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Did You Kill Madeleine?

Did you Kill Madeleine?

That is the question, one of the questions, put to the persons questioned over the past week by the Portuguese Judiciary Police on behalf of The Metropolitan Police.  The Metropolitan Police 'listening in.'

It seems NONE of them did!

Seems too the Portuguese Police had already ruled these persons out 7 years ago!

Seems the Metropolitan Police are back to where the investigation was 7 years ago - but we all knew before the interviews took place that they, the Met were barking up the wrong tree.

And talking of barking...

7 years ago the cadaver dogs (brought in from the UK) alerted in the McCann holiday apartment - to Kate McCanns clothes, the cuddle cat toy which belonged to Madeleine, the car keys too I believe of the hired vehicle used by the McCanns and the boot of said car, the spare wheel well.

The resulting conclusion reached, being that 'someone' had died in the apartment.

As there was no record of any deaths in this apartment EVER - the conclusion as to who died/may have died, was/is pretty obvious to us all.

Oddly, the McCanns seemed not interested if the alerts by the dogs could have been related to Madeleine their missing daughter, the daughter who mysteriously vanished from the apartment.

If your three year old child vanished in such circumstances, that is, after you left her alone in a holiday apartment in a country foreign to you/her, and the dog alerts were as they were in this case, indicative of a cadaver, you would want to know if your child had died there.

You would be devastated at such news, at the thought that your child was dead, that someone had gone into the apartment in your absence and killed your child then removed her from the apartment.

The guilt and remorse for having abandoned her (and the other children) would be overwhelming.

Not the McCanns - they immediately went into self-protection mode, coming up with all sorts of ridiculous reasons as to why the cadaver dogs would have alerted.  Why it was impossible for her to have died in the apartment, still insisting she was abducted.

Now why would that be?

Naturally of the two evils parents would hope that the latter was the case - but faced with the evidence the findings of the dogs...dogs which incidentally had been correct in over 200 cases!

What did the McCanns do next, after making excuses for why the cadaver dog would have alerted?

Astonishingly they set out to try and prove the dogs wrong.

They conducted research into cadaver dogs.   Gerry McCann announcing to the world that they were incredibly UNRELIABLE.

Now why would the parents of a missing child GO ALL OUT to discredit cadaver dogs?

If their child had been murdered in the apartment, and if innocent of all involvement in her disappearance, therefore not knowing what became of her - WHY WOULD ANY PARENT go to such lengths to NOT ACCEPT THE FINDINGS OF THE DOGS BUT TO DISCREDIT THE DOG ALERTS?

Pretty damning if you ask me!

But if you will bear with me, as it is such an important point the dog alerts in the case of missing Madeleine, and one which I feel deserves a bit of attention, let us look at what Gerry McCann has said in this regard.

When he and his wife Kate McCann were interviewed by Sandra Felgueiras in this regard, asked what they felt about the findings of the dogs, McCann very rudely answered Miss Felguiras in the following way -

'Ask the Dogs Sandra.'

McCann clearly thought he was being a smart ass as he gave his reply with the usual nasty smirk he has become known for.  


And Kate McCann did her usual 'body swerve' re the questions on the dogs and rambled on...not only did she speak in a condescending and patronising way about the people of Portugal being in the majority'inherently good people'  (from one of the nastiest persons on planet - the irony) but attempting to and hoping to sidetrack Miss Felgueiras....but Felgueiras wasn't going to allow that to happen!  

Sandra Felgueiras:

But this is the first time you give us a big interview not being arguidos since then then erm so now I feel free to ask you this directly....How can you explain the coincidence of the scent of 
cadaver found by British and NOT Portuguese dogs?  

Kate McCann:

Sandra, maybe you should ask the Judiciary because they have examined all evidence.  I mean we are also Madeleine's mum and dad, and we are desperate for people to help us find Madeleine which is why we are here today.  The majority of people are inherently good and I believe the majority of people in Portugal are inherently good people, and I am asking them if they will help us spread this message to that person or people.

S. Felgueiras:

So you don't have an explanation for that?

Gerry McCann:


S. Felgueiras:

Ask the dogs?  No Gerry.  Now I feel free to ask you. Don't you feel free to answer me?

Gerry McCann:

I can tell you that we have also looked at the evidence about cadaver dogs and they are INCREDIBLY UNRELIABLE!

S. Felgueiras:


Gerry McCann:

Cadaver dogs. Yes.  That's what the evidence shows if they are tested scientifically.


I have to ask once more.

If your daughter, your 3 year old daughter whom you had abandoned for five nights in a holiday apartment when holidaying abroad vanished from said apartment, and the cadaver dogs, brought in from your OWN country, alerted to cadaver in said apartment -


Of course you would not.  You would be filled with guilt, remorse, and the greatest sadness at the loss of your child, that she most likely had died alone, unprotected at the hands of some evil and despicable character.

