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Does Crecheman Exist - 2

Does Crecheman Exist - 2

Let's put it this way.

It is claimed he came forward in 2007.

The description of the person Jane Tanner claims to have seen was issued by Portuguese Police on 25th May 2007.

The launch of the Tannerman sketch was October 2007.

Apart from the fact that the police would have interviewed creche staff in relation to any adult person of this dscription either dropping off or picking up a child wearing only pyjamas on that night, it would seem impossible that this guy IF he came forward and identified himself, did not then, when he saw over the past 6.5 years that his description was still during this time being used as someone who was 'of interest' to the case, a suspect - did not take action to rectify the matter.

If this person was you, and you had approached police to identify yourself - would you really for the next six and a half years sit idly by knowing your description was still out there as the guy suspected of having abducted Madeleine McCann?

No you would not!

And if the Leicestershire Police in the UK did not pay attention to any communication you made in this regard, after having come forward to be eliminated at an earlier date, you would raise merry hell about the situation.  You would contact the Find Madeleine Fund also to request that they, the McCanns remove the image.   You would contact the police in Portugal to inform them that you were not happy that Leicestershire Police had not acted in this regard, that neither had the McCanns, at the Find Madeleine Fund.

You would seek the assistance of a solicitor if the Leicestershrie Police and the McCanns continued to refuse to remove the image from their site, if they refused to continue misleading the public, if they refused to put you in the clear!

So, no I don't believe crecheman exists.  

When others in Portugal were linked to 'sketches' that had been circulated, 'Creepy Man Sketch' for instance - the names (and faces) of these people when identified were made public as were persons more recently - tractorman for example!

Yet, this man, crecheman, his identity remains a secret, there is no clear picture of him?

It is inconceivable that crecheman would have sat back for six and a half years, when a child is missing and allowed an image, which he knew not to be of a person carrying off Madeleine McCann, an image of himself, to remain in the public domain as being the person 'wanted' in connection with the child's disappearance. For him to do so, he then would have been hindering a police investigation, an investigation seeking to discover what became of the child.  Would someone who had the integrity to come forward in the first instance do this?

Do we really think that such a person exists?  

A person carrying a child dressed only in pyjamas who then became the main suspect in Madeleine McCanns disappearance, who presents himself to the police, as naturally he wanted to help the investigation, and clear up matters, have his image removed from circulation, and not have the police looking for the wrong person as that would not help young Madeleine - yet this same person we are to believe, knowing that his image was still being used as the supposed alleged abductor, sat back and did nothing about it for six and half years? 

This guy, his wife/partner, family friends would all have discussed the missing Madeleine case at the time, seeing that they had holidayed there, and particularly so as he had been walking that night carrying his child, and had also come forward made contact with police, it would therefore be a case they would follow avidly with great interest.

Surely they would all wonder why his image had not been removed from circulation as being the prime suspect?

Or, we could say that perhaps he thought the police felt there was someone else who looked just like him, dressed just like him, carrying a child just like his, dressed just like his, who was walking along the street at the very same time he was?

Nope - don't think so.  If he was walking around, and he saw a guy looking exactly like he did, carrying a child exactly as he was - the guy would freak!   Not something he would forget!

I really don't think Praia da Luz became Pyjama Town on 3rd May 2007, though there are admittedly more pyjama tales in this case than anything else...with the exception of 'door' tales!

Just for talk sake, say this guy did/does exist it would be interesting then to hear what he had to say of that night WHO he may have seen!

Would a father for instance carrying his little daughter just simply step off the pavement and cross the road without first checking for traffic, and if this guy had checked for traffic at the junction where Tanner claims to have seen him then chances are he saw her, chances are he saw Jez and Gerry. Chances are, he saw a whole lot of things, and a whole lot more people bobbing around!  More of a witness then, than a suspect!

Nope my money is on Jane Tanner having 'talked.'  I just don't think this woman can live the rest of her life, knowing what she does.   She knows Gerry McCann for whatever reason placed himself at the other side of the street during his little reconstruction (See McCann Manipulation Blog) and she most likely knows exactly why he did so!

I think Jane Tanner is a source of worry for the McCanns!

I have been looking over some old articles on the McCannfiles (wonderful source of reference) and came across the Crimewatch appeal of June 2007.   An interesting read.   Not least because they speak of the description of the man supposedly seen by Jane Tanner but because of those short sleeved Eeyore Pyjamas!

The ones held up by Kate McCann are said to have belonged to Amelie, Madeleine's younger sister.

The pyjamas, for the McCanns seem almost to hold greater importance than the missing child, so much has Kate McCann made of them!

Of course when a child goes missing a description of what they were wearing at the time is helpful, but Madeleine we are told was wearing pyjamas, I would not think, if anyone abducted her, that she would remain dressed in her nightwear for very long, a change of clothing would have been made pretty quickly one would think - can't parade a child around in her pj's without being noticed.

So both McCann children had the same pyjamas, not unusual for siblings to want same, to be dressed the same when very young - perhaps my suspicious mind - but I just don't believe Madeleine was wearing short sleeved Eeyore pyjamas on that night, based on the pyjama tales we have heard from Kate McCann which I have spoken about in other blogs - and how convenient that on the night the child vanished she just happened to be wearing a pair of pyjamas that of which the McCanns could produce instantly an identical set.

Now this crecheman his child was wearing a long sleeved pyjama top and pyjama bottoms with great long legs, nothing at all like the pyjamas Kate McCann is holding up.   His child was two years old at the time, so tiny little legs, which would not have hung over her dad's arm as portrayed in the sketch, and even if they did, it is clear that her pyjamas could not have been mistaken by any stretch of the imagination as being as Jane Tanner described to police.

Again perhaps my suspicious mind, but it certainly looks like Jane Tanner 'made' the pyjamas which she claims to have seen, fit the description as given by Kate McCann. 

In the article I will post up next from McCannfiles, what is interesting in the reporting, and this is June 2007, there seems to be an uncertainty as to whether Jane Tanner actually saw a child being carried, or just saw 'something.'

One might say that she perhaps saw a man, but that he was not carrying a child, that she could have been mistaken.

But, there lies another problem - IF she did see a man, but a man who was not carrying a child - WHERE IN HELL DID CRECHEMAN spring from, bringing with him his old clothes, and a 7 year old set of children's pyjamas?

The guy who didn't notice he was still in the 'frame' that his image was still out there, but yet he could produce every article of clothing from that night, his and his child's?

Some Met magic?

I wonder if Kate McCann can produce those short sleeved, cropped leg Eeyore pyjamas!  Either set, the one's she held up, or the ones with the tea stain!

Whichever is the truth regarding crecheman - he must surely have given the McCanns cause for concern this Christmas, taken some of the 'merry and bright' out of it, as whatever way you look at it - Crecheman is bad news for McCanns and their holiday companions - crecheman hasn't brought comfort and joy, that is a cert!
28th December 2013
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