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Kate McCann, Gerry McCann and all of their tapas holiday companions have lied to some degree as to what took place with regards the checking of the McCann children on the night Madeleine vanished.  In fact with regards every night the group dined without their children they have told a tale which does not add up in any respect.

The female members of the group claim that on the night Madeleine vanished, Kate McCann, during dinner, told them that she had left the apartment door unlocked.  This was the first time the group had become aware of this situation that is, if Fiona Payne, Kate McCanns best friend is telling the truth.

She, Payne, claims also that Kate McCann asked of them their opinion as to whether it was better if:-

(M((a) Madeleine woke in their absence she was able to leave the apartment through the unlocked door to go look for her parents


(b) Better, safer if you like, if the child woke, found her parents yet again, not to be at home, and found also that she could not exit the apartment.

At the time when Kate McCann asked her friends their opinion regarding having left the patio door unlocked, she referred to Madeleine having told her, that very morning, that she and Sean, her two year old brother, had cried the previous night because their parents were not ‘at home’ to attend to them, that their parents had not come to attend to them when they had called out for them.

We know absolutely that the McCanns according to their police witness statements, and the very many interviews they have given, have insisted that it felt safe to leave their children alone.  Had it not felt safe, they would not have done so, so their ridiculous story goes.

But how can it ever feel safe to leave three children all under the age of 4 years home alone at night?

How can it ever feel safe to leave them, not only home alone, but alone in a holiday apartment, the surroundings unfamiliar to the children, in a country foreign to them?

It cannot possibly have felt safe, not by any stretch of the imagination, could it have felt a safe option.

And more importantly, it could not have felt safe when they were fully aware that Madeleine and her two year old brother Sean had been awake and crying in their absence.

So what would make two medical professionals, knowing their children had been alone, crying, upset, in need of their parents to comfort them, to make them feel safe and secure…then walk out on them, this time, leaving the apartment door unlocked?

It doesn’t make any sense.  Not a bit of it, and that is because it is a great fat lie!

But it is why they have ALL lied that is at the heart of this case!

If they were innocent in all matters in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine, then there would have been no need to lie to police, both in Portugal and the UK, in interviews, in ‘Madeleine’ Kate’s book, and in her diary, on any count whatsoever.   But they have!

To the neglect - the McCann couple will never accept that what they did was wrong, so very wrong so very cruel.

What type of parents, leave their children in such a situation in the first place?

What type of parents are so cold that even when being made aware by their child of her and her baby brother’s distress at being alone, still walk out and leave them in the apartment, door unlocked, leave them in terrible danger?

And that is according to Kate and Gerry McCann, what they did.

And to those out there who make excuse after excuse for the appalling neglect and treatment of the McCann children, shame on you, you are no better in fact you are worse than they are!

By defending the McCanns, their treatment of little vulnerable, defenceless, children, (‘innocent’ as the McCanns refer to Madeleine) you leave all children open to the same.

This attitude that it is okay to leave young children in this way, okay as Matthew Oldfield said, ‘if they cry and are distressed for short period of time’, is nothing short of a disgrace.  And the dopey (when she wants to be) Kate McCann saying, when hearing her children had cried while she was out, knocking back the daquiri’s – ‘oh well if she (Madeleine) woke she must have fallen back to sleep very quickly then.’

And that makes it okay – how?

Who does she/they think they are kidding?

It stretches the imagination to great lengths to even begin to understand how it can be that two educated persons, 40 year old parents, both in the medical profession, and knowing what they did their response to their children crying, would then be so heartless, behave in such a reckless manner, to place their children in such a danger, a greater danger than they had on previous nights.

Their spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell, told the world, that it is the British way – Brits put their children to bed early,and then, go out and have ‘adult time!’

What absolute bollocks!

Yes, put their children to bed early maybe – but no, not to then go out and leave them to look after themselves, and that is what the McCanns say they did!   That is what Mitchell implied, in their defence!

Mitchell, like his clients – is a great fat liar!

They will all say or do anything, anything at all – Not in the pursuance of Madeleine’s safe return, but to bury the truth and protect their own asses.

Any British parents I know who have young children, or have now grown up children, are horrified at the treatment meted out to the McCann kids and the other kids in that group, and never would they contemplate leaving youngsters alone.

Not because they think an abductor may appear, but because the children could come to some other form of harm.  The youngsters could simply wake and cry, want their mummy and daddy.

And that is what the McCanns in interview will never touch on, the many dangers that exist, and the potential for a child waking, no adult there to care for them, coming to harm, or a child, becoming frightened and distressed.

McCanns choose to ignore this fact, focusing only on – ‘we never thought someone would take a child from our bed.’

Why ever not?  If they were going to leave a door unlocked, that is one of the first things a parent would worry about - that their child may get out, OR someone may get in.

Even the McCann neglect story is full of holes, makes no sense.

If they neglected those kids in the way, they wish us to believe (leaving unlocked patio doors +) then why not say -  we were wrong, that was a terrible thing we did to our children, we will never forgive ourselves for behaving so badly towards our children, we were negligent in our duty to keep them free from harm as far as was possible.’  Show remorse?

