Lying in the Sun

Doing the Wrong Thing


Jane Hill interviews the McCanns, two weeks after Madeleine disappeared.

Jane Hill, (in reference to the McCanns abandoning their kids night after night) asks the McCanns:


Kate McCann:
I mean, the restaurant where we were eating, is on the complex where we were staying, and I think the diagrams that were maybe shown at the beginning of all this don't really portray how close it actually is. We said before, it is a little bit like, I think it's quite similar to, on a summer's evening eating in your garden, while the children are in their bed!  You know it's that know...

Gerry McCann:

'I think the messages of support from the thousands of people who either said they would do the same or have done the same have helped us, but it will not take away the feeling of guilt that we will have with us forever, that at the moment Madeleine was abducted, we were not there.

I've  tried to rationalise it,
but we do not think that what we did was irresponsible, but it won't take away that guilt.'


That's a great fat NO then Jane!

Parents of missing children, missing through no fault whatsoever of the parents, will always blame themselves, always they will ask themselves if there was something they could have done, or should have done differently. It takes years for those whose children never return home to come to terms, to be able to tell themselves, it was not their fault, and some will always blame themselves, no matter what.

The McCanns, grieving over (as Gerry McCann states in this early video, but two weeks after the child vanished) is absolutely certain that he and his wife Kate McCann did not act irresponsibly!

Quite astonishing when you know the tall tale they told as to their treatment of their kids.

But these two doctors in their minds can do NO WRONG!

And as for Kate McCann saying that people got the wrong end of the stick, saw diagrams which didn't show how close the apartment was to the tapas bar.

Dream on Kate McCann.

The distance from the apartment to the bar was huge, and absolutely on a dark night, the apartment could not be seen from where the McCanns sat with their buddies!


1.10 on the video.

But note also what Brunt has to say about Gerry McCanns, not daughter - missing BLUE TENNIS BAG!

Note also that the guy in video states that the bag was of a size that a child could be concealed.

Missing bag.  Missing child!  How careless of McCanns!

And how untruthful they BOTH were regarding the distance from that apartment to the tapas bar!

The lies just roll off their tongues!

It has been wall to wall lies in this case, since the moment the child vanished, but they step it up a gear, every year around the time of the anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance, and lying season appears to have begun earlier than usual this year.

Yip Kate right in there with her story of how they now believe Madeleine is alive and well and living in Portugal!

And that is the story she will build on for the 9th Anniversary!

What chance did any of the McCann kids have with parents like this?

27th February 2016

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