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The case of missing Madeleine for sure divides opinion, but in recent times I would say more and more are becoming less supportive, more suspicious of the parents and their buddies, the seven adults who holidayed with them, and with very good cause.

The more this couple speak in public, the hole they have dug for themselves becomes ever deeper.  Their stories, ever more outrageous, they pile lie on lie, and quite obviously do not know when to stop.

Their recent stunt outside the Court in Lisbon, when they blatantly lied about Dr Goncalo Amaral - the perfect example! 

Before a press pack they stood, angry, full of hate, and spouted lies. The arrogant Gerry McCann who likes to get his way – didn’t!  So he threw one almighty strop- and LIED! 

The bitter and twisted female that is Kate McCann spat venom.  She too threw a strop – and LIED!  She was there to make Dr Goncalo Amaral feel misery, feel fear.  That is what Kate McCann has stated Dr Amaral deserves.


Well her claim:

“…that man has caused us so much upset and anger because of how he has treated my beautiful Madeleine, and the search to find her. He deserves to be miserable to feel fear…”

As ever when the McCanns make outrageous statements, they cannot back them up, cannot provide evidence to support their claims.

How has Dr Amaral treated her beautiful Madeleine?

She gives no explanation!

What Search to find her?  

Their private search – the one where they the McCanns have spent £hundreds of thousands of Madeleine’s money donated by the public to employ a paid liar – Clarence Mitchell, who still seven years after the child vanished is spinning stories for them, still collecting his huge fee from the Madeleine Fund (reportedly £70,000 per year) 

The private search where they, the McCanns hid the E.Fits from the public, of the man who resembled Gerry McCann carrying a little girl, who resembled Madeleine through the streets of PDL in Portugal, on the night the child was reported as missing.   The witnesses to this, an Irish family holidaying there at that time.

I don’t doubt for a moment that Dr Goncalo Amaral has caused Kate and Gerry McCann anger and upset, BUT NOT for the reasons Kate McCann has spouted.

The truth is something this couple has great difficulty with, and it is the truth spoken by Dr Amaral, the findings of the Portuguese Police Investigation which angers them.

For speaking the truth, for not rolling over and playing dead, for standing up for justice for missing Madeleine, Dr Amaral according to Kate McCanns law must suffer.  He must be made to feel miserable, to feel fear.

More than anything what has angered them, what forced them to stand outside the Court in Lisbon and lie about Dr Amaral is that they know he has their number, they know he speaks the truth. The action they raised against Dr Amaral has not a jot to do with their beautiful Madeleine - if their beautiful Madeleine was their main concern they would not have spent the public donations intended for a search, spending it on their mouthpiece Clarence Mitchell – they would not have hidden the E.Fits from the public.

These parents are angry because they have failed to silence Dr Amaral, because Dr Amaral did not roll over, as they have forced others to do.

Make no mistake the reason behind Kate and Gerry McCanns legal action against Dr Amaral – has nothing whatsoever to do with their beautiful Madeleine.

It is the actions of hate filled people.   People who know they did wrong by their kids.  People, who will not accept responsibility for their actions, for the loss of Madeleine, her young life!  They are people who will blame anyone, anyone at all for their negligence and they will lie make others suffer to that end.

Make no mistake Kate and Gerry McCann have caused pain and suffering to Dr Amaral, his children, their mother, his family and friends.

Kate and Gerry McCann these people who claim to be devout Roman Catholics supposedly good Christian people, are proud and pleased at their heinous hate filled hounding of an honest and honorable man – (Christians? Pull the other one - not a Christian or caring bone in their bodies) but then, we all know that the devout Roman Catholic story was but that – another of the many tales told by these parents.

Kate McCanns mother was astonished to hear the claim made by her daughter and her son-in-law in this regard.

But if there is one thing we have come to learn of the McCanns, is that they will tell any tale which suits their agenda – doesn’t matter who they harm in the process as long as they get another tale out there, and boy oh boy, since May 2007 their tongues have had one hell of a work out!

The countless interviews – sofa surfing – they are particularly partial to breakfast time shows - and of course, one sofa, Lorraine Kelly's, now has the impression of their asses firmly embedded - the sofa where the McCanns know they can tell any tale, no matter how outrageous, no matter who they harm, and it will be met with giggles from Kelly.

Kelly too lied with regards Dr Amaral in her column, the Sun newspaper.  Seems she blindly supports the lies (see blog above 'Kelly from the Telly')

Shame on her and the McCanns!

