Lying in the Sun

Don't Ya just Love Him?

Don't Ya Just Love Him

Dr Vorster I'm sure is wishing she had taken a duvet day, stayed at home!

According to her, the GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) that she diagnosed Pistorius as suffering from - is intermittent!   Not her words, I say this, as under questioning by Gerrie Nel she has stated Pistorius would be

Anxious if bedroom door was not locked.
Anxious about the ladder left outside
Not anxious about the balcony doors lying open
Not anxious about a broken downstairs window.

The magnificent Gerrie Nel is nailing her like he did the other defence witnesses.   Like the others, seems she has not been thorough in her assessments of Pistorius, in reading up on this case, and her reporting.   She is struggling now.

Just waiting for Gerrie Nel to tell her she is tailoring her testimony to suit. and boy oh boy is she doing that.

Seems this GAD affects the behaviour of Pistorius, only for purposes of the Defence case.  

The psychiatrist had said that Pistorius had suffered from GAD since he was 11 months old.   Gerrie Nel is challenging this, saying that she could not
possibly have been able to diagnose this.

Dr Vorster is making it up now as she is going along, winging it and failing miserably! 

Poetry in motion watching and listening to Gerrie Nel with this witness...

Don't ya just love him..?   I do!
13th May 2014
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