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Elle Regrette Rien

Elle Regrette Rien

Ms Hutton is still digging.  Might I suggest someone relieve her of her spade as she is in serious danger of burying herself alive in her own shit!

If anyone hoped for a glimpse of the 'real' script which she claims to have signed up to with Sun - forget it.

Plenty of words from Hutton, most of which are of the two fingered variety towards anyone who makes valid criticism of her actions!

Cristobell. Stop blogging about the McCanns NOW. For your own good. And for the good of those who ARE, unlike you, seeking the truth about Madeleine. Today you have damaged the cause of justice for Madeleine beyond belief. Just GO

  1. Just GO where? Righto, I'll pack my bags.

    You are giving way more importance than I deserve 08:15, whatever I say or do will not make one iota of difference to the ongoing investigation and the eventual outcome. Have all the thousands of articles and forum posts written about the McCanns changed anything?

    Do you think the final resolution of the mystery behind Madeleine's disappearance will spin on whether I am a troll or not? Do you think Scotland Yard's decisions are dependent on whether those who don't believe the McCanns have good reputations?

    Do you seriously believe that Scotland Yard rely on the information of ill informed couch detectives with barmy theories on the grounds that supplier of said information has no history of drink, drugs or debauchery?

    Good grief. Your thinking astounds me. Anything, absolutely anything, that gets people asking questions is RELEVANT. You may prefer to spend the next 8 years talking politely among yourself (anonymously), but I will use whatever means available to get the message out there.


Ms Hutton's thinking does NOT astound me.  It is exactly what has come to be expected of her!

Unfortunately the only message Ms Hutton got out there today was one that had NO RELEVANCE to missing Madeleine.  

One which showed her a mad woman, a vile and nasty person who attacks others.

It served only to demonstrate her lack of acceptance with regards to the reality of the situation she involved herself, as does the above reply to a contributor to her blog site.

She will use whatever means available to get the message out there?

But what might Hutton's message be?  Other than to have made an utter ass of herself there was no message!  

By association she has involved others too.

More worrying is that despite the concerns of her fellow members over at the forum where she is a member, she has made it clear she is hell bent on continuing as she has today!

A bit of humility, an apology, an explanation, proof of what she signed up to...but no...still ME, ME, ME!

She is in denial, still happy to take you all down with her at her next opportunity and by
whatever means available to her!

And still she feeds the forum more crap, treats them like fools:

"Significantly the public have not turned on me, I have had nothing but sympathy, they are rightly appalled at what the trolls were doing, and now have an idea of what Brenda Leyland, and indeed many of us, have to put up with in our endeavours to get justice for Madeleine. That is the story that is getting through, not my mental history or past internet activity!"

No, what is getting through is that Hutton said she was a bad bitch who got off on abusing the McCann family.

She simply refuses to see it or tell it like it is.  And that is the case in every blog she writes!

I do hate a liar!

Wouldn't we all just love though to read of this outpouring of sympathy she claims to have received from the Sun readers?  (along with the original script of course)

Hutton is delusional!  Taking you all for mugs!

Elle regrette rien!

Someone do remove that spade, she is now posting that she is not ashamed of her mental health issues.

They are not in question, they are not the issue, absolutely not!  But I guess when you are looking for sympathy it is the card to play.

But Hutton is really working it over at the forum, her poor me story is growing by the the trolls were nasty to her, it's still all ME, ME, ME,ME, ME!

She has so much in common with Kate McCann!

How about a copy of that script she agreed with that
nice man at the
Sun who turned out not to be?

And my last word on this:

The crazy lady is now attacking a very sensible, reasoned and fair member of that forum - Russian Doll!

You really have to shut her down!

It is astonishing that she has gotten away with her nonsense for so long.  In almost every blog she has ever written she has told of how she has been a troublemaker all her life.  Always being dismissed from her place of work for aggression towards others.

Unless you are happy to be dictated to, to be made listen to more of the following type of crap, happy to be bullied as she does in the following comment to Russian Doll as she has done to others her entire life and by her own admission, then stand up for yourselves and also ask Hutton for that proof!  She is dancing around the issue!

Hutton to Russian Doll:

Good heavens, get a grip.

I made waves, I did what the McCanns have been doing for nearly 8 years, except I am trying to get the truth out there, whilst they are spreading lies and deceit.

I did not claim to represent anyone, and I gave my views from a unique perspective.  The idea that I should take a consensus before voicing my opinion as an individual is ridiculous.  The only thing we have in common is we don't believe the McCanns, that doesn't give you, or indeed anyone else the right to tell me what I can do and say.  

In any event, I am the one who comes across as bonkers, not the 'anti' movement or all the individuals who belong to the forums or facebook groups.  I am sure each and everyone of them has their own reasons for becoming involved in this case, some probably far more interesting than my own, that I was asked, seems to have left quite a few peeved.

I doubt very much Kate and Gerry liked the Charles and Di picture of them with the headline 'I couldn't make love to Gerry', but they rolled with, and indeed they capitalised on it.  This is an opportunity to fight back at all the abuse etc, we have taken over the years, but instead of capitalising on it, too many have bought into the negativity coming from the death dossier compilers and Barmy Bennett.

Carpe Diem!

31st January 2015

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