The hatred spat by Kate and Gerry McCann outside the Court building was a shocking display. But it was just one of many where they have been untruthful.

Over the past seven years, these parents of Madeleine have given many interviews where they have lied and misled the public. The statements they make during interview do not tally with their police witness statements, Kate McCanns diary or Kate McCanns book, which is pretty much the wall to wall rantings of a bitter, twisted and hate filled female, hell bent on protecting herself and Gerry, McCann, a woman hell bent on causing pain and suffering for Dr Goncalo Amaral his family, his children, hell bent on being untruthful.  But her book is, as Kate McCann said ‘AN account of the truth!’  

An account of the truth, how interesting!  

She has more than one?   Well of course she has – all depends on her audience which account she decides to deliver!

What is always consistent in her accounts – lies and inconsistencies!  

There is much evidence in this case which points to the involvement of the parents and their buddies in the disappearance of young Madeleine, it is therefore mind boggling that Scotland Yard have looked in every other direction but at those responsible for the child being on her own night after night in an unlocked holiday apartment, those responsible for her care and protection on the night when whoosh, she vanished...which is of course the story the McCanns have told the world, but perhaps I should clarify this point – it is ONE of the stories the McCanns have told the world.  There are all sorts of variations to the original story.

If you have followed this case, then you already know that there has been more than one account by these people, their police witness statements not tallying, which in effect results in one calling the other a liar.

Kate and Gerry McCann in interviews have stated that Madeleine could not have gotten out through the patio door that is the unlocked patio door, as she was too little, did not have the strength to slide it open.   They said in fact, she would not have had the strength to draw open the curtains, the closed curtains they claim which draped the patio doors.  Neither could she, according to the McCanns, open the top stair gate, a child safety gate, and neither would she have opened the gate at the bottom of the stair and then closed it over again.

Funny that as Kate McCanns best friend, Fiona Payne told the police an entirely different story.

According to Fiona Payne, Kate McCann on the night Madeleine was reported as missing, did at the dinner table in the tapas bar where they were dining, announce that she and Gerry McCann left the patio door unlocked on THAT night (not previous nights as the McCanns later claimed)  She, Kate McCann asked the others what they thought of this.   Was it best they did this so that if Madeleine woke, found yet again, her parents to be not around, that she was able to then exit the apartment through the unlocked door, to go look for her mummy and daddy, or would it have been better she asked her friends at the table if she and Gerry McCann had locked the door and Madeleine could not get out.

Such a difficult decision for two educated persons, two medical professionals, what to do, what a conundrum, three tots, two two year olds and a three year old - 'should we leave them alone in an unlocked holiday apartment, one of kids isn't feeling well, tired and pale, should we leave them alone and go out drinking?'

So difficult was it that Kate McCann felt the need to consult with her buddies, also medical professionals, to ask their advice on this matter - AFTER THE FACT!

And guess what, Fiona Payne, a medical professional also, told Kate McCann 'oh the kids will be fine on their own in the unlocked holiday apartment!'

Social Services in UK would have had a field day with this band of buddies, all of them every last one of them for abandoning all of those little kids, all under the age of 4 years of age!  

The two other female buddies at the table, also gave witness statements to police, confirming what Fiona Payne said about Kate McCann, the story she had told at the dinner table that night.

So THREE females at the table claim to have been told of this unlocked patio door, and ALL THREE gave police witness statements to that effect. All THREE contradicting the story told by Kate and Gerry McCann!

But why would not one of these people say to Kate and Gerry McCann - Hey that is so wrong of you, such a dangerous thing to do to leave that door unlocked?

Probably because it JUST NEVER HAPPENED!

Oh and before anyone suggests that the Portuguese police got this wrong – these statements were given to the LEICESTERSHIRE Police in the UK!


  • Why did Gerry and Kate McCann on televised interview tell the world a completely different story from that of the three female witnesses?
  • Has this DOWNRIGHT LIE in the case of the disappearance of young Madeleine, by either the THREE FEMALE BUDDIES, or by KATE AND GERRY MCCANN, or ALL FIVE of them, they may all be lying – been flagged up by DCI Andy Redwood?

Let’s be clear on this.

When the police are told such blatant lies in the case of a missing child, by the parents, and the buddies of the parents, all who holidayed with this child, something is FAR FROM BEING RIGHT!

