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Did McCann know Murat?

Did McCann Know Murat?

Did he, didn't he?  

McCann when asked by a reporter if he knew Robert Murat, neither answered in the negative or the positive.  He neither confirmed or denied.  He preferred to 'make no comment.'

By doing this, it naturally aroused suspicion.  Was there something he was hiding?  Most thinking there was, as why else would he not give a straightforward answer to a straightforward question, and so soon in this investigation, why would McCann be on the defensive not answering questions which were naturally going to be asked.

I never understood why he would not have answered directly, why he just didn't say, that NO, he did not know Robert Murat.

Robert Murat had stated he did not know McCann, he didn't dodge the question.

I tend to believe Murat as had he known McCann, the McCann family, Kate McCann for instance, and depending how well, he would possibly then have known they were to holiday in the town where he, Murat lived, met up for a chat a beer, a game of tennis.  Would have wanted to show McCann around perhaps (they say Murat was a friendly sort always eager to help, described as a good Samaritan)   And if Murat had known McCann/s, and as an acting translator for the Portuguese Police from when Madeleine vanished, he would have made it known to them that he knew McCann.

And if he only knew Gerry McCann, he would surely very quickly have rectified that, introduced himself to Kate McCann and, the rest of the tapas group as being an acquaintance of Gerry McCann someone who could help them.

So, yes I believed Murat, that the did not know the McCanns/Gerry McCann, and from that I would say McCann did not know Murat.

But that still left the reason why Gerry McCann would not simply say that he did not know Murat why would he be so evasive?

And, without question on viewing the recording of McCann being asked about Murat - I can understand how it made people suspicious.

(I can understand too how it could make people piss their pants laughing (not his reply) but the delivery by McCann, his high pitched tone, his flick of the head to one side - Jack McFarland eat your heart out man, you've got competition, McCann could steal your crown... Have watched it over and over and makes me laugh every time...and then turning sharply dragging off his missus -  hilarious!)

On a more serious note though, how quickly McCann got the hang of dealing with reporters, deciding who he would speak to and what questions he would entertain, having no problem whatsoever in dismissing them when he felt like it.  

As Jeremy Paxman put it to McCann:

"But you collaborated with them when it was convenient to you, didn't you?  And you would announce photo calls and whether or not you'd be speaking that day, or maybe tomorrow, or the day after."

0.51 on tape - McCann is in a rage, and forces that strained crooked smile, or should that be a grimace?  He was squirming.  It's another of those clips you can watch over and over, and never tire laughing at McCanns discomfort, stuttering and stammering through his squirms.

You have to admit, not the norm from parents whose child has supposedly been abducted being so with the press!

But everything about this case has been far from normal from the start.

I could never quite figure why McCann would answer as he did, have read many suggestions, but I have to say on reading the thoughts of Caroleann, who left a message on Guestbook, she has come up with one of the most plausible I have heard.  I have not viewed the Richard Hall DVD's in entirety, or rather I did look at them but have to say that I did skim over quite a lot of it.  I didn't know he'd said McCann and Murat switched off mobile phones at same time.  Where he would have gotten than information - anything in police files?  Or, whether it has any relevance to Madeleine's disappearance I couldn't say.

The phone 'ping thing' in general I cannot claim to have delved much into.

Thanks Caroleanne for your thoughts on McCanns:- 

"I'm not going to comment on that"

(laughing as I type those words his squeaky voice, I can hear ever so clearly)

caroleann 8/18/2014 1:27:23 PM (GMT)


In my opinion, no, he didn't. Murat emphatically denies that he knows McCann. Why would he lie? The way the Tapas Crew and Pennington tried to implicate him in the alleged 'abduction' hardly hints at friendship of any kind. When McCann said that he didn't want to comment on whether he knew Murat or not it should be remembered that Murat was still at that date an arguido. Gerry wanted to distance himself from the question because the investigation was going the McCann way , someone else was being implicated. To comment one way or the other might have scuppered the 'stitch up.' I would be interested to find out where Richard Hall got his information from concerning the timing of Murat's and McCann's phones being switched on/ off.
19th August 2014
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