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Does Crecheman Exist?

Does Crecheman Exist?

In my opinion - NO!  

Just as Tannerman was invented for the purpose of the McCann abduction story, Crecheman was I would say invented for the purpose of the Metropolitan Police Investigation!

I suspect Jane Tanner has been having some cosy "talks" with DCI Andy Redwood - 'crecheman' born, perhaps part of a deal done?

I could of course be way off the mark in my thoughts - but the above aside, and keeping it simple - 

A child is reported to have been seen by Jane Tanner, the child was wearing only pyjamas, she was being carried by a man on a cold night. There was a creche nearby, used by holidaymakers residing at the Ocean Club.

What would be one of the first things the Portuguese Police would have done when Tanner gave them her statement re this sighting she claims to have had?

The nannies, on duty that night at this creche, none of them, as far as I can determine from the police witness statements available, made any mention of a man, coming to collect (or to drop off) his little girl his daughter, who was supposedly dressed only in pyjamas on this cold night. Nothing on record, nothing in their police witness statements to show that any such man existed. 

These nannies were interviewed by police.

These nannies knew the reason why they were being interviewed.

These nannies, if they knew of any person, any male who had either dropped off or picked up his child at around the time Jane Tanner claimed to have seen 'Tannerman' would have surely told police.

And of course there were creche records.

When this child of 'creche man' was in the creche asleep, presumably the child was covered in some way to keep her warm?  

A nanny responsible for releasing the child to her dad, would surely have noted, that the dad had not brought along anything with which to keep the child warm, a blanket or some warm clothing for her.

A nanny would have removed this child from the place she lay sleeping in the creche, warm and comfortable, and would for sure have noticed that the man himself was warmly clothed, yet he did not give same consideration to his little girl.

And would not a loving caring father, if for some bizarre reason, had no blanket or clothing for his child, ask to borrow a blanket? Would not the nannies have offered him a blanket?  Or would he not have removed his jacket to wrap his child on this cold night?  Or, would he not do the most natural thing in the world, wearing the jacket, hold the child close to him wrapped inside his jacket to keep her warm? He would not walk with her on outstretched arms, the child uncovered.

That is utter nonsense! 

I really do not believe that a British tourist, took their child to a creche on a cold night in Portugal, and did not think to dress or wrap the child warmly.

Presumably the mother was on holiday too with the dad and the child - I really don't see a mother exposing her 2 year old tot to the elements.

The Portuguese Police Investigation as we can all see was intensive, thorough.   Andy Redwood has stated this many times, spoken of the sheer volume of files and records he and his team have had to trawl through - what is it 30,0000 records, some containing many pages?   After more than two years of doing so, DCI Andy Redwood has not come across any area that has not been thoroughly investigated by the Portuguese Police Team! 

It would seem rather unbelievable then that Andy Redwood's crecheman was missed by them, or by the Leicestershire Police.

And what of the McCann private detectives, and Kate McCann also, who claims to have delved through those files?

Crecheman I believe was created to let Jane Tanner off lightly, a story which would not make her out to be an 'out and out liar' in the eyes of the public, a little reward, something to encourage her to loosen her tongue!

Added to which, a friend of mine did a little digging regarding the subject of creche man.

The following is what she came up with, this is exactly what was said.

'Just out of interest I looked at Tapas booking sheet and none of the diners on it had a child in the night crèche on the 3rd.

Some had no children at all, the rest took their young male children or male babies to have dinner with them as per statements.

Cox party had a 17 month infant but they cancelled and took a takeaway instead.

At 7p.m. Carpenter are booked as 2 adults but according to their statement they took their  3 year old girl and a 4 month old baby with them to Tapas and all left together.

Mrs. Carpenter is the person who thought she heard someone calling out MADELEINE at a time before the alarm was raised when they crossed the road that Tanner flip flopped up to the other side of the complex where their accommodation was.  

The McCann party were the only diners at the Tapas bar that evening who had children and didn't take them with them.

Between little boys, baby boys, and Carpenters little girl there were 10 children in the Tapas bar with their parent/s booked at 7p.m-7-30 p.m.

I looked up other guests staying at the ‘resort’ on the 3rd with little girls whose accommodation was on the other side of the road to the main complex.

Parents who would have had to cross the top of the road.

Foster.        Girl aged 3 no statement that I can find, left on the 5th, declined the offered child care on booking form but booked mini-club.

Naylor.        Girl 3 and baby of 11 months, no statement that I can find, left on the 5th.

Mills.            Girl 3.  Found their booking but I can't find them on the list of arrivals at resort.

That's it for little girls who were likely to be in the night crèche on the 3rd and were staying on the other side of the complex.

There were lots of other children in the resort who could have been in the night crèche on the 3rd but they were ON McCann's side of the road.

Irwin were two women, no children and Sperrys were an adult couple with no children either.


(See 'Hope and Tanner Talk Blog' above)

If crecheman does exist:

  • He did not eat at the Tapas Restaurant that night.
  • He did not reside at the side of the road to which he was seen heading
  • He supposedly had picked his child up from the creche at this time, so was heading back to his holiday accommodation - if so - this guy had LOST HIS BEARINGS - as he was headed in the wrong direction!

And an observation.   In the Rogatory interviews the McCann holiday companions were asked if they knew of any person by the name of Irwin.

Note from the Tapas Restaurant bookings shown above for the night of the 3rd May 2007 there was a booking for two females, in the name of IRWIN!
28th December 2013
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