When the father of the missing child tells the police when first questioned after she was reported as missing, that he entered the apartment by the front locked door using his key, and SEVEN DAYS LATER tells the police an entirely different story, telling them second time around that he entered the apartment by an unlocked patio door, then DCI Andy Redwood has a problem on his hands.

The very same problem the Portuguese Police and the Leicestershire Police had before him! 

Unlike the Leicestershire Police and the Portuguese Police, DCI Redwood and his team in their wisdom it would appear have chosen to ignore this, and all other evidence which points to the involvement at some level of the parents and their buddies.

Now, if Gerry McCann had been in that apartment checking on his kids, less than an hour before the little girl was reported as missing, how is it possible that this man, a cardiologist (who surely does not suffer from poor memory – and if he does, he should not have patients under his care) could have forgotten which door he entered by?

Short answer – it ISN’T!

So when was Gerry lying, which of his stories was the truthful one, if ANY?  The first time he was interviewed by police or the second time SEVEN days after the child vanished when he changed his story?

No matter whether you support the McCanns or not -though personally I believe everyone should be supporting the missing child, fighting for justice for young Madeleine, and to me, to do that when there are obvious and blatant lies told by the parents and their doctor buddies – that must be challenged.

And when this bunch of doctors REFUSE to help police in ironing out their TALL TALES, which they did, ALL refused to assist Portuguese Police in this matter, and when Scotland Yard do nothing, ignore it completely, that too should have alarm bells ringing regarding the Metropolitan Police Investigation, Operation Grange.

If a lay person, the man in the street, Joe public can read the police files (available online) listen to the McCanns in interviews, read the stories invented by their £70,000 per year spokesman, a man paid to lie on their behalf, and see that something is very wrong with the accounts given by this group of doctors, and when the Portuguese Police recognised immediately all was not well in this case – HOW COME THE GREAT METROPOLITAN POLICE HAVE TAKEN OVER THREE YEARS TO LOOK OVER THE 30,000 records and files which the Portuguese managed to put together in a period of 6 months – and the Met then to come up with NOTHING but silly stories of burglars and such like, and shockingly naming also persons who they are treating as suspects, who they know absolutely, have not a jot to do with Madeleine’s disappearance?

Either the Met is not as great as some believe them to be or, the Met IS as corrupt as some believe them to be, and they are not looking for the perpetrators of the crimes committed against Madeleine Beth McCann.

If they were they would be dealing with, or rather, they should have dealt with the parents and their buddies, 3 years ago, or at least earlier in this process!

The lies told in this case by this group are obvious to one and all, and the lies told were for a reason.

If Redwood was to be asked today, what was the reason behind Gerry McCann changing his story, and the reason as to why Kate and Gerry McCann in televised interview, told an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT STORY than the THREE female members of their group as to that patio door - I wonder what would be his answer?

I wonder too what would be his explanation for the bedroom door of Apt 5A being more widely open when Gerry McCann was in that apartment, if there was no Tannerman, and Madeleine was not removed around this time?

IF the parents and their buddies are completely innocent of all involvement there would not have been a single lie uttered!  Sadly that is not the case.

DCI Redwood, not free from a porky or two of his own – knows this, he knows they have lied – but it is what he is doing about it that is the question the world wants an answer to.

Over three years on this investigation in itself seems way too long, when all of the leg work, all of the information is already there, handed to the Met on a plate, not just the files from Portugal, but from Leicestershire Police and the material put together by the McCann private detectives, and they have over the years employed more than one set of dodgy detectives – those files must make interesting reading!

Redwood is increasingly looking a fool but he will live with that, does he even care, he will retire shortly and move on.

Sadly for Madeleine the truth of the lies told by her parents which we all know of, which Dr Goncalo Amaral wrote of, what the Portuguese Investigation discovered right from the start, which the UK press/journalists also know of but choose not to put in print the truth of matters, preferring to invent tales, and defame Dr Amaral - Redwood, will have played his part in covering up/ignoring.

There is no possible way this man DCI Redwood does not know of them. No way possible that he does not suspect the McCanns and their buddies of a level of involvement in this child’s disappearance.

No way he does not know that Dr Goncalo Amaral speaks the truth.

How he or any of the Met detectives working on this case can live with themselves, go about their daily business, knowing what they know, and knowing they are failing a little girl preventing justice for this child, and I am sure many of these detectives will have children of their own…which adds to the incredulity of it all.

Some say these officers cannot all be ignoring the facts - I agree - they cannot all be corrupt officers for sure - it would make no sense that they are - but it sure begs the obvious question what the hell is going on with the Mets Operation Grange?

