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Duarte Is No Dope!

Duarte Ain’t No Dope!


‘Kate McCann's mother Susan Healy was also due to give evidence today but it emerged that the McCanns' lawyer Isabel Duarte had dismissed all of her English-speaking witnesses other than Mrs Cameron, but forgotten the request amidst the confusion of the case.’


‘Isabel Duarte, McCann Lawyer, blunders, forgets she had dismissed Susan Healy (Kate McCanns mother) as a Witness’ 



Well it has certainly been an eventful couple weeks for the McCanns, and their little lawyer Isabel Duarte busy, busy, busy!


We all know that when we have so much to do, are getting snowed-under, that on occasion it can cause us to be a little forgetful - We may forget to pick up a carton of milk on way home, a bottle wine whatever is our tipple - Not until dinner is served or we make a cuppa, does it strike us – ‘We’ve forgotten the darn milk!’


For Dr Goncalo Amaral and the other defendants, those who support him, wonderful to think that Duarte, during the course of this case, had become a batty old broad with a brain like a basket full of holes allowing memory cells to seep through slip off leaving her stupefied. – Alas she hasn’t!


Now does anyone really believe, that only when Duarte cast eyes on Ma Healy at the Court in Lisbon, did she remember she had forgotten to buy cream for her coffee?

As if!

Now being so busy, if she had forgotten to feed the cat, before heading out to Court, stretching our imaginations a little but we could just about believe her…but to say she forgot she had dismissed Ma Healy!  (Loud Laughter)


Only last week Izz told her story of being two witnesses down and that she had asked the Court if she could substitute Gerry McCann.


Now my money was on Ma Healy being side-stepped for this very purpose (McCann Flying Solo blog).  Backed a winner!


What the latest antics by these despicable people demonstrate is how desperate their situation.  The libel trial is fast going downhill, it's a runaway train – Gerry, the 'Fat Controller' drafted in to get things back on track!

If only...if only...If only... he could get over the threshold!

If the alleged abductor would just turn up, do a repeat performance, and open a couple doors for Gerry...even a window, as thus far at the Palace of Justice they have all been closed to him!

The Judge was not going to be badgered or bullied by McCann, Duarte or anyone else, she would take as long as she considered necessary to decide whether she would allow McCann to testify!  

McCann wasn't to be allowed to call the shots, not last week, not today...not ever in the Court of Judge Maria Emilia Melo e Castro. 

She knows they are seeking publicity from this case.  She knows their pantomime is designed for that purpose.  She knows they are making a mockery of the Court, of Madeleine, and of the twin children, Amelie and Sean.  She knows their witnesses have lied.   She knows they have no shame!


Duarte isn’t some dithering old dope who has been suffering from loss of memory due to being overworked – She knew these latest moves by Team McCann would make them all look ridiculous.  But the best they could come up with by way of explanation, was more stuff and nonsense a silly tale about her failing memory.


She knew the public would have a laugh at her expense, but she didn’t care, they needed, to come up with something and fast – the ‘blunder!’


 Duarte - ‘took one for the Team.’   

Now the Madeleine Fund must 'take one for Duarte!'

2nd October 2013

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