Lying in the Sun

Doesn't Add Up

Doesn't Add Up

Much of what we know of this case, doesn't add up, not least the police witness statements given by Gerry McCann, Kate McCann, David Payne, Fiona Payne, Matthew Oldfield, Rachael Oldfield, Russell O'Brien, Jane Tanner and Dianne Webster. 

Any police authority, hoping to solve this case, reading the statements must have thought all their Christmases had come at once.  A bunch of witness statements that would have any detective worth their salt eager to unravel the many inconsistencies, discover the reasons why the untruths.  The answers handed to them on a plate, just in a mixed up order!  

Over past eight years since we first heard the name Madeleine McCann her parents have without fail, and just prior to any Court action they initiated, or any anniversary of the disappearance of this little girl, any road run, or event planned by them, or indeed any visit to Portugal by the Metropolitan Police, they arranged with Clarence Mitchell to flood the headlines with stories of sightings of Madeleine, he also arranged for them to appear on gossip style shows like that hosted by Lorraine Kelly and other TV presenters.  That is what the guy is paid to do.  (Admittedly since Met arrived on scene the sightings have been thin on the ground, but Mitchell still filled the column inches and air time with other nonsense)

The McCanns refer to Madeleine as an alive and findable little girl, and to find her they need YOUR cash, so they tell us. 

It is very important to the Madeleine Fund that Madeleine be thought of as alive and findable! 

Last week it was thought there would be an appeal hearing in the case brought against Dr Amaral by the McCanns.   The McCanns stand to lose a considerable amount of money if this appeal is not decided in their favour.   They already have a huge legal bill to meet in this regard, a bill they must pay, win or lose.

The McCanns/Mitchell flooded the press with stories of how they NEED THAT CASH - for Madeleine of course - a search for her.   That is, a FUTURE SEARCH.   A search they will begin when the Metropolitan Police, or perhaps both police authorities, UK and Portugal wind up the case, close it, shelve it whatever you wish to call it.

Their message was, to not donate to Dr Amaral's Fund (a fund set up to assist him with legal fees as the McCanns had his assets frozen, leaving him without the financial means to defend himself against their action,  The Fund for Dr Amaral has been hugely successful, much to the annoyance of the McCanns)  If you donate they said, then you are lessening their chances of winning, lessening their chances of getting their hands on Dr Amaral's money.  Money which they NEED FOR MADELEINE, A SEARCH FOR HER.  Indeed!   It's not to pay any legal fees they, the McCann  have incurred.  No siree, don't even think that way, it is ALL for Madeleine, EVERY PENNY.  In fact on their Website they have posted a statement declaring that their action against Dr Amaral WAS NEVER ABOUT THE MONEY.   THEY WANTED TO EMPHASISE THAT.  

So why now are they the McCanns, Mitchell, and their family sources speaking out in the press saying they need that money for Madeleine and their search, a search which thus far has been more mysterious than the disappearance of the child!

Shortly after the Metropolitan Police got involved in this case, the McCanns stopped their private search (and a very private search it was, no one quite knows how or where they searched - as Mitchell always said when it suited him - 'we won't be discussing our private investigation.  Yip all the public needed to know is that their money was being put to a search, just to trust this snake in the grass ) they posted on the Find Madeleine Site a message informing the public that for them to continue it may cause problems for the Met if information was to cross over, be lost.  Best they just stop searching for Madeleine (sit on whatever cash was in their Fund at that time, keep it warm)   That was over 4 years ago.

One would have to assume that that same money is STILL where it was at the time they announced that they would not be spending in the way which they had been on their previous private search.   And IF the ever generous public had made any further donations in this 4 year period, or any monies added to the pot from any other source during this period of NON SEARCHING, then the Fund for Madeleine must be looking pretty darn healthy.   Well at least as healthy as when they ceased searching!

One of the things that to me doesn't add up, is that the McCanns, throughout the Metropolitan Police involvement in this case, have continually stated that they have EVERY CONFIDENCE in the Mets investigation.

But the stories in the press tell us, or me at least, differently.

Saying they need Dr Amaral's money to search for Madeleine when the Met Investigation is over, tells me that they do not expect it to be solved, that their alive and findable little girl is NOT going to be found.

It tells me that they DO NOT HAVE EVERY CONFIDENCE in the METROPOLITAN POLICE.  Unless of course they are confident the Met will not solve it, but simply wrap it up, and they can continue on their way asking the public for more cash!

Surely not!

There was a mix up, confusion over the date at which the appeal hearing would be decided, one can see how such a mistake could have been made, the gist of which is that the date it was thought to take place, 7th October was wrong, or that is my understanding.  But what DOESN'T ADD UP then, is the timing of the stories in the press by Mitchell/McCanns their family sources, their 'poor us, we are frustrated, exasperated, furious' at Dr Amaral receiving donations. Don't donate to help him with his appeal.  We need to win, get our hands on his cash for Madeleine' type stories.

How could they the McCanns get the timing/date SO WRONG?

Never known that to happen before!

How could the McCanns/Mitchell, their flurry of stories about needing that cash, their timing be so wrong?

Could they be so out of touch?  Their legal team so out of touch?

I wouldn't think so!

Put simply - Doesn't add up.

The stories about their twitter account closing, well that I can see.  It was the anniversary of Brenda Leyland's death, and for them to produce another tale in the same vein about persons online affecting their search for Madeleine kinda par for the course.  Look here we are still victims.

But those stories about needing Dr Amaral's money, and of how his Fund, providing him, his right to a legal defence were troublesome to them, were getting in the way of them getting their hands on his cash -for those stories to have the affect they the McCanns desired, the impact they desired, to be of benefit to them, those tales really required releasing, as is their usual way - just prior to, in this instance, - the appeal hearing.

How could they be so out in their timing?

Doesn't add up.

Or could it be they thought they'd get in EARLY with their 'poor me' stories, stem the flow of monies to assist Dr Amaral?

Can we expect a re-run, another flurry of same type stories prior to whatever is the date of this appeal, or is something else bubbling...
13th October 2015

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