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Digging Deeper 2015/2

Digging Deeper 2015/2

The retired British Detective John Stalker stated that he believes that Gerry McCann, Kate McCann, David Payne, Fiona Payne, Matthew Oldfield, Rachael Oldfield, Russell O'Brien, Jane Tanner and Dianne Webster, the group of parents who were dining together on the night they reported Madeleiene McCann as missing WERE NOT BEING TRUTHFUL in the account they gave Portuguese Police.

His feeling as a respected, and now retired detective is that they were HIDING SOMETHING!

He did not say that they harmed the child he said THEY ARE HIDING SOMETHING.  

To hide 'something' they therefore LIED TO POLICE by way of concealing 'that something.'

We also have the British Forensic Expert (Barclay?) stating that the set up at the McCann holiday apartment, to him appeared to indicate an 'INSIDE JOB, a STAGED SCENE.'

Now whether these two British experts, experts in their respective fields have gotten it all wrong, is not really debatable!

What would be the chances of that, that these two guys with no reason in the world to make such statements, other than because that is what their expert assessment of the evidence the situation told them led them to believe -  would say such a thing to fit up the McCanns and their holiday buddies?

Why would any sensible person believe, the story told by the holiday group, over that of expert findings of...well...the EXPERTS?

And that brings me back to Gerry McCanns STORIES!  HIS FIRST AND SECOND.

  • He entered by the front locked door using his key (as did his wife he claimed on her checks)
  • He entered by an unlocked patio door

We have been presented with different videos put together by McCanns and associates, of the events of the evening the child was reported as missing, according to them..

In the first one.

McCann enters the apartment by the FRONT LOCKED DOOR!

Lots of ham acting follows as he leads up to speaking of his proud father moment blah blah blah!


This was the reason he gave in his change of story for looking in on his children, something he said he had never done before that night, was to actually step inside the kids bedroom!

  • McCann enters the apartment walks away from the camera towards the opposite end of the sitting room area, his back to the camera.  
  • He clears his throat in preparation of the tale he is about to tell.
  • He then stops, turns around to face the camera, and heads towards the door of the bedroom where his children slept on that holiday.
  • He immediately describes looking at his sleeping children, or rather Madeleine.  Describes how Madeleine lay there, blankets turned down, her cuddle cat toy and blanket at her head.
  • He said she was lying "where I had left left her"

(From this then do we take it that GERRY McCANN put Madeleine to bed that night?   I ask this, as these two parents in every other interview appear not to be sure HOW Madeleine got to be in bed. Various versions abound stories of how they all the entire family sat on the bed with the child reading her stories.  Other times they give a different account, but always confusion over who actually carried this child, who they said was not feeling well, pale and tired, more than usual, to the bedroom that night)

  • McCann makes NOT a mention in this documentary as to his reason for going into the bedroom on THIS OCCASION, something he claimed never to have done on any other night.  Nothing at all!
  • He simply begins describing the scene.
  • He does not say that the MORE WIDELY OPEN door caught his attention, caused him to enter the bedroom.  He does not say that when he saw the door more widely open that he had thought Madeleine had perhaps gotten out of bed when alone in the apartment, and gone to the room he and Kate McCann shared.


  • He makes no mention either of his visit to the little boy's room. Whether he did this first, before checking on the kids, or whether he checked on his kids then hit the bathroom.
  • In this video, he simply said that he closed the door over until it was almost closed.

He also switched off the bedroom light on his way out of the bedroom in this video.  Why they filmed the room in bright light (unless of course on the night in question, McCann switched it on so as to look at his kids more closely) is also a bit of a mystery unless it was intended to be part of his actions on that night?

What we can see quite obviously from this footage is that McCann, together with the people he worked with on this production, were NOT going to be honest in their account.

  • McCann had NO intention of demonstrating EXACTLY what he did when he entered that apartment.
  • Though he entered by the FRONT LOCKED DOOR, he DOES NOT SAY this is the route he entered by on the night Madeleine vanished.  
  • He was VERY careful NOT to give full and proper details.
  • He was also VERY careful not to mention that bedroom door as being more widely open, as the question the viewing public would automatically have asked was: 


That is what any normal parent would do!  Seek to discover how that bedroom door came to be open?

