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Difference in the E.Fits

Difference in the E.Fits

The two E.Fits which Gerry and Kate McCann kept concealed, and which were not aired until the Met got their hands on them allowing the public to see them for the first time on Crimewatch in October 2013 (The McCanns had the E.Fits made up in 2008!) are it is said of the same man.

Two persons (suggested as being from same family) gave the descriptions which resulted in the two E.Fit images.

There are quite obvious differences in the appearance of the men in the images, but one can see similarities also but certainly they are not the same person.

What struck me about them is the difference in the quality of the images.

If we are to understand the images were the descriptions given by two members of same family, and that both images were sketched at same time, same day, week or whatever by the same person/sketch artist - Why is it that one image is really grainy and the other so very clear?

I don't know anything about the technique used to create such images, but I would have thought that if the same person created the images, that the end result for both images would be the same that is in respect of how 'grainy' or 'clear' they would be (not referring to differences in the physical features of the subject)

If McCann private detectives had both E. Fits drawn up at same time  -  Why such obvious difference in the 'sharpness', or am I missing something, not understanding the process?

Madeleine McCann
16th January 2014
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