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Duarte, Defiance, Dough

Duarte – Defiance, Dough, Damages

Looking Back…


Ms Duarte the McCann lawyer, as we know was ordered by the Court to return the 8,000 copies of the book Maddie A Verdade da Mentira, written by Dr Goncalo Amaral, which belonged to the publisher, and which she had in her possession.  

For a very long time, she and McCanns defied the Court!

Reading back some old articles I came across the following, and with libel trial in full swing I found it of interest.

Seems in McCann world only their views are to be respected.  Those of all others have to be trampled.  She speaks of Dr Amaral's view of the case being 'narrow' (in her view of course - she unlike the rest of us, is allowed a view) 

Whatever the numbers, many hold the same view as Dr Goncalo Amaral - nothing to do with his book - all to do with Ms Duarte's clients!

Her comments regarding damages - well they sum up exactly what this case is about, what is of greatest importance to them - the dough!

Is it not odd though, that the lawyer who put her witnesses on the Stand, in a Court of Law to testify that ALL of the people in Portugal who read the book turned against the McCanns and stopped searching for Madeleine, had this to say: 

"Mr Amaral's thesis does not help, but lot of people in Portugal support the McCanns and want the case solved. Scotland Yard is very well respected and people want their detectives to work with our police."

These Portuguese McCann supporters will be the ones who didn't read the book then?  (Loud Laughter)


Sunday Express

By James Murray
Sunday April 29 2012


….In a fresh blow to the McCanns, Mrs Duarte will tomorrow hand back almost 8,000 confiscated copies of a book by Goncalo Amaral, the Portuguese police chief sacked for criticising British police five months after the crime.

Mr Amaral alleges in his book that Madeleine died in Apartment 5A, a claim clearly rejected by Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, who said last week that Madeleine could still be alive.

The book, called The Truth Of The Lie, was taken off the shelves in Portugal, after 180,000 copies had been sold, following legal action by the McCanns in Lisbon's civil courts.

However, Mr Amaral won an appeal to get his books back on sale on the grounds of his right to freedom of speech and the deadline for Mrs Duarte to return the seized copies is tomorrow.

Mrs Duarte, 58, a widow whose late husband Celestino Amaral was a celebrated and widely respected investigative journalist, said:


 "I tried my very best to stop the book being published but I will do what the court orders and copies will be able to be sold again next week. Mr Amaral has a very narrow view of the case which in our view is completely wrong."

In September she will be back in the civil courts in Lisbon for the McCanns seeking more than £1million in compensation in a defamation case against him.

She said:


"Every one of the books sold will increase the amount of damages that we will be seeking from him."

Mr Amaral is reportedly divorcing his wife Sofia, who lives in Portimao, 12 miles from Luz on the Algarve, and now lives with his elderly father in Lisbon while pursuing a new career as a crime author.

Mrs Duarte said:


"My view is that Madeleine could still be alive and every effort should be made to try to find her. I will do everything I can to help my clients to that end.

"Mr Amaral's thesis does not help, but a lot of people in Portugal support theMcCanns and want the case solved. Scotland Yard is very well respected and people want their detectives to work with our police. It is so frustrating, especially for my clients, when matters are not pursued over here. However, the Yard involvement has given them new hope."

Mr Amaral yesterday backed calls for the case to be reopened.


 "We were always against the closing of the case. It should be reopened," he said.

9th October 2013

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