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‘It is vital that we never, ever give up on Madeleine

Can you imagine a little girl or boy out there hoping and waiting to be found but for people then to 'write them off' forget about them, just because there's been no news. For that child never to be re-united with their family because everyone had given up on them. Just imagine....

And so, we will never, ever give up. We urge you to remember Madeleine as a real, living and findable little girl. You know why we must keep going. Please don't give up on Madeleine.'

The above is a blog entry by Gerry McCann from March 2009.

It raises many questions, not least that he urges the public to REMEMBER Madeleine AS a
real, living and findable little girl.

Of course she is a real little girl what other kind is there? Of course we cannot say she is not findable, but what we can say is that it is not for sure that the child is alive that she is the
living and findable little girl McCann instructs us to remember her as.  He tells us that we know why "we" must keep going.  Is this 'we' referring to he and Kate McCann or to the public in general?  He asks also that we don't give up on Madeleine.

But what exactly does that mean? 

It is natural to hope that a missing child will be found safe and well, but it is also natural, based on the knowledge we have of the circumstances relating to how the child came to be missing, that we will consider this not to be the case. It does not stop us hoping that we are wrong in thinking along these lines but realistically the circumstances of the disappearance have to be taken into account and applied. This is what police do, and in the case of missing Madeleine, there appears little hope that the child will be found alive. She may be found, her body, but realistically, not found alive.

McCann asks us to imagine a little boy or girl ‘out there’ 
hoping and waiting to be found.

I have considered and imagined this many times. 

Whenever I think of the three McCann children on 5 consecutive nights being left alone in the unfamiliar apartment, upset and crying, 
hoping and waiting for mummy or daddy to come tend to them, to comfort and cuddle them, to assure them all will be okay, to not be frightened. Just the thought of them, or any child in such circumstances, experiencing such fear, makes me weep. I could not for a moment leave any child in such distress, the thought of doing it to my own does not bear thinking of.

So how is it that the McCann couple were able to do so, 
nights in a row? They tell us their daughter Madeleine told them she, and one of her baby siblings had been crying in their absence, yet they left them alone again that very evening. They knew of their children’s distress, and it did not deter them from going out to dine with friends leaving their children alone and afraid.

I have also considered many
  times, that the McCann couple said they believed their daughter was being held by paedophiles. 

Can you imagine a child, Madeleine, in such terrifying circumstances, hoping and waiting to be found, the urgency, and yet her mummy and daddy and their buddies, refused to help police with the investigation to find her?

The were asked by the Portuguese Police to take part in a criminal style reconstruction of the events of the night the child vanished.  The buddies refused.  Their reasons for doing so, petty selfish, inexcusable, thinking only of themselves, not a single thought for the
real living findable little girl who was in the hands of paedophiles.  Her parents condoning and agreeing with their buddies in their refusal to help the police with their inquiries.   Kate McCann did so in radio interview and Gerry McCann in televised interview.

How can it be that in such horrendous and horrifying circumstances, this child's parents could choose their buddies over their missing child, as in essence that is what they did.  

Their buddies fear of facing the police, having to face facts, coming face to face with the truth on returning to Portugal, concerned them more than the fear their daughter Madeleine would be experiencing at the hands of the paedophiles who they say, they believed had their child.  

Can you
imagine the mother of any missing child refusing to answer questions put to her by the police, when she believed her little girl was in the hands of paedophiles?

Can you
imagine any mother acting in this way no matter with whom or where her missing child was?

Knowing, or suspecting our child has been taken by a paedophile would without question have us going out of our mind, not a single thing we would not do in the hope that it would lead to a safe return. We would co-operate with the devil itself if we thought it would bring our child home and unharmed.

Yet the McCann couple, their buddies, did NOT go all out to do everything in their power which might have given Madeleine a fighting chance.  So much they could have done in an effort to bring home safely their daughter, the little girl who they say, they believed was
living and findable.  Their daughter who they ask the public to remember as a real and findable little girl.   They all, every one of them made the decision NOT to act in Madeleine's best interests.

The findable little girl was not going to be given every possible chance of being found.

 Refusing to assist police with the investigation, is not suggestive of people, parents who believe their child is in the hands of paedophiles, a child hoping and waiting to be found by her muddy and daddy.

Neither is it the actions of parents who are thinking of their little girl as being
living and findable!  

It is the McCanns/their buddies refusing to help police in their investigation, which makes GERRY MCCANNS statement of OUT THERE, being a REAL, LIVING AND FINDABLE LITTLE GIRL - as having no ring of truth.  

It is KATE MCCANNS words in 'Madeleine' which compounds this.

Much as I have tried, I cannot think of a single reason as to why if the parents are innocent of all or any involvement in the child's disappearance would they and their buddies refuse to help her.

No matter how one tries, it is impossible to understand such cold and cruel treatment, both in leaving their children to fend for themselves and in then NOT co-operating with police when one of their kids, due to the negligence of the parents, vanishes, never as yet to be traced.

Gerry McCann asks us to
IMAGINE a little boy or a girl who is OUT THERE, HOPING AND WAITING for their mummy and daddy to come find them, take them home...

I IMAGINE, Madeleine, Sean and Amelie, alone in the dark unfamiliar holiday apartment, the unlocked door, their crying, three little tots HOPING AND WAITING for their mummy and daddy to return home to comfort them, assure them that they will never leave them again. Assure them all will be okay, to not be afraid.

I IMAGINE Madeleine, if alive, as Gerry McCann said, in the hands of paedophiles, HOPING AND WAITING for them, her parents to find her, and I NEVER stop IMAGINING, wondering what in HELL possessed them as the parents of this missing child, and their buddies also, to choose NOT to assist police, NOT to help Madeleine.

I guess only they know the FULL reason behind such a cold and cruel act.  ONLY they will know the reason as to why they would leave Madeleine

IMAGINE Gerry and Kate McCann, how your daughter would feel to know that as that point in time, you and your buddies  -


that you gave up on her, left her OUT THERE, HOPING AND WAITING.

IMAGINE what Sean and Amelie will think of their parents, and their buddies, refusing to help their sister.

21st January 2013

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