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Dr Amaral - Home Stretch

Dr  Goncalo Amaral - The Home Stretch

I read this evening the very poignant message sent by Dr Amaral to friends.

This good and decent man who we have always looked upon as being strong, able to take on the world, able to:

  • fight for justice for Madeleine, 
  • fight for his family, 
  • fight for his family life, 
  • fight everything, the evil that is McCann threw at him
  • fight against:
  • their bid to destroy him
  • their bid to ruin him financially
  • their bid to take from him his family
  • their bid to take from him his home
  • their bid to take from his children their home
  • their bid to harm the mother of his children
  • their bid to harm his children, two daughters

Two daughters who have these last 5  years been made watch their father be tortured by the evil that is McCann.  Been made watch as the evil that is McCann lied about their father.  Made watch as the evil that is McCann launched one of the most vile, nasty and hateful campaigns imaginable against their dad.  Two daughters who have grown these last years, their young lives damaged by the actions of the McCann couple.  They have been made watch the pain and suffering the devastation the McCanns have caused their mother, their father their way of life.

The Amaral family in happier times before the evil McCann hate campaign against him took the strong hold that it would.

They have grown watching their father fight for justice for a little girl who neither he, nor they knew.  They had never met Madeleine McCann.  They knew only that Madeleine's parents had neglected her so very badly, and during a period of such neglect (?) harm came to this child, serious harm.  A harm which had to be concealed.

Madeleine McCann the little girl abandoned night after night in a holiday apartment while her parents enjoyed eating out with buddies at a local bar.  The child mysteriously vanished.  Still missing!

Dr Amaral's daughters from a loving home, I would imagine must have found it so difficult to understand why the McCanns would behave so appallingly towards not only Madeleine, her siblings, but their father also, the one person, more than most, who has fought for the little girl, the little girl who the Amaral family, the Amaral girls only knew as Madeleine McCann the little girl who did not receive the care and protection which was her right.  Did not receive the same care and protection which they themselves knew, and received from their parents.

Dr Goncalo Amaral is a man who has fought tirelessly for little Madeleine, a true fight for justice for the child, a fight for justice that her parents would never contemplate.

These last years the evil McCann have had a legal and financial stranglehold over Dr Amaral leaving him unable to access his finances.   For more than five years they have squeezed this man, his family.  They did not and do not care the pain, suffering and hardship they have caused the Amaral family.  McCann the so called Christians the so called holier than thou Roman Catholics, that they claim to be, but who want nothing more than to cause this man, his children his family, pain and suffering.  Not the teaching of the Roman Catholic faith!

Let's face it McCanns wanted Dr Amaral's home!

What kind of people do that to children?

People who do not care about children, that's what kind of people!

Kate McCann stated that she wanted Dr Amaral to suffer, wanted him to feel misery, pain, to feel fear.

That tells us much about Kate and Gerry McCann.

What kind of people wish that another should feel fear?  

Evil people!

It perhaps explains what most could never understand - The McCanns walking out and leaving their little kids night after night (as is their claim.)  Even when knowing their kids had been in distress when alone in the scary apartment, they walked out leaving these kids alone.  Gerry McCann saying he took a 'mental note' that Madeleine had said she and her baby brother were crying.  A mental note would keep his children safe?

True evil!

Never accepting any responsibility for the suffering pain, misery and fear they caused their own kids, caused Madeleine, the children who they told the world cried when they were out boozing with their buddies.  Being told this by Madeleine, they still walked out and left their kids alone. Someone removed Madeleine from the holiday apartment never to be seen again.   Was it the McCanns, their buddies, someone else known to Kate and Gerry McCann or this alleged intruder who left no trace?

The McCann couple have lied so many times about Dr Amaral.  Their mouthpiece Clarence Mitchell, who took £70,000 per year from the Madeleine Fund (its intended use, a search for Madeleine) his payment for doing just that, lying for them, concocting press stories, arranging interviews to ensure their lies were spread far and wide.

The evil angry McCann spitting teeth as they lied to press outside a Lisbon Court.  Kate McCann spat venom as she declared Dr Amaral was not a victim!  Her hatred for Dr Amaral she could not conceal

Dr Amaral has stood tall against the evil McCann, and make no mistake their treatment of this good man cannot be described as anything other than evil.  He has stood strong.

We have all looked up to this good and proud man, this decent and honorable guy who acts at all times with integrity.  Always we saw his strengths.  But perhaps we have all been a little guilty of not paying nearly enough attention to the emotional hammering he has taken at the hands of McCann.  And in that perhaps it could be said that we have let him down somewhat, though completely unintentionally.  We all saw him as being strong for Madeleine, strong for his family, strong for us his friends.  

Dr Amaral's message is touching, not seeking sympathy, no not sympathy, he seeks only that his friends continue to stand with him, help keep him strong for this final hurdle in this long fought legal action brought against him by the evil McCann.

Perhaps he is feeling a sense of relief at knowing things are looking
promising for him at this point in time, relief that he is almost at the end of this nightmare, but at the same time not quite there yet. 

In many ways it may be a more anxious time this last lap.  One where he needs more than ever the support of friends to carry him across the finishing line.  

For this proud and strong man to have written as he has takes courage.  Courage to have opened up in the way that he has.  

Unlike McCann he is not cold, hard callous.  

The safety, care and protection of children too is paramount to him. He defends the rights of children to be cared for in the way that all children should.

He fights for justice for those kids like Madeleine who have been failed, and have suffered the serious consequences of their parents failure to provide even the most basic protection.  Parents who brought fear and suffering to their kids.

Dr Amaral, please know that in the coming weeks the support of your very many friends will not waver. 

I wish you nothing but the very best.

I salute you sir!
2nd February 2015

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