Lying in the Sun

Dr Amaral

Dr Goncalo Amaral

In the last few blogs I have highlighted the inconsistencies, lies and misleading statements made by the McCanns and their holiday group, both in their police witness statements, in Kate McCanns book Madeleine, and in televised interviews.  I have only scraped the surface.  But it allows us to see the lengths these people will go to to avoid the truth being made known.

The continuation of the trial for damages - which I have in the past incorrectly referred to as a libel trial - an action taken by the McCanns against Dr Amaral, will continue sometime soon.

Highlighting what I have serves to show the type of people the McCanns are, the type of people Dr Goncalo Amaral is up against.

Dr Amaral is a good and honest man of the highest integrity.  

More than anyone else, more than Madeleine's parents Dr Amaral has fought for justice for Madeleine, fought against the lies.

I wish Dr Amaral very best wishes, trust that justice will be served and that those who brought this action come to learn and understand that money doesn't buy true justice, only truth can bring true justice.
25th August 2014
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