Lying in the Sun

Dr Goncalo Amaral

Dr Goncalo Amaral

I have absolute admiration for Dr Goncalo Amaral. 

His conduct throughout the terrible times he has had to endure at the
 hands of Kate Healy McCann and Gerald Patrick McCann an example to all.   He has remained silent when silence was necessary, speaking out only in defence of young Madeleine Beth McCann.

He is now forced by this couple, these rather not nice people shall we say, who let their three children down so very badly, and still do, to not only defend Madeleine, her rights to justice, but himself also, against their wicked claims, accusations  and abhorrent behaviour.

In other words - their lies!

 Dr Amaral in his calm, inimitable way describes the conduct of the McCanns so aptly, speaking without insult, only truth:-

 "The authors of the civil action seem to be very creative."

And it is with this in mind that I would say, despite the piece in the Sunday Times - which showed them to have withheld crucial evidence in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, showing them in their true light - I say, beware, remain cautious - they are animals now cornered, making them in some respects, more dangerous than ever.  

The libel case has not gone well for them thus far.  They will be prepared more than ever to say or do anything, anything at all, to reach their goal, that is the nature of the McCann beast - to lie, cheat, deceive, misinform.  

Their silence I would say, is not because they are backing down in any way, or feel defeated - their silent period will be one of "creativity."

Dr Amaral's words:

"We need to wait for a bolt of their creativity, and imagination."  

How right he is.

Never forget, the wickedness of the McCann couple knows no bounds, as we have all come to see over the past six years.

My hope is that the libel trial brings the justice so deserved for Dr Amaral.

To Dr Amaral, his family, and friends, my very best wishes, in this case, and a future filled with happiness, a happiness which was so wickedly and cruelly taken from them, by the despicable attempts by the McCanns to destroy a family by any means they can, to cause pain and suffering to a family, take the home of the Amaral family and children

"Words cannot describe"
- the opening to one of Gerry McCanns scripted messages.    

Well, words cannot describe, are just not enough, to describe the type of people the McCanns are, or at least, there are not words I could put in print to describe them.   I will leave it as Dr Amaral said:  

" The authors of the civil action seem to be very creative."

What a calm and dignified man!
31st October 2013

Dr Goncalo Amaral speaks about how the 'Maddie' case has affected his family life.

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