It is a huge chunk of the story that McCann chose to LEAVE OUT!

Yes later when we watch Oldfield act out the part he played, McCann slips in, that he did not usually go inside the bedroom, that it was the door open wide that had made him do so on that night.  Yet he did NOT INCLUDE this in HIS part of this little re-enactment?   He did NOT slot it in where it should have fitted!

And one has to wonder at McCann leaving out this HUGE CHUNK of detail when this was meant to be his portrayal his re-enactment of the events, his movements on that night!

  • So why did he choose to mislead the public?

At the time this documentary was put together, McCann had given the Portuguese Police TWO versions.  Was he not sure which one to use for the purpose of this production?  So he left it open to interpretation?  Played it safe!

Now those who follow the case would have known instantly on watching what he had done.

But for many more viewers he had simply misled them.

More interesting is that in the Crimewatch Production of October 2013 when Gerry McCann re-enacts his movements, once again it is not made clear WHICH door he used to gain access to the apartment.

About 8.20

We see McCann walking towards the bedroom door, as though he had come from the direction of the patio door, but it is NOT made clear which door he had used to access apartment 5A.

No mention whatsoever is made of how he gained access to the apartment?

Why would that be?

  • Two different McCann productions?
  • Two different stories he told police of how he made access?
  • Two productions where he failed (deliberately?) to make it clear to the viewer which door he entered by?
  • Two stories, but neither included his visit to the little boys room?
Of course there are the police witness statements available online where ALL can read of his CHANGE OF STORY, read of how he told police one tale then changed it to another.

But what we do NOT have from McCann in either production is McCann making it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR FOR THE VIEWING PUBLIC which door he entered and exited by.

And there is a reason for that - the very same reason that Detective John Stalker spoke of - THE GROUP LIED TO COVER SOMETHING!

One has to ask then why the McCanns and DCI Andy Redwood of he Metropolitan Police would have put out such a production when they KNEW it was not a truthful account?

Stalker knows they are lying, the whole darn lot of them.


In this Crimewatch production we also have Matt Oldfield leaving the table at around 9pm it is said to check on his child.  McCann leaves minutes later.

Oldfield returns to table while McCann is still away (talking to the acquaintance Jez Wilkins?)

If so, how come then Oldfield did not pass McCann and Wilkins on the street, in the same way Tanner had claimed to have?

In their police witness statements, Oldfield said that he at this time left the table NOT to check on his child, but to hurry along the Payne family who were taking too long to come down for dinner.  No mention of this either in this documentary.  No mention either that Oldfield while on his travels stood outside the shuttered bedroom window of the McCann apartment, that he had returned to the table and told McCann he had done an impromptu check at the window.  No mention that he had stated that McCann was not pleased at this, and that McCann THEN got up from the table to go and check on his children, which ANNOYED Oldfield, made him feel that McCann did not trust him he said.

So why in DCI Redwood's production was this not addressed?

Why in this production does Oldfield leave the table and NOT return until AFTER McCann had left the table?

If he did not return until AFTER McCann left the table, the conversation between Oldfield and McCann could not have taken place?

Which version is the truth?

More importantly, WHY did DCI Redwood NOT make it clear that in the statement Oldfield gave the Leicestershire Police he had stated he had returned and told McCann about his impromptu check, and of how McCann was THEN annoyed and THEN went himself to check on his kids.

Why was ALL of this NOT INCLUDED?

Redwood said he took it all back to the beginning?  That he took nothing for granted?

Well according to his own, this very Crimewatch Production, he has not only taken most things for granted, but he has IGNORED COMPLETELY the police witness statements by the group which CLEARLY PROVE they ALL LIED!

Just like John Stalker said - they are hiding something.

So why did not Redwood during his time heading this investigation at the Metropolitan Police not see what everyone else out there, police and civilians alike saw, and can see? 

Do we still go along with - Redwood was just leading the McCanns up the garden path to trap them?

Is this what a police investigation does, spends years, £m's playing games with the persons the whole world can see are involved at some level in the disappearance of their daughter, be that lying to cover up some other activity (which is clear to all) or much more?

Is it?
1st February 2015
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