You would want to know everything there was to know about these results want the police to do everything in their power based on the dog alerts to find the perpetrators.


They immediately DISSED THE DOGS!

Dogs which have been spot on in more than 200 cases.

And the only sense that anyone, with any sense, can make of this reaction by these parents - is that they saw the findings of the cadaver dog to point in their direction, it was too close for comfort.

Innocent parents would not react in this way.

Why, if the McCanns were happy to state someone had gone into that apartment in their absence and taken Madeleine from it, were they not happy to accept that the findings of the dogs were in keeping, with what they had claimed - that someone had done exactly that - gone in there and removed the child?

Why for them did it have to be an abduction and not a death in the apartment - which the evidence clearly points to?

The Portuguese Police were even accused of planting evidence, cadaver scent!  How ridiculous is that.

Now here we have, SEVEN years on, DCI Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police TELLING THE WORLD that Madeleine was MURDERED in the holiday apartment by burglars.


That must have wiped the nasty SMIRK from the arrogant McCanns face.

As one reader, Carolanne, rightly pointed out in a message left on the Guestbook - if Redwood is now saying Madeleine was MURDERED in apartment 5A - he cannot be ruling out the findings, the alerts of those dogs which Gerry and Kate McCann WENT ALL OUT to try and prove were INCREDIBLY UNRELIABLE!

Looks like the dogs have come back to BITE the McCANNS ON THE ASS...looks like DCI Redwood does NOT agree with Gerry McCanns investigation into cadaver dogs, as GUESS WHAT?   
Redwood has taken cadaver dogs to Portugal!

Yes. Cadaver Dogs!   Those unreliable beasts!  Gerry McCann must be...well...FURIOUS!

Now, Redwood hasn't taken them out to Portugal for a holiday, bit of sightseeing, and he hasn't taken them because he feels they are unreliable when it comes to what they have been trained to do...

I think, as it always has been, since the Portuguese Police Investigation - safe to say, that Madeleine McCann died in the holiday apartment on or around 3rd May 2007 the time she was reported by her parents to be missing.

What has to be established now is the circumstances of her death - an accident as the Portuguese Investigation at the time believed to be the case - 
or did she die at the hands of her parents, or perhaps, what must be the most unlikely scenario of all - at the hands of a burglar, who then scrubbed the apartment top to bottom, then walked outside and buried her a little way down the road.  As if!

Did this burglar bring cleaning materials with him?Surely not if he was there to burgle, and if he used any cleaning materials which were available in the apartment, cloths cleaning fluids etc, did he take them away with him too, to dispose of?

It's all too silly, isn't it!   Redwood's having a laugh - just at whose expense though...

I think most will agree, based on the evidence, the child having had an accident, a fatal fall perhaps, is most probably the likeliest scenario.  Her death then concealed.

No sign of any break-in.   Nothing stolen.  Burglars steal goods they don't murder little kids.   No suspects.   All questioned and ruled out, as they were 7 years ago and as they have now been again.

That pretty much leaves us back with the McCanns and their buddies!

All witnesses/potential suspects questioned - fully co-operated with police.  Answered all questions put to them.  All willing to help with the investigation.

But McCanns and their buddies?  Well they have not been so helpful.  THEY DID NOT answer all questions or fully co-operate with the investigation!

The stories told by McCanns and their buddies, unlike the witness statements by others - DON'T ADD UP - full of holes, lies and inconsistencies.

And you see IF they were completely innocent of any involvement in the disappearance of this child - THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO NEED FOR ANY OF THEM TO HAVE LIED.  THERE WOULD BE NO GAPING HOLES IN THEIR STORIES!  BUT THERE ARE!

Now I'm no detective - but when you have parents who refused to fully co-operate, who were dishonest in the accounts they did give police.  Who changed their stories, and who dissed the dogs, who refused to take part in a reconstruction of the events when requested to do so by police, in essence refusing to help find their missing child - and when their SEVEN buddies do likewise - to me, a mere onlooker - that is one HUGE RED FLAG.

When they pay CLARENCE MITCHELL vast sums of money (reportedly £70,000 per year) and have done so for SEVEN YEARS, to lie for them, concoct and spin stories on their behalf - ANOTHER HUGE RED FLAG.

When they continue on their website to show the image of the man supposedly who their friend Jane Tanner saw carrying off Madeleine, who DCI Andy Redwood said WAS not an abductor but a man carrying his child home (though Redwood's story like the McCanns is dubious also) that is a HUGE RED FLAG.

When the McCanns are still out there wanting you, the public, to donate to their FUND, the Fund intended for a 'search' for Madeleine, but paying Mitchell with said monies.  That is a HUGE RED FLAG.