At the beginning of this blog I said that this case has divided public opinion, though with more and more discovering the police files online, they are waking up to the fact that all that has been fed to the press the public by the McCanns is not truthful, that times are changing, the support for the McCanns diminishing, not least due the public now being made aware that much of the monies donated have not gone on any search for Madeleine (as the McCanns have been telling the world for the past seven years) but on paying Clarence Mitchell to spin for them.

Why would innocent parents need to have paid such vast sums of Madeleine’s money to a spin doctor – innocent parents would have done what they promised the public – PAID EVERY PENNY DONATED to search for her!

Think what the £70,000 per year paid to Mitchell year on year if spent on Madeleine and not Mitchell, how it may have helped discover what became of her, if it had been spent on the search, the type of search the public thought that their money was paying for?

Think what it has done to the child’s chances if alive, £70,000 per year being paid to Mitchell, the search for Madeleine suffering, damaged, to fill Mitchell's pockets.

One has to wonder – Do Gerry and Kate McCann value the services of a paid liar, more than the search for their first born child, a child neglected, failed by her parents, missing without trace – it certainly looks that way – why else would they give him Madeleine’s money?  Then ask the public for more for a search.   Why would they hide E.Fits of a suspect - not allow them into the public domain to help find Madeleine the perpetrators of crimes against her?

But back to the divide – it would be naïve of us to think for a moment that the McCann/Healy family, extended family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, the press the public, residents of Rothley - the village which is home to the McCanns - all support the story of abduction told by Kate and Gerry McCann.

Yes the parents of Kate and Gerry McCann will defend them to the end. Gerry McCanns siblings too will defend their baby brother no matter what.  

  • They will ignore that he changed his story.
  • They will ignore that Kate McCann and Gerry McCann told their tale on TV of the unlocked patio door, which does not tally with police statements given by the three female’s in the group.
  • They will ignore the many other lies too all the inconsistencies.

The family must know things are not right, how could they not know what is in front of their nose?

Most can see that they have not been truthful that their story does not add up and we voice our opinion in this regard, but if you were a McCann/Healy family member, a close friend, a colleague of McCanns, a neighbour, a Rothley resident - would that have a bearing on your opinion?   Would this cause you to stay quiet about your true feelings?


Every neighbour of the McCanns believe they are innocent of ALL involvement in their daughter's disappearance?

Every work colleague of Gerry McCanns, believe he and his wife Kate McCann are innocent of all involvement in their daughter's disappearance?

Every Rothley resident, believe they are innocent of all involvement in the disappearance of their daughter? 

Of course they won't!

And the more the McCanns keep up the farce, the interviews, the blatant lying regarding Dr Goncalo Amaral, the more Kate and Gerry McCann spend Madeleine's money on Mitchell and on their twisted and hate filled and fueled pursuit of Dr Amaral their attempts to make him miserable to feel fear, the more the public KNOW the McCanns have something to hide.

John Stalker, retired British detective said the McCanns and their buddies are hiding something...the top British Forensic expert, Barclay said that the scene at the McCann holiday apartment appeared to him to have been staged...

So why is DCI Andy Redwood the ONLY detective who cannot see what all the others do?

As for Kate and Gerry McCann they have tried every dirty trick in the book, to destroy a good man, a decent man, an honest man, a man who has shown more concern for justice for Madeleine than her parents have.  A man who has fought harder for justice for Madeleine than they have.

The McCanns good people? 

  • Good people do not leave three babies night after night alone unattended
  • Good people don't lie to police about what happened, the events of the night the child vanished
  • Good people do not pay spin doctors
  • Good people do not mislead the public who gave so generously to help Madeleine then spend the money on things other than a search for that child.
  • Good people do not do all in their power to destroy another's life.
  • Good people are not filled with hate.
  • Good people do not wish harm to come to another
  • Good people do not wish that another feels miserable, feels fear.
  • Good people don't HIDE THE E.FITS of suspects in their daughter's disappearance from the public.
  • Good people don't put their remaining children in the firing line, throw them to the lions, in the press and in the Courts in their sick bid to destroy another in a legal action.
  • Good people don't put on the witness stand persons who will lie for them.

Good people do good acts - In the seven years since the McCanns became known to us - not a single good or kind act to speak of, and for their missing daughter Madeleine - every day they continue, by their actions, to fail her.

Every time they use their twin children in what can only be described as an abuse of the rights of these children to be protected, to be kept out of the press, their lives kept private, they show they are not good people, but selfish, self- centred 'ME' people their own protection, paramount, not that of their children.  

