hinder by making the statements he did.


So why should we believe that he did in fact see Madeleine when he said he did?

Why should we believe she was lying as he left her, on top of the bedclothes?

His wife Kate McCann tells a different tale on this count – foolish to expect anything less with this couple)

Why should we believe that on this night and only this night he decided to take a look in on his children, and on this night alone he stopped for a moment viewing his kids experiencing a proud father moment, thinking how lucky he was to have such beautiful children?

Why, when the McCanns and their companions have not been truthful regarding that fateful night re the checking, the shutters, the windows, the doors, their location/positions at any given time should we believe for a moment that Gerry McCann did in fact see Madeleine lying in her bed on top of the bedclothes, a position he said she liked to sleep when it was hot, the exact position which he said he left her?  


Not a reason in the world to believe him!   Many reasons not to!


Not least because it was not hot, not least because he did not ‘leave her’ (at least not according to his wife Kate McCann who claims to have tucked her up in bed that night) – no mention by Kate of Gerry ‘leaving her’ on top of the bedclothes as though a parcel waiting to be uplifted…


Was Madeleine left on top of the bedclothes to be uplifted?


Did Gerry McCann check when he entered the apartment to see if this had been carried out?


Did Gerry McCann meet with someone in the apartment?


Whatever is the truth of matters one thing is for sure – the McCann couple did not forget which doors they used on that night.

They have stated in numerous interviews how they had ‘thought out’ this wonderful checking system, how they were mimicking a checking system they had heard was in place in some other resort in some other country in Europe.


The system involved ‘listening’ at doors they have told us.


Yet Gerry McCann "FORGOT" which door he was to use to carry out his check.   A check he claims to have been doing all of that week, yet on that one night, the night Madeleine vanished, he FORGOT how he should be doing it, which door he should be using?

It is impossible to forget the most crucial part of their checking system – HOW THEY GAINED ACCESS TO THE APARTMENT TO CHECK ON THEIR CHILDREN!

This is what Gerry McCann expected the Portuguese Police to believe. 

This is what Gerry McCann expected the Leicestershire Police to believe.  

This is what Gerry McCann expects the public to believe.


This is what Gerry McCann expects the Metropolitan Police to believe.


The Portuguese Police, the Leicestershire Police, the public haven’t swallowed this particular tale by McCann…


Will the mighty Metropolitan Police have the wool pulled over their eyes…or allow it to be?


For Redwood and the Metropolitan Police team to move forward in any direction with any investigation to discover what happened on the night Madeleine was reported as missing, they absolutely have to discover, first and foremost, test the statements of the McCanns and their companions as to their honesty, as to how the accounts they have given are at all possible.


If those statements did not flag up for Redwood and his officers that something is seriously awry with this group of people and the stories they have told, in particular that of Gerry McCann and his forgetfulness, then there is something seriously awry with the Metropolitan Police investigation.


If we cannot and for good reason, believe any other part of Gerry McCanns police witness statement how can we believe:


(a) (a) He did in fact see Madeleine when he said he did?

 (b) That the scene he described when seeing her was as he said?

 (c) That he did not meet with someone in the apartment?


If the Metropolitan Police investigation is all above board – then the persons they will be looking at, and absolutely will not have ruled out, are the McCanns and their companions.


One can only assume if all is above board with this investigation that the persons they wish to speak to the ‘38’ are persons who can throw some light on the McCanns and their companions, that some out of this 38 may have witnessed the movements of the McCann party, that someone in that group of people, may be connected to the McCanns in some way, connected also to the disappearance of Madeleine in some way.


It is my opinion for the McCanns to have removed Madeleine from the apartment concealed her death would have most likely required the assistance of others, be those others persons within their group of holiday companions and or the assistance of someone who resided in Praia da Luz at that time.  Perhaps another Brit!


Whatever happens whoever is involved in this little girls disappearance what we do know is that the McCanns and their companions.

1. Have not been entirely truthful in the accounts they gave police.

2. That to have lied they had a reason, demonstrating that they know very much more about that fateful night than they thus far have been prepared to divulge.


But most of all we know – the Metropolitan Police MUST KNOW THIS TOO!
2nd August 2013

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