When they use any means they can to silence anyone who challenges and questions their ridiculous tale of abduction.  A HUGE RED FLAG.

The red flags are too numerous to mention in this case when it comes to the McCanns and their buddies.

The McCanns too, same as those questioned this past week, were asked if they had killed Madeleine/their daughter - the McCanns though were not asked this question by police but by an Australian reporter/presenter some time ago.

Again, the reaction by McCann to this is extraordinary, he can barely conceal his smile that nasty smirk creeping in.


Did he find it amusing as this question was one he could answer honestly, as he had not killed the child - relieved that the question had not been - Did your daughter have an accident in the apartment which you concealed?

We must remember the Portuguese Police never accused the McCanns of killing Madeleine though they, the McCanns are happy for people to believe this is the case. 

The child having had an accident is what the police believed.

For the McCanns to have been so desperate to attempt to prove that cadaver dogs are unreliable gives cause for grave concern, it demonstrates that they themselves feared the dog alerts.  Not because they indicated that Madeleine was most likely dead and had died in the apartment...that was not their fear...they feared for themselves!

And to remind us of the lengths McCann went to in his bizarre attempt to prove that cadaver dogs are unreliable, the following is the Mail Online's take on it:

Madeleine: McCanns consult American lawyers over 'cadaver dog' evidence

Last updated at 18:07 16 September 2007

Kate and Gerry McCann's legal team have consulted the lawyers of an American man accused of murdering his estranged wife in a case where cadaver dog evidence was key, a source said today.

Two British sniffer dogs, one capable of detecting blood and human remains, were brought to Portugal in early August.

The cadaver dog picked up a "scent of death" on everything from Mrs McCann's clothes to missing Madeleine's favourite soft toy Cuddle Cat, according to reports.

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sniffer dog mccann

During police interviews the McCanns were shown a video of the animal "going crazy" when it approached their Renault Scenic hire car, newspapers have claimed.

Leaked reports from the investigation have suggested Madeleine's parents could have accidentally killed her and then disposed of her body using the car.

Although they do not know the full details of Portuguese prosecutors' case against them, the McCanns are concerned it may rest on the dog's reaction.

They want to highlight the judge's dismissal of cadaver dog evidence in the high-profile Eugene Zapata murder trial in Madison, Wisconsin.

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sniffer dog mccann

The couple's lawyers have already contacted Zapata's defence team, who are now sending their large file on the matter to Britain.

Zapata's estranged wife, flight instructor Jeanette Zapata, was 37 when she vanished on October 11 1976 after seeing her three children off to school. Her body has never been found.

Detectives suspected Zapata of involvement in her disappearance but did not charge him because of a lack of evidence.

Police decided to conduct new searches using cadaver dogs, a new investigative technique, when an old friend of Mrs Zapata contacted them about the case in 2004.

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Zapata, 68, was charged with first-degree murder last year after the dogs indicated they sniffed human remains in a small basement "crawl space" at the former family home in Madison and other properties linked to him.

But Dane County Judge Patrick Fiedler ruled last month that the evidence that led to the charge could not be put before the jury.

He said the dogs were too unreliable in detecting the odour of remains and noted that no remains were actually found.

The judge agreed with an analysis of the three dogs' track record by Zapata's defence team that found they were incorrect 78 per cent, 71 per cent and 62 per cent of the time.

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Gerry and Kate McCann

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Mr Fiedler told the court: "The state has failed to convince me that it's any more reliable than the flip of a coin."

Zapata denies murder, and the jury in the case went out on Friday to start considering its verdict.

A source close to the McCanns' solicitors said:

 "The legal team are in touch with the lawyers who represented the defendant in the case.

"The court papers, giving the legal submissions, are on their way to the McCann team for consideration.

"At the moment there are no formal charges and therefore there is no formal allegation against which the McCann team can work. We are having to work a little bit in the dark.

"But given that we understand the central plank of what the police are alleging involves sniffer dogs - albeit British ones which are said to be particularly good - this is important and relevant, and will be raised with the police and brought to the judge's attention."


Indeed the dogs used in the McCann case were particularly good.   Never wrong in over 200 cases!

And what d'ya know - So were the dogs in the Zapata case - particularly good - they were right all along...

Zapata confessed - "I killed her, then I hid her."

'...Detectives had two prongs of new evidence that wasn't available in 1976 : cadaver sniffing dogs which appeared to show that Zapata had kept the body in various homes he, his children and his new wife lived in...'

There's irony in Gerry McCann having chosen the Zapata case to attempt to discredit cadaver dogs, not only did Zapata, murder his wife, but he moved her dead body from place to place, and the dogs alerted to this, each the McCann case, it is suggested that Madeleine's body too was moved from at least one location to another.

Of all the cases in all the world Gerry chose ZAPATA!

Those darn dogs Gerry!

5th July 2014

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