If they cared for the twin children in a way that parents should care for their children, the protection of the twins would have been paramount, their little private lives protected from the press.

The McCanns have not done that – far from!

Gerry McCann said that his twin children were scared out of their wits by the press (See blog above - Gerry's Gall) 


"We were intimidated.  Our young children, especially, were scared out of their wits."

Was this just another of their tales for effect for the purpose and point McCann required - Of course it was, because if this was true, why then have they, Kate and Gerry McCann placed their twin children in the press spotlight over the past couple of years, discussed them endlessly what they do what they say, on sofa surfing days, and why did they last week at Court in Lisbon, and not for the first time, throw their little boy Sean to the lions, that was the press pack on that day?

Good parents would not be chasing a retired detective who simply did his job, who simply wrote a book which mirrors the Police Investigation with a view to inflict on him suffering, misery to make him feel fear - Kate McCanns wish for Dr Amaral, and good parents most certainly would not use their twin children to that end.  Good parents would not claim that their children were scared witless by the press, then expose them to that which they claim, scared the wits out of them!

Good people, good parents would be protecting these children keeping them out of the glare of the press...

So why are the McCanns not doing this?

Only one reason I can think of - Dr Goncalo Amaral is RIGHT about them, the Portuguese Police Investigation is RIGHT about them, and if silencing this man has to involve their twin children they have no qualms about doing so.

They have no conscience - they are more than prepared to sacrifice the twin kids.

It is these kids who are paying the price, and it is these kids who will continue in their young life to pay the price of the actions of the parents.

I don't know of anyone who would do what the McCanns did to their children back in 2007, and I don't know of any parents who would serve up Sean and Amelie as sacrificial lambs, particularly Sean in their latest sickening stunt in Court in Lisbon.

Dr Amaral, a kind and honest man, a family man who loves his children, who protects his children, and who, as the mother of his children said, gave all to find Madeleine, at times out looking for her his own children waiting safely at home.

Kate and Gerry McCann NEVER once searched for their missing daughter - they were
too busy said Kate McCann.

The lies told by the McCann group are proven, and from what we heard them say outside the Court in Lisbon regarding Dr Amaral - they are still ongoing.

Dr Amaral, up until retirement (yes retirement, he was not sacked as the UK press report) almost 30 years a police officer a hard working dedicated officer, and parents who have lied, been deceitful - no contest, I know which of the two, I trust in!

And I think most of their "friends" Gerry's colleagues, the Rothley residents, and perhaps some of their family too - who must know in their hearts Kate and Gerry have not been completely honest - will not disagree with my thoughts.

There is no divide when it comes to the untruths told by Kate and Gerry McCann, there will be those who will not admit the McCanns have been less than truthful -  but that is not a divide, the watching world on this count, is one!

While the lies are allowed to go unchallenged by the Metropolitan Police and the UK press, there will not be justice for Madeleine.

How different things would be, if more had the integrity were as brave as Dr Amaral has been, to not allow the McCanns to silence him, not allow them to silence the truth, not allow them to silence Madeleine.

Outside the Palace of Justice in Lisbon, the McCanns showed their true colours, the real reason behind their hounding of Dr Amaral -

  • they fear him
  • they fear the truth
  • they fear the public in the UK knowing the truth.

Thus far they and Clarence Mitchell have controlled pretty much what stories the UK public were to hear regarding this case.

These parents who neglected and cost their daughter her life, the life this child knew, a life cut short, have been funded by wealthy backers to suppress the truth of this case.  And of course publicly donated funds have been used in this way also.

Dr Amaral's book is on sale in several European countries - but it is the book you will not find on sale in the UK - The McCanns won't "allow" it, they don't want you the British public to know what is the Truth of the Lie.

Ask yourselves WHY?

Ask yourselves what gives these people the right to dictate to you, what you can and cannot read.

The angry display outside the Court in Lisbon, the lies told by Kate and Gerry at this time regarding Dr Amaral, their obvious hatred of the man, and the comment by Kate McCann (not uttered on that day but noted in her book)

“…that man has caused us so much upset and anger because of how he has treated my beautiful Madeleine, and the search to find her. He deserves to be miserable to feel fear…”

...will have left the Judge and the watching world in no doubt as to their true personalities, and the real reason for taking legal action against Dr Amaral - 

Kate McCanns vicious words tell us all we need to know...
21st July 2014

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