Lying in the Sun

First Arrest Maddie Case

First Arrests Maddie Case


The first to be arrested in the Madeleine case - crimes against honest and fair journalism - reporters:-

John Twomany the Daily Expletive

David Callins the Daily Mitherer

A friend and source to both men said that they the reporters are relieved that their reign of spreading  ridiculous stories has been brought abruptly to an end.  Their lack of honesty in their reporting has been praying on their minds for some time now, and they secretly, said the source, hoped to be caught.

Callin’s had called home on one occasion and asked his mother for the name of the priest who had baptised him, he hoped they could perhaps meet, arrange a time for the priest to hear his confession, that of Twomany also.   Twomany is not a RC but hoped that the priest would at the very least ‘listen’ to what he had to say, of how he is filled with remorse for misleading the public!

It has been six years now and they were beginning to feel the pressure, said the source, constantly having to lie, and produce crap stories is not how they thought their careers would pan out.

It is not the life they want to live.

News of the arrests of the individuals has been welcomed by Kate and Gerry. 

A source close to the couple had this to say:-

 ‘ As we all know Kate and Gerry believe that honesty is the best policy.  This move by PC Plod to charge the pair, was welcomed by Kate and Gerry, they are buoyed by it.’

Callins it seems reported that 3,500 calls were received by police, after the E.Fits of the man seen carrying a child fitting Madeleine’s description were released on Crimewatch (the E.Fits being those the McCanns held on to and did not release for such a very long time)

Callins stated that two of out of the 3,500 callers gave the same name, for the man seen carrying the child.

Another source close to the McCann camp, but slightly removed, a nosey neighbour perhaps, said that Kate and Gerry have mixed feelings regarding the ‘numbers’  Whilst they welcome the calls, Gerry is feeling a tad upset that what he calls his rugged good looks were not instantly recognised by the other 3,498 callers.

Kate on the other hand feels that ‘hindsight is a wonderful thing' and had she known then what she knows now, that only two would recognise Gerry – they would never have wasted time and energy in burying those E.Fits!  It just wouldn't have happened!

In breaking news, Callins has just revealed that his report should have read, that ONLY TWO of 3,500 callers did not name the same person.

A source close to Callins said that 3,498 callers had in fact said the guy looked like Gerry McCann.

The Smith family the witnesses to this sighting, believe that the man they saw was Gerry McCann. That is, Mr Smith Senior believes he saw Gerry McCann.

The latest figures then, 3,499 put Gerry in the frame!

A really really close source to the McCanns a Mr Pink, said that they will make no comment regarding the Smith sighting or the calls to Crimewatch – he asks only that the public log on and view the McCann Find Madeleine website – where the sketch of the man seen by by Jane Tanner can still be seen...  Oh and Kate asks that the 3,498 callers ring again and tell DCI Redwood they got it wrong, that the man doesn't look at all like Gerry.

For those who do - courtesy of Clarence and Team McCann, for your back car screen a free Find Madeleine Sticker and Nodding Dog (new to the online shop for 2014) will speed its way to you.  Should blood leak from meat items purchased when shopping the scent will trigger this wonderful little electronic dog to bark an alert - no more mess in the boot, no more leaving the hatch open for days on end! 

For those who don't...a special letter inviting you to meet them at a very special place...
12th November 2014

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