Lying in the Sun

Don't Stop Believing

Don't Stop Believing

Since the publication of Dr Amaral' book the McCanns have attempted to convince the world that the content is but a lie.

They tried equally to convince the public that the book by Dr Amaral had stopped the world looking for Madeleine, particularly so the Portuguese people!

Clarence Mitchell: 

Well Kate and Gerry are very pleased and relieved that the judge has done absolutely the right thing in their view by agreeing to their demand for the injunction to stay in place against Mr Amaral's so-called work. It was causing serious ongoing disruption and damage to the search for their daughter because people, if they believed what he'd written, would think that she was dead and wouldn't even bother to look for her or pursue any information if they came across it. That is absolutely wrong. There is no evidence at all to suggest that she has been harmed, let alone killed and every reason for the search to continue. And that's what Kate and Gerry now want - the focus to come back onto the search for their daughter.

The above statement was made back in 2010.

Court in Portugal rejected this!

The McCanns at their most recent outing to Court in Portugal, could provide no evidence whatsoever to support their claim.  Yet here was their spokesperson, doing what he gets his £70,000 per year of Madeleine's money to do, spin and lie for them!

It was another in a long list of unsubstantiated claims which they have made since the disappearance of their daughter in May 2007, the little girl whom they abandoned night after night in a vacation apartment in Portugal.

The Court in 2015 was having none of it!


This guy, together with the McCanns have no shame!

Three years after the little girls disappearance, a journalist put it to Clarence Mitchell, the highly paid spin doctor employed by the McCanns, that surely the public should be allowed to make up their own minds as to the truth of matters in relation to any involvement they may have had in the disappearance of their daughter/Dr Amaral's book.

Mitchell's reply, and speaking FOR McCanns:

"...they felt it was important to STOP PEOPLE BELIEVING THIS because it would mean that the search for Madeleine was hindered...".

How interesting!  

He/they know this is NOT true, knew back then too that it was not true that the book had hindered the 'search' for Madeleine in any way, yet he gave that interview and spouted his lies, and they appeared in a Court of Law stating likewise, but could NOT provide a shred of evidence to support their claims.

Now most people who don't believe the McCanns story of abduction, felt that way, long before Dr Goncalo Amaral wrote his book.

Most didn't believe their story from the first time their fantastic tale flashed on TV news channels, the morning after the child was reported as missing.

The above statement by Mitchell was back in 2010 at the time of the first banning of Dr Amaral's book.

Clearly the banning of the book back then had no bearing on how the public felt about their fantastic story, the farce.   People still did not believe them.

Since this recent Court action where the book was once again banned, the public, those who didn't believe them, before, and after the book by Dr Amaral was published, and banned for the first time -  STILL DON'T BELIEVE THEM!

It is not the content of Dr Amaral's book that causes the public not to believe their tale of abduction.  It is the McCanns, themselves, they and their buddies, the lies, the contradictions, the discrepancies in their police witness statements, and stories, and paid for crap and lies as per Clarence Mitchell's above statement.

  • But what kind of people are the McCanns that they imagine for a moment they can control the public, their thoughts? 
  • What kind of people are they that they demand, yes demand, that we believe them?
  • What kind of people are they that they imagined for a moment they could STOP THE PUBLIC BELIEVING in anything other than their far fetched tale of abduction!
  • What kind of people are they that they thought they could ACTUALLY MAKE PEOPLE STOP BELIEVING?

The reporter asked of Mitchell -

'Don't the public have the right to make up their own mind?'

I guess in McCann world the answer to that is a great fat NO! 

No matter the underhand tactics, lies, and demands by the McCanns AND Mitchell, no matter how IMPORTANT it is to them that they try and make the public, STOP BELIEVING, in the truth, in Dr Goncalo Amaral - it's just not gonna happen!

The public gave money to help find whatever became of this child, the money was never intended, by those who kindly donated, to pay the likes of the lowlife that is Mitchell whose goal on behalf of the McCanns, is to silence those who seek the truth, to make them stop believing!
19th January 2016

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