Lying in the Sun

Dr Twizzle


Part 1

Twizzle and the Towel

Dr David Payne, hereinafter referred to as 'Twizzler' in his interview with Leicestershire police described how he treated Madeleine to a twizzle or two of an evening.  Whether the other tots on the holiday got the the same treatment who knows!   He was however, able to twizzle Madeleine as he knew her well he stated.  He recalls this clearly as he has a good memory for such things.

The following is an extract from the interview with Leicestershire Police where Twizzler demonstrates his memory skills.   He tells us of how he will never forget the look on Kate McCanns face when she appeared at the tapas restaurant to tell them Madeleine had disappeared.

He tells us too of how he will never forget her words at that time.  He said, that Kate McCann quite clearly said in reference to Madeleine no longer being around - 'she's gone.'

He continued by saying:  

"Like I say, as I say, you know you could just never forget her face and those words."

But Twizzler it seems suffers from the same syndrome as the rest of the tapas group - selective memory!

Months after Madeleine's disappearance he suddenly remembered to tell police that he had visited Kate McCann on the evening Madeleine vanished, before she was reported as missing.  

Kate McCann who initially did not bother either to mention this to Portuguese Police, in her book Madeleine is noted as saying that she was drying off after showering when old Twizzler turned up at the apartment, so she wrapped her towel around her and went to speak with him.

Now Twizzler, when asked by Leicestershire Police what Kate McCann was wearing when she came to the door to speak with him - replied that he could not remember!

Now doctors in general one would imagine are observant wouldn't miss too much, males in general, those who are lucky enough to find themselves in such a situation, would not forget if an attractive blonde female came to the door to speak with them wrapped only in a towel, and most certainly if that female was the wife of his best friend, he definitely would not forget.   Yet goodness gracious me would you believe our dear doctor David cannot remember what Kate was wearing!

He can recall clearly Kate McCanns face when she said Madeleine was gone.
He can remember accurately, he said, her words.  Never will he forget them he said.   He recalls absolutely without any doubt, 'twizzling' Madeleine, but he cannot remember, Madeleine's mother appearing naked before him with only a towel wrapped around her!  

Just as well he had no intention of twizzling her it might have ended in an embarrassing situation, old twizzle toes spinning Kate around in one direction, her towel taking flight in the other!

Now that would have been a fine story for the very articulate Madeleine to tell daddy when he came home from tennis.

Did Madeleine see something she should not have?

Kate McCann we know can come up with some murky stuff, her book Madeleine proof of that, a bit of a fantasist, and a liar which has been proven absolutely, so I guess to go down the road of Mills and Boon for her, not so surprising.

All of this would be amusing if it was not for the fact that she has created these tall tales, they all have, to save their sorry skins to conceal the facts of what became of young Madeleine.

So did Payne visit, or did he not?   One or both of them are lying,no question of that. And if he did what exactly was he there for, and what did he do when he was there, because once again, Kate and the Twizzlers account, just like towel gate, don't tally!

Kate McCann and Fiona Payne (Twizzlers wife) their versions of the unlocked patio door - one or both of them are lying also, as that story too does not tally.

They have all lied!  

David Payne interview with Leicestershire Police

'I was sort of aware as well that there was, rather than all just checking on their own they were just cross-checking as well but still you know very err frequently. Err and then you know it got to obviously when Kate, Kate left, I hadn’t realised that she’d, you know, left the table again just busy chatting, then Kate came back just after ten o’ clock, you know absolutely distraught err you know just, you know her face I’ll never forget. It was a face of someone’s child who had been taken and you know and very clearly said she’s gone, she’s you know, she’s gone, you know and there was a disbelief on our face you know ah you know you must be mistaken, what, and then you know just looking at her we just all err left the table, rushed over to her and as we were walking up towards the flat she said err you know they’ve taken her and it was, you know, and I know there’s been a controversy about what was actually said but you know that is very accurately what had been said. Like I say, as I say you know you could just never forget her face and those words, and err as we were, you know, approaching their apartment I was just saying to Kate, I said well look how do you know that is the case, and err you know again I, I can’t remember the exact words then, but I was very interested in finding what the state of the apartment was like when she’d got there to see who’d left err doors open or etcetera.

And from my point of view you know the things that were,
I think it was really pertinent to me was that there was two, there was two gates on the back entrance from that apartment. There’s the gate which is immediately bring, you know brings you on to the err the road and then there was another child gate, that was at the top and I, you know, and given the fact that the front door was shut I was just saying well what was the state of those two gates, were those gates open when you went up or were they shut, and she was adamant that those two gates were shut. Well you know there was two possibilities, she’d either been taken or she’d wandered off, no child is gonna wander off and shut two gates behind them so at that moment I knew, although I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew that she’d been abducted. '

What I find of interest in the above:

1.  That Payne was speaking with Kate on the way up to the apartment.  My understanding though it may be wrong was that she and Gerry rushed up together, the rest of the group following behind.  Yet here we have Payne 
walking up with Kate quizzing her about the gates.

2.  That Payne wanted to 'see WHO'D left doors open.'    Who did Payne think had left doors open?

3.   He states that Kate was adamant that both gates were closed when she arrived, therefore he deduced from this that Madeleine could not have left by that route and on her own as a child would not close the gates behind her. Interesting also in this comment, is that if Madeleine could not open the gates, as Kate McCann has claimed, there would never arise a situation whereby she the gates required to be closed behind her!

We only have the McCanns word that they always closed these gates, that the top gate was in child security mode.   Lots of children of Madeleine's age as she was then, can flip the latch on a child gate.  Was the mechanism of this gate in working order.   Oldfield who did a check cannot recall if he left the gates open or not after his check.  So much for the safety of the children.  Perhaps he thought what the hell, the patio door is unlocked anyway.

Or perhaps, just throwing this into the mix for the sake of it, Oldfield left the gates unlocked and Madeleine exited and came to harm, a fall!

As to those gates, no intruder would enter or leave by that route, opening closing gates and doors going in and going out.  

Someone who was used to doing so as part of their daily routine would though.  

And someone who needed to give strength to their their story that Madeleine could not leave because she was unable to open the gates, so someone must have taken her, would also, state categorically that the gates were closed!

4.  That he accepted immediately based on the gates, that Madeleine had been abducted...

"so at that moment I knew, although I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew that she’d been abducted. " hey presto he phoned the UK to his father-in-law for advice.  He organised a printer to copy pictures of Madeleine declared that she had been abducted and fired away with his own agenda without consulting with police.

On reading the full interview, this guy was on the move pretty sharpish before anyone had the chance to look for Madeleine.   The little girl could have gotten out of that apartment yet abduction and nothing else was to be considered.

And most interesting of all is that DCI Andy Redwood by all accounts seems to have missed a whole case file of police records that is the Portuguese Police investigation where it can easily be identified the lies and stories told by the McCann party.

Almost three years into the Met investigation and the lies and inconsistencies told by the Mccann group don't seem to have thrown up a red flag - perhaps the man is colour blind!
9th March 2014

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