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E.Fits Best Chance...

E.Fits Best Chance of Finding Madeleine

Crime Watch 


From 33.34 onwards on Video

Gerry McCann: 


"That’s what the public need to think about tonight, the new information and really rack their brains and come forward really...


I think…Absolutely we don’t know what’s happened to Madeleine.  We don’t know who’s taken her.


Probably our BEST chance of finding her is identifying that person, and that’s why the E.FITS sketches and new information tonight are SO IMPORTANT TO US, because that is probably the best chance we’ve got of finding Madeleine."


A rather astonishing statement by Gerry McCann that the E.Fit are their BEST CHANCE of finding Madeleine!

These are the E.Fits which it was reported in the Sunday Times, were given to Kate and Gerry McCann by private detectives who were working for them, together with reports which were not favorable to the McCanns and their holiday companions, due to the inconsistencies the private detectives found in their employers (the McCanns) statements, their holiday companions statements too.

It was reported by the Sunday Times that they had seen the documents to this effect, and that the McCann couple had hidden the E.Fits for FIVE YEARS.   Also that the Metropolitan Police legally obtained these E.Fits by having a legal letter drawn up requesting that they hand them over!

I find it therefore astonishing - that Gerry McCann on Crimewatch, after holding these same E.Fits for five years, announces now, that the E.Fits are their best chance of finding Madeleine.

From that statement by McCann one can only believe that had he and his wife Kate McCann put these E.Fits into the public domain FIVE years ago that there would have been a greater chance of Madeleine being found and back home with her family, than there is now.

To think the child, prospects of her being found, were hindered by her own parents, is sickening!

To think this child could have been back home with her brother and sister had her parents produced these E. Fits, brought them to the attention of the public all those years ago, E. Fits which Gerry McCann now tells us are SO IMPORTANT to them as they  are the best chance of finding Madeleine - is not only shocking but tragically sad.

What on earth would possess the parents of a missing child to withhold such crucial information.  Information which may have made the difference, if Madeleine is alive, to living with paedophiles (which is what her parents have said believe has happened to her, taken by paedophiles) or living at home with her brother and sister, being with her extended family who must miss this child terribly, who must grieve her loss.

It is incomprehensible that parents would do such a thing.

Gerry McCann in particular did not look at ease during this interview with Kirsty Young, he looks unwell actually, and note too, in the video around the time mark I have stated, how he, on a couple of occasions takes a sharp intake of breath, you can hear him struggle...  He may need to see a cardiologist...

As to Kate and Gerry McCann, it is not the public who need to rack their brains, as McCann is they who need to search their hearts and conscience...
28th November 2013

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