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So the Sunday Times has apologised for not being good at math!

They reported that the E.Fit of Smithman (drawn up by the McCann private investigators and passed to the McCanns in November 2008) was kept in the McCanns possession for a period of FIVE years before being passed to police authorities - it should have read closer to ONE YEAR that the E.Fits were in their possession and undisclosed!   The McCanns passed it to Leicestershire Police and Portuguese Police in October 2009.

The McCanns received the report from their private detectives in November 2008 and passed it to police authorities in October 2009.

We're talking 11 months then they held on to them!

ELEVEN MONTHS is one hell of a long time for the person allegedly abducted, young Madeleine McCann, to be in the hands of her captors, who are possibly paedophiles!

So Times reporters ain't good at Math and the McCanns and their companions ain't good with 'time, truth, and have problems with poor memory.

I think they can shake on it and call it quits eh?

But back to those E.Fits.  From original Times article it was clear to the reader that the E. Fits had been handed over to the Metropolitan Police, the article stated this, or rather it included a statement by the Find Madeleine Fund to that effect:

"All information gathered during the search for Madeleine has been fully acted upon where necessary and has been passed to Scotland Yard."

(do note the 'where necessary')

Now that we have that sorted out - back to the FACT that the McCanns NEVER brought to public attention this VITAL NEW INFORMATION, that is the E.Fits - a child fitting Madeleine's description being carried through the streets of Praia da Luz by a man fitting Gerry McCanns description, on the night the child was reported as missing!

New information that was bought and paid for by monies donated to the Madeleine Fund to help discover what became of the child.

They failed and deliberately so, to divulge this information to circulate those E. Fits which arguably could have helped to discover what became of Madeleine her whereabouts at that time.   

DCI Andy Redwood has released them now for that very reason - WHY DID THE MCCANN COUPLE NOT DO SO?

Shocking that they would keep them from the public for any length of time, a day, a week a month, five years, one year, ELEVEN MONTHS even!  

But let us get it straight, they handed the E.Fits over after ALMOST ONE YEAR to police authorities, they themselves through their own private investigation have NEVER made the public aware of them, NEVER!

Not until DCI Andy Redwood presented them on Crimewatch did the public get to see them.

Had this Crimewatch production not taken place, one has to ask WOULD THE MCCANNS EVER HAVE PRODUCED THEM?

The bottom line is - the most credible sighting there has been of what could be Madeleine, by 4 adult persons and the young children in the Smith family, one of whom gave a police witness statement, on the night the child vanished and the McCanns decided NOT to allow the public to see these E.Fits.

They may be 'offended' that the Sunday Times got the timescale wrong - but in the grand scale of things that is unimportant.

What is important and more than concerning, is, that it REMAINS THE CASE, THAT THE MCCANNS DID NOT PRODUCE THESE E.FITS IMMEDIATELY, DID NOT PRESENT THEM TO POLICE AUTHORITES IMMEDIATELY, and by their actions they hindered perhaps the greatest hope and greatest chance of Madeleine being found.

And that absolutely has to be questioned!  

It is more than obvious why the McCanns would not want the Smith family sighting to be brought to the attention of the public, why they would not give it the same attention as given the Tanner Sighting despite Tanner not knowing if she even seen a child being carried, let alone a little girl - The Smith family saw a man who RESEMBLED GERRY McCANN, carrying a little girl fitting Madeleine's description.  They saw him up close, the spoke to him as he passed them.

Now you tell me - Why would any parent of a missing child who became aware of this, whose own private detectives produced a report for them, producing E. Fits also - THEN NOT MAKE IT KNOWN TO THE PUBLIC BUT KEEP THE E.FITS BURIED FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME?

The McCanns have £multi million Fund, to circulate the E.Fits would not have caused them financial hardship, to put it on the Find Madeleine Website would not have cost them a penny and would have been seen around the world. 

But they chose not to!

Their own detectives told them to circulate the E.Fits ASAP!

Again they chose not to!

If that does not ring alarm bells around the world, raise suspicion, then I don't know what else it would take!

And if the McCanns think by saying that almost ONE YEAR after receiving the report they gave it to Leicestershire Police in the UK and the Portuguese Police, and that this covers their asses - IT DOESN'T!

If, and I say IF (as so much in this case is just lie upon lie) they passed this to police authorities and police authorities did not act on it - WHY did McCanns not complain, take legal action against them?

I would guess the McCanns just didn't want those E. Fits made public as the Smith family, members of, believe they saw Gerry McCann!


And again - WHY DIDN'T THEY?

And as always in a McCann story there are lots of questions left unanswered.

The big one for me is - if these E. Fits were passed to Leicestershire Police in the UK - in 2009 -almost one year after the McCanns received them -

WHY then did the Metropolitan Police in the UK have to obtain them from the McCanns (reports suggested that the Metropolitan Police had to make a request through legal channels to secure them) Surely if Leicestershire Police had been given copies, then they were already in the police files, police files which came into the possession of the Metropolitan Police in 2011?

Or, is it the case that the McCanns only handed over the actal E.Fits and NOT the report which accompanied the E.Fits given to them by their private detectives?

Is it the report which the Metropolitan Police had to request be handed over?

Did McCanns hold the E.Fits for almost one year, and the actual report was held by them from 2008 (when it was produced) until the time the Metropolitan Police began their review of the case, some time then between 2011 and 2013?

Making it, for the report (not the E.Fits) a possibility they remained undisclosed for a period of between 3 and 5 years!

Oh they are spinning faster than a hamster on a wheel - time is running out - soon the next stage of the libel trial will commence.

Do not be distracted from the real issue - the non disclosure of the E.Fits - by the 'FIVE to ONE' (year) issue raised in the Sunday Telegraph apology.

The E.Fits were NEVER produced for presentation to the public by the McCanns - and that is a question that remains unanswered - WHY?

The E.Fits were produced in 2008, presented to McCanns in November 2008.

Not until October 2013 in the Crimewatch production was the existence of these E.Fits made known - that makes it, by my calculation FOUR YEARS, ELEVEN MONTHS they were suppressed, almost FIVE YEARS THEN, not ONE! 

One year yes, before they gave them to police, but FIVE before the public were made aware of them and then, by the Metropolitan Police!

Five years in which time Madeleine may have been found if McCanns had released them when first having received them - back in November 2008.

How terribly sad for this missing child that her parents would not have done so!

Kate McCann made no mention of the E. Fits in her book Madeleine.  Another opportunity missed to get the images out there to help her missing daughter.

And in the McCann documentary, the Smith sighting was presented and misleadingly so as being one and the same person as the man seen in the alleged Tanner sighting.

What a wicked web they weave!
29th December 2013 

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