Lying in the Sun

Dr Vorster Agrees

Dr Vorster Agrees

Gerrie Nel asks a few more questions of Dr Vorster in reference to how GAD would have affected the actions of Pistorius on the night he shot and killed Miss Steenkamp.

It is established that she agrees with Gerrie Nel that the role it would have played was not in terms of his understanding of right and wrong.

Gerrie Nel puts it to her that they are then speaking of Section 78 (b) and not Section 78 (a)

She agrees.

He asks her about the DSM manual (Diagnositics, Statistical Manual - listing mental illnesses) asks her to confirm if the disorder GAD is contained therein - She agrees.

Nel finishes his cross examination.

Roux requests a  10 minute  adjournment before he re-examines the witness, Dr Vorster.
13th May 2014
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