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Failed to Circulate EFit

Failed to Circulate the Efit

McCann Private Detectives failed to circulate the E. Fits - Why?

In 2008 the Portuguese Investigation to discover what became of Madeleine McCann was shelved, not closed.   Presented with new and credible evidence the case could be re-opened.

The Portuguese Police had been working on a sighting of a man carrying a child.

The man according to witnesses looked like Gerry McCann, the child around 3 years old, blonde, not unlike Madeleine.

The witnesses were an Irish family the Smith's.

Supporters of the McCanns have always dismissed this sighting in favour of the sighting by Jane Tanner.

Most though realised that the Tanner sighting was a nonsense.  

 The Metropolitan Police have let her off the hook rather gently by introduc
ing a British parent who was carrying his child that night this child too it seems, dressed only in pyjamas!

Did Jane Tanner confess something to the Metropolitan Police - hence being let off the hook?

The Portuguese Police have always maintained that the Tanner sighting was just not credible - created to serve a purpose.

It seems Andy Redwood the Met have now decided to pay a bit more attention to the Smith family sighting, ruling out Jane Tanner's.   Hooray for that!

On Crimewatch Andy Redwood presented us with the E fits, created from the descriptions of the man seen by the Smith's.

The McCann private detectives it would seem are the p
ersons responsible for the E.Fits.  

The Metropolitan Police discovered them in the files of the McCann private detectives.

The question everyone must now be asking is Why did the McCanns their detectives sit on these for 6 years without circulating them?

A massive failing by McCanns, their PI's and of course Clarence Mitchell who controlled 'all' for McCanns.   It was Mitchell who controlled press the stories.   It was Mitchell who shaped them, decided what the public would get to hear.

They knew what they were doing by holding back on these E.Fits

They all must take responsibility for failing Madeleine in this regard.

On forums these past six years this is exactly what the public were crying out for, for the Smith family sighting to receive attention.  Most wondering why the McCanns were reluctant to highlight it.

Most thought it was because Martin Smith believed the person he saw carrying the child, to be Gerry McCann, that this would prevent the McCanns from giving this sighting the same attention they afforded that of their holiday companion Jane Tanner.

The McCanns knew the Portuguese Police did not believe Tanner to be a credible witness, yet they threw £hundreds of thousands at her 'sighting.'

There is a libel trial taking place in Lisbon.  

The McCanns have accused Dr Goncalo Amaral of having hindered their private investigation.

In the light of the Crimewatch programme that is looking ever less likely.

The McCanns plugged their companion Jane Tanner's  'sighting' relentlessly ignoring the Portuguese authorities in this regard.

This sighting is in Kate McCanns book Madeleine - which sold millions.    So millions of people due to Kate McCann one might argue were looking for a swarthy guy as in Tanner's description.

It was the McCanns who commissioned the E. Fit for this sighting too based on Jane Tanner's description.    It was not the Portuguese Police.

One might argue then that Kate McCann more than anyone - hindered any investigation into the disappearance of her daughter by her book, and by keeping hidden in their own files and not re-producing and circulating the E. Fits of the Smith family sighting!

We know she refused to answer police questions.   We know she, her husband and their companions refused to take part in a reconstruction of events.

This has still not taken place.

More than ever, as we can all see from Crimewatch this reconstruction has to happen!

We know too  from Crimewatch/Andy Redwood that by taking the Tanner sighting out of the equation - that it leaves so many questions about the McCanns and their companions - their stories told - makes them even more in need of scrutiny.

Much of what they told Portuguese Police was linked to Tanner's sighting the timing of it - the open bedroom door for starters.

The Portuguese Police requested that the McCann group return to Portugal so that they could establish, the movements of the McCanns the timings of events. They as we know refused to assist police.

If the Andy Redwood is now concentrating on the Smith sighting, the timing of this - it throws the Police Witness Statements given to the Portugese Police by the McCanns and their companions up in the air!  

Difficult to see how they can wriggle out of this one now...

Is Andy Redwood being a little more cunning than first thought?   Has he played a blinder in getting rid of Tanner, and bringing Smiths to the fore..?

We'll see...

Dr Goncalo Amaral must be delighted to now see the Tanner sighting being given the elbow as it should have been by the McCann detectives who have been working on this case for six years.

He must also be delighted to see that attention is being given to the Smith sighting as it should have been by the McCann detectives who have been working on this case for six years.

Over the years the McCanns have employed around 5 different lots of PI's - and none of them gave the Smith sighting the attention they should have.

It must be noted that almost every PI that the McCanns employed was a criminal of some description. 

The FBI had one of them on their 'wanted list.'    He was arrested in the UK.

Clarence Mitchell too the man who organised 'all' for them - he knew what he was doing when he attempted to bury the Smith sighting.

As Clarence said though in reference to the  jemmied windows, shutters when it was discovered the McCanns had lied to the public in this regard - they have an innocent explanation for anything that may be found - words that effect.

For your sake Clarence you had better hope so!

As the world are now waiting to hear what you have to say - the innocent explanation as to why, you, the McCanns and the hoards of detectives they have employed over the past years ALL failed to circulate the E. Fits - created from the descriptions of the Smith family?    The descriptions by a family one of whom said he believed the man the family saw to be Gerry McCann!

16th October 2013
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