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              Inextricable Webs of Deceit


Andy Redwood Metropolitan Police tells us that the libel trial the civil action in Lisbon, and the Metropolitan Police investigation are separate.


I agree they should be.


But that said the timing of the launch of Redwood’s PR Campaign/Crimewatch/Reconstruction, and the nature of the libel action makes it rather impossible not to speak about one without the other.


At the Palace of Justice in Lisbon we have heard testimonies from the McCann witnesses, family members wherein they were untruthful, one member in particular – Michael Wright who got it completely wrong!


He has landed the McCanns in all sorts of trouble, forcing Gerry and Kate McCann their lawyer in Portugal to scramble around to request that they now be ‘heard.’  A desperate salvage attempt!


Prior to this neither had planned to testify!


Away from Lisbon and the libel trial we have Andy Redwood plugging his ‘Madeleine is alive, we have many thousands of new witnesses and tons and bucket loads of new evidence’ a bunch of old mobile phone records, the name of their owners who all either used or didn’t use their phone that night, but hell what does that matter’ AND a revelation which he will keep up his sleeve until the screening of his Reconstruction on Crimewatch!


What he did reveal - a little tid bit to tide us over until Monday night – and to prevent the public suffering the same painful looking eye-popping which Redwood experienced when simply speaking of his revelation – is that, to make his Reconstruction fit the crime – he has had to change a few bits and bobs!   OOPSY!


Seems the ‘accepted version’ of accounts is no longer…like Madeleine it too has vanished!


Rather beggars belief that Andy Redwood appears not to know or understand that the Portuguese Police never accepted the McCanns version of events – before, during or after the time frame he has announced his team have worked on.


And at the risk of making his eyes pop and roll across the floor of the Belgravia Office – and judging by that video of Andy, there is every chance that might happen – a bit of over-acting going on there - neither did the vast majority of the public!


The problem was – the McCann party would not return to Portugal to take part in a reconstruction of events, to clear up the inconsistencies in their stories!


Until Crimewatch is screened it is difficult to determine which elements of the original investigation it is that he refers to as the ‘accepted’ version.


(If there is one piece of advice I can offer Redwood it is – that if it comes out of the mouth of a McCann – don’t accept it!  If he keeps to that rule of thumb he won’t stray too far from the truth of what happened on the night Madeleine vanished)!


I’m guessing though that unless it is his intention to trash the entire tapas version of events - he will have kept Tanner’s statement, her sighting.

And he will still go along with the statements by the other members of the group.


He has declared them non-suspects so as such he is not going to dabble around with their statements, despite them not making any sense whatsoever, the inconsistencies too numerous to mention, their accounts quite clearly and obviously not true.


I reckon Redwood's revelation has got to be the introduction of ‘another’ Someone who saw something, and of course this ‘someone’ will have to have seen this ‘something’ before the round of ‘checks of the children’ by the McCann party.


There is no way in the world that Redwood and his team of officers have not also noted the inconsistencies in the McCann group statements.


There is no way in the world he and his team of officers can make sense of them other than to admit that the group has lied!


And there is no way in the world that Redwood and his team did not note that Gerry McCann changed his police witness statement, which should have given them cause to doubt the versions of ALL in the McCann party and in particular Kate and Gerry McCann!


Perhaps I am being too generous now when I say  that Redwood and the Metropolitan Police were, in my opinion, dealt a bad hand.  These officers were given ‘mission impossible.’


Impossible in that if they were to bury this case, paint the duo a whiter shade of pale than they themselves were professing to be, and do a paint job on the their tapas mates too – then they had more than an uphill climb – they had, and have mission impossible.


Nevertheless they appear to have accepted it and are rolling with it!


Redwood has stated that he has concentrated more on the period before Madeleine was taken.


Unfortunately he is only concentrating overall on the time between 8.30pm pm and 10pm, unfortunate as this leaves out one of the major “wrongs.”


David Payne said he visited Kate McCann on that evening, before 8.30 pm he did so at a time when Gerry McCann was not ‘at home.’


Something Payne had not previously done during this holiday.

Kate McCann confirms this visit.  

However they disagree as to how long David Payne was at the apartment. 


One stating it was only 30 seconds.

One stating it was 30 minutes!


Now in anyone’s book that is some discrepancy and why on earth would David Payne be having a secret visit at Kate's place?


I say secret, as David Payne just happened to forget to tell his wife Fiona of this visit (see police statements – she only learned of this much later)


Another “wrong” is the Gerry McCann police witness statements!

(See Maddie and the Met)


The Portuguese were on the ball – they knew when they were being fed a line, led up the garden path – or just being plain lied to!


It makes it rather difficult to see how the Metropolitan Police could think differently or see this any differently.


John Stalker retired British detective, like the Portuguese Police was onto this right away!


Just as everyone is onto Andy Redwood - Sky quoted Andy Redwood as follows: 


“Our work to date has significantly changed the timeline and the accepted version of events that has been in the public domain to date.”


We have had Gerry McCann changing his story which is MORE than significant to this case in fact – crucial to the whole tapas tale!


Changing a story – or lying we can see how that happens and can see the reasons, especially in Gerry McCanns case why he would have done so…because he and his wife Kate messed up, one told one tale, the other told a different one!   When they realised what they had done – Gerry popped to the cop shop seven days later and said 'I wanna tell ya another story!'


Green light for guilty must have been flashing furiously in Praia da Luz Police Office, and understandably so!


What had to be established – the reasons behind changing his story – of course it didn’t tie with his wife’s version of checking the children, we can see that, but why was that exactly?  How could that happen when they had worked out a checking system which they faithfully followed?   They had their routine which they both knew. 

So what is McCann, his wife Kate McCann and their holiday companions guilty of that required such a dramatic change to their tale of abduction, to Gerry McCanns movements on that night?


Gerry McCann we see can change his story at the drop of a hat if it is required.


But how Andy Redwood has managed to change the actual timeline will be one to watch – Redwood’s ‘revelation’ is sounding as though it might not just be, eye popping but a ‘Modern day Miracle at the Met’  but then he is after all working closely with the lady who holds the key to not only various churches but to the mystery of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann – How could miracles not happen in her presence?


If not a miracle - just another chapter in the Inextricable Web of Deceit.

13th October 2013

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