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Expert Opinion


Professor Barclay – One of Britain’s top forensic consultants gives his view on the Madeleine case (December 2007)



The Shutters


(It was proved, contrary to the stories the McCanns told the press, several of their friends, that the shutters were not in fact jemmied open, broken from the outside, but opened from inside by use of the cord provided for this purpose. Only finger print on window area belonging to Kate McCann)


We must be very careful that we're not saying this is actually staging but it's difficult to see how anybody could have interfered with those shutters, from outside, without leaving some trace. In fact, having looked at them I think it’s almost impossible.


How could an abductor get into that apartment?


There are two methods of getting into that apartment one is through the window at the back overlooking the car park and I think it’s impossible for somebody to get in and out through that window without leaving forensic trace.  Apart from anything else the window sills in that area are covered in green lichen and the minute you try and scrape over the window sills you would have left a mark, and we know that the scene of crimes lady the next morning was looking for exactly that.


But the sliding door was left open, unsecured.  If it was possible for the McCanns and their friends to go inside, check on the kids it was possible for somebody else to go up the little stairs to the back and open them and take Madeleine out, maybe asleep and leave.  Not without leaving any trace but without leaving any trace of being found.  That’s one of the areas that doesn’t seem to have been examined.   In the UK we always look at not the crime scene but methods of ingress and egress.  How you get into and out of the premises.


Madeleine’s Blood Found in the Apartment


If you find a small amount of blood from Madeleine in that apartment it really means very little as she is supposed to be in there.  Four year olds fall over and cut themselves all of the time.


One of the things you would be looking for would be signs that something has been cleaned up that hadn’t  been told to you by the parents whether it was the McCanns or any other crime like this, you would be looking for things that don’t fit , anomalies in the story they tell you and the result you get.


Evidence of Madeleine’s body Found in the Hire Car


I guess that’s a theory that’s necessary because of the alleged findings of blood, body fluids and hair from Madeleine in the hire car.  And it’s those findings, like all forensic scientists, when they came out, I was going WHAT, that just does not make sense, and it still doesn’t, because the only explanation, can be,  that the body has been kept somewhere for that length of time. 

It seems very… a strange thing to do and very unlikely that you’d manage to with all the publicity on McCanns, that they’d actually manage to do that.  And it’s really unpleasant to have to move a body, any body after that length of time.


It is an explanation, that is the only one that adequately explains those findings if they’re correct.


Cuddle Cat 


(Kate McCann popped cuddle cat, Madeleine’s favourite soft toy, in washing machine)


I understand the police did ask for cuddle cat but it had been washed.  We all  find that very strange.  Why would you wash cuddle cat?  It’s the last thing that was your daughters favourite possession it’s still got the scent of your daughter on it, it must have.   The idea that it got grubby and you put it in a washing machine fairly late on in an investigation strikes me as being bizarre.

Forensic Evidence enough on its own? 

It’s absolutely true that DNA could never convict someone in court and the Courts have legally found that you cannot do that, you need some other piece of evidence to bolster to corroborate it.




So what do we take from what Professor Barclay had to say?


1.    Shutters – NOT jemmied open.  So why did McCanns deliberately spread such a story on the night Madeleine vanished, calling several friends and family members, who in turn, on behalf of the McCanns contacted the media to ensure this was the “story” put out there, and quickly?

1.    Kate McCann was interviewed by Jon Corner their family friend in August 2007 at this time she was still repeating this LIE! See note below.

2.    Entry to Apartment – Not through the shuttered window that is for sure.  Entry through an unlocked patio door, possible. But question is – Was that patio door ever left unlocked?

Gerry McCann told police initially that this door was locked that both he and Kate McCann entered the apartment by way of the front locked door using their key?

3.    Madeleine’s blood in apartment – Signs of things being ‘cleaned up’ that ‘don’t fit’ ‘anomalies’-

We have them in abundance!

4.    Evidence of Madeleine’s body in hire car – It is an explanation, that is the only one that adequately explains those findings IF they are correct.

Are they correct?

5.    Cuddle Cat – Seems not only the ‘nasty people’ on the internet, referred to as such by McCann supporters – find Kate McCann washing the soft toy belonging to Madeleine to have been, ‘strange’, a ‘bizarre act!’   Professor Barclay is wondering too why a mother of a missing child would do such a thing – wash away the scent of her daughter, the toy grubby or not, the scent which he said must still have been there.

Kate McCanns diary entry 12th July 2007

'Today I washed cuddle cat.  I was hoping not to have to do it until Madeleine returns but it was now quite dirty and smelly, unfortunately without the smell of Madeleine on it.'

(note Kate McCann is according to this entry, writing it on the day of the 12th, the day she washed the soft toy, but she states, the toy 'was' quite dirty etc, not 'is' quite dirty)

6.    Forensic Evidence enough on its own – Evidently not.  But together with other evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, a whole different story.


So what evidence do the police, Portuguese and Metropolitan have?  What have they uncovered to date?  Enough evidence to have consulted with CPS, to support possible charges being brought against whomever it is they suspect of harming Madeleine?

The Metropolitan Police hinting at ‘opportunity for forensics to be introduced?’


Professor Barclay –


“The two options are, that she came to harm at the hands of some member of the family or friends, or that it was some paedophile who happened to be passing by, both, really really unlikely.   But we know that she is gone.”


So both options really, really unlikely, yet she is gone?  


The conclusions of Portuguese Police (the third option if you like) based on the evidence they have gathered, then become very very likely –

Madeleine died in apartment 5A, not at the hands of a family member or friend, nor a passing paedophile, but the result of an accident during a period of time when she was left in the apartment alone with her baby brother and sister.  Her death concealed.  Her body removed from the apartment and concealed.



Kate McCann was interviewed by Jon Corner their family friend, Madeleine’s godfather in August 2007, 4 months after Madeleine was reported as missing.

Both Kate and Gerry McCann and Jon Corner are fully aware at this time, that the apartment from where Madeleine vanished – was NOT broken into.


Kate McCann:


“We were bobbing back and forward SEVERAL times an hour to see the kids so, ye know  erm  it’s not about us, ye know,  I THINK the PROBLEM is this predator basically who has been watching us which gives you the shivers anyway, and BROKEN INTO the apartment and taken Madeleine out of her bed.”

Why do Kate and Gerry McCann persist on repeating during interviews what they know to be LIES?   And why did their friend Jon Corner, knowing it not to be true, allow this to be included in his little film?

They were not checking several times an hour, nor was the apartment broken into!


The problem with this case is not an alleged abductor who Kate McCann has dreamed up and stated must have been watching them for several days, or an apartment broken into – It is the fact that a little girl mysteriously vanished without trace, that, together with the many lies told by her parents and their group of companions – that is what the problem!

And one has to ask -  Why are the McCanns so sure that Madeleine was asleep when removed from the apartment, taken from her bed, a child who was known to wake and wander?   Yet the McCanns claim not to have been there… at THAT moment..?

30th June 2013

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