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Feeling Sorry for Brunt?

Feeling Sorry for Brunt?

Maybe your are, maybe you aren't, but he sure in hell is feeling sorry for himself more than anyone else!

We have heard from the Inquest that Brunt spoke with Brenda Leyland the day after he attacked her.  He had given her his number in case she had any concerns.  She called him.

He also it is reported, stated at the Inquest that he explained to her HIS PLANS FOR HIS REPORT to be screened on TV, that he would show her face, but that he would not name her or name the village where she lived.

And he didn't think this poor woman would have had any concerns over this?

To say that he would only show her face, but not name her or her village  - outrageous, as though this somehow was protecting her identity, was insulting her intelligence, insulting to those he addressed those comments at the Inquest.

What is more outrageous that by stating this, he was trying to make out, at the Inquest, that he had indeed protected Brenda Leyland, that his intention was not to make her identity known.  

But what a despicable man, as, if we look back at what he said during his Special Report, it tells quite a different story.  

Martin Brunt:

"This woman uses Twitter to attack the parents of Madeleine McCann.  On the internet she's anonymous - NOT ANY MORE!"

Anyone who was feeling sorry for Brunt, still feeling sorry for him?

I would certainly hope not!

Martin Brunt in his Special Report could not produce a single threat of attack by Brenda Leyland directed at the McCanns.  Yet in his above comment and in his report that is what he stated.

Based on some idiot, the fat legged lady and her bad buddies - most likely members of which belong to the McCann family, as they are in no way, not involved at some level in what happened to Brenda Leyland, up to their necks in it - Brunt set out to attack Ms Leyland in the way that he did.

It was not journalism, and it was not in the public interest.

It was in the interest of the McCann family, to silence others, it was in the interest of Brunt as he thought he would be hailed a hero, and indeed he was, by the scum element of the McCann Support and by that other horrible excuse for a human being, Jim Gamble.

Gamble, who incidently has NOT learned a lesson,

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...and I have to say there is something seriously wrong with this guy.

Evil personified, to still be spouting as he is, to still be of the opinion that what Brunt did was right.

But then difficult for him not to when he himself CONGRATULATED Brunt on his attack on Brenda Leyland, telling Brunt that he did a great job.

No way this guy is going to do a U-turn when he and Brunt were in it together.  

The right thing to do however would have been for both Gamble and Brunt to stand and be counted, apologise for getting it all so horribly, tragically wrong.

And it absolutely must be determined WHO out of this bunch decided Brenda Leyland should be the chosen target?

Kate and Gerry McCann?
Brunt himself?
The fat legged lady?  

She was introduced in Brunt's Special Report as having been the one to put together the list of names.

Gerry McCann wanted 'examples' made of persons online.  Did he chose?  

Brunt said in his report there were persons on that list who were considered worse than Brenda Leyland - would not be difficult when the lady didn't make any threats, never addressed any threats to the McCanns, and more importantly NEVER BROKE ANY LAW.  

McCanns and their fat legged friend/acquaintance/family member may not have liked the tone of her comments, but she did not threaten them, nor send them any messages as is still being reported in UK press.    Brenda Leyland's comment were, we could say:

Within the bounds of responsible Tweeting!

But the fact that Brunt claimed in his Special Report that within the 67 pages, which the fat legged lady - Ducky I have named her - put together, there were serious threats.

It therefore begs the obvious questions:



Whoever made this decision to make Brenda Leyland the target, did so absolutely, as she was the easiest target, a woman living alone, no male person in that home to confront, challenge them or who would robustly defend themselves.  They knew she was a decent and genteel lady and would give them no trouble when they attacked her.

It would be foolish of anyone to think for a moment that Brunt and his lot did not do their homework on this before they struck.  They would have known by that time everything there was to know, everything they needed to know about this lady.

Brunt's comment in his Report that there was very much worse than Brenda Leyland, real threats, tells us, all we need to know about the choice they made in Brenda Leyland.

She was someone who would give them no trouble, who would be polite, courteous to them, as Brenda Leyland was.  Even when being attacked by Brunt, this lady was perfectly polite, to the point of inviting Brunt into her home.

Do we think that anyone else on that list would have treated Brunt so courteously when under attack?  No they darn well would not have.

Had Brunt approached the real villains (if indeed there are any on that list ) for sure they would have sent him packing, and if they are as villainous as he claimed they are, they would have perhaps, thumped him one, before sending him on his way.

For absolute sure, the McCanns, Gamble, Brunt, Ducky between them they DECIDED WHO WAS TO BE THEIR TARGET AND HAD THEIR REASON FOR DOING SO.

The easy target.  A lady on her own.  A lady who they knew was NO threat to them/their film crew, just as they knew she was NO THREAT to the McCann family.

The McCanns are backed by some very seedy people, Gamble being one, have been getting away with absolute murder in the case of their missing daughter, no question about that.

What happened to Brenda Leyland after the McCann family handed their list to the Metropolitan Police, and at the time it was handed to the Metropolitan Police (if what Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said is correct that the family of the murdered missing child handed it in) then ownership of said file lay with the McCann family - they are involved to some degree.

There is not any chance whatsoever that Gerry McCann did not know the contents of that file as claimed.  One does not hand a file to police without first checking the content.  For all McCann knew it could have been a document with his signature forged, say a confession that he and Kate McCann concealed their daughter's body after she died accidentally or otherwise.

So McCann, any member of his family did not hand in any file without knowing what it contained.

The fact that McCann appeared on BBC Radio also at that time calling for persons to be made example of, tells us so much.

Occasionally in a blog I point anyone who may happen to pop by and be reading a specific blog, to another blog which I think might be of relevance of also.

In this instance I would urge anyone who does not know the background to Brunt's assault on Brenda Leyland, to read the Brunt series of blogs above - ~Brunt's Special Report and Brunt Bit By Bit 1 - 10 where what he said and did to Brenda Leyland has been broken down, tackled bit by bit.

The Leyland family have suffered so since the death of Brenda, after the Inquest to have seen the headlines in the UK repeating the Troll theme must have be devastating for them.

To read that Martin Brunt is being thought of as a victim, and receiving sympathy, must break their hearts.

Whether this family will take action against Brunt/Sky or any others involved is doubtful.  While we may all think that is what should happen, that they should all be made pay for their actions, perhaps Brenda Leyland's young son would rather try and move on.  He has his memories of his lovely mum, he knows the person she was.  He would I imagine, not want to see her name dragged through the mud, unfairly and unjustly once more.  Perhaps easier for him to leave things as they stand.

Brunt is responsible for the death of Brenda Leyland.  Just as Kate and Gerry McCann are responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine.

Brunt has behaved as despicably as they have.

They destroy people's lives, and expect sympathy.

Feel sorry for him or them?   Not a chance in hell!

A friend emailed me today regarding Brunt.   

If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas, she said of Brunt.

I think that sums it up!

Feel sorry for him
22nd March 2015

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