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Don't Bury Madeleine

Don't Bury Madeleine

If I may -

I see on Twitter and elsewhere contributors bicker and argue, not over Madeleine, the case of her disappearance, but as to whether this one or that one is a Troll, which I gather is someone lodging comments under more than one Identity!

There appears no real debate or discussion as to what may have become of this poor child, she is being buried under the absolute bonkers comments, and name calling, it is like a mad house!

Anyone reading the McCann tag for the first time would struggle to understand that it was in any way related to missing Madeleine.

So many who seem to have had Madeleine in their hearts initially have drifted - forgotten what they are there for.   Petty arguments as to who is who, seem of greater importance than the missing child.

Any comment relevant to the tag, the case, to Madeleine, and they are few  - are  lost!

How terribly tragically sad.

Whatever side you are on whatever your views, the kid deserves better.

Already she has been let down by her parents and their buddies, buried in the dramas they have created!

It is always about the parents, never the child, the parents see to that.

Always they put themselves first, and they will keep doing this until Madeleine vanishes completely, is buried for good.

Don't let that happen.

Just an observation!
12th January 2014
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