And why have the ‘neglect/checking’ stories, by every last one of this group been a lie, all tripping each other up?

If the events of that night, the checking, the neglect of the children, the stories they told were the truth, there would be no inconsistencies, to the extent that exist.

Even liars when eventually admitting to the truth, the truth, when out in the open, will make sense!

More than six and a half years since this child vanished and still the McCanns and their buddies, their stories still don’t make sense – because they are still living the lie! 

But the McCanns cannot bring themselves to tell the truth about the checking of those kids, cannot bring themselves to admit if the neglect happened that they were to blame, were at fault.

They will make excuse after excuse for their conduct.

And that is because what they have told us is not the truth.  They clearly have had to make a decision, make a trade off.

Something bad happened to Madeleine, something which they were not prepared to take responsibility for, much easier to say they left the children in an unlocked apartment and invent an intruder, someone else who could take the blame, for the child being removed from the apartment, than for them to be held accountable, and be charged with a crime/s more serious than child neglect- the death of a child?

But still it grates with McCanns, they are between a rock and a hard place with the neglect issue, and it shows in every interview they give.

Gerry McCann in particular hates having to admit they left the children alone.  Kate sits by, appearing not to give a monkey’s either way, sits in her own little world.

He/they know for the sake of the rest of their tale to be accepted (abduction) that they had to be ‘not around’, not ‘at home’ when the dastardly abductor struck, and they also had to create a scene whereby it looked like there had been an intruder.

But still he does not like being in this position having to admit to something which shows him in a poor light, poor judgement - the neglect of his children!

Still he digs his heels in.  Though he has no choice other than to admit he left them alone, he will never admit it was wrong.  He is not prepared to go that far.  He will make every excuse under the sun, to salvage something from having had to admit he left those children to their own devices while he and she went on a boozy night out.

To justify leaving the children, McCann likens it to dining in his back garden. As many have pointed out he would have to have, a very big back garden!

The point he was making when he first made this statement is, that the restaurant was so close to the holiday apartment, that it was safe, that he could see the patio door from where he sat in the restaurant.  At best an exaggeration, at worst a lie!

(a) He sat with his back to it. 

(b) Only on a clear day with no obstructions, would he have been able to see the very top of the patio door, at night, from that distance, sitting behind a screen in the restaurant, with his back to the apartment, shrubbery, a wall, impossible!

But what if he could see clearly the patio door – So what? – unless an alleged abductor entered the apartment by that route, it makes not a jot of difference to the situation!

The McCann children slept in a bedroom at the opposite side of the apartment.  McCanns could not see the bedroom window of the room the children slept, nor could they see the front door of the apartment from the restaurant.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Gerry McCann was asked about leaving his children alone.  McCann as always jumped to defend his actions and those of his Mrs – and of course, up popped the usual crap, ‘we felt it was safe’ and of course the ‘back garden story.’

Unfortunately – that has all backfired on them, big time.  The Portuguese Police saw through it, saw through the lies.

So what exactly was Gerry McCanns reply to Piers Morgan?

Piers Morgan:

Gerry, difficult question but obviously the resort you were in, had lots of nanny facilities and they weren’t that expensive to use and you both are professionals earning money.  Why didn’t you just pay for a nanny if you wanted to go out for dinner?

Gerry McCann:

Yeah it’s not a question of money.  We did what we thought was best in the kids routines, and I think as parents, err we were we had a very good routine in terms of their whole bath, bed story type thing, an’ an’ I take your point…but for me, if your children are asleep upstairs in a bedroom and you’re dining in the garden, you’re out of sight and you can’t hear them.  And that’s the similar thing to me.

So it is not the distance between the tapas bar, the apartment and the McCanns garden at home and the children sleeping in their upstairs bedroom, which McCann is comparing, he is likening his children being out of sight and earshot in the unlocked holiday apartment to similar situations when they are at home in their garden when they the parents are out of sight of the children, and they the parents cannot hear them. 

That is what McCann said:

‘You’re out of sight, and you can’t hear them.’

So they didn’t give a monkey’s when at home either if the children woke afraid, crying, their parents out of sight, the parents unable to hear the children cry.

And if their children were alone upstairs when at home, one would hope that at the very least they had a locked gate at the top of the stairs to prevent any of their young, sleepy headed children fall down the stairs.  And if they did, the child/ren would not be able to go and seek out their parents.

So even at home, the McCann children were subjected to this, if they woke, no one heard them, no one could see them.  They could cry be upset for whatever lengths of time?   That is what Gerry has stated!

Piers Morgan continues:

PM: But I guess that most people’s homes are secure?

GM:   Sure!


You know this was not a secure property people could come in, off the street, if they wanted, that is where the criticism I guess, comes at its most fierce towards you.  You are intelligent people, and you were certainly good parents no one is questioning that from all accounts we’ve all heard, it’s just that when you have people coming in off the street like that and it’s not your home and it’s not really secure?


Again, I mean I think that it’s back to the safety issue.

We did not perceive an element of threat, and child abduction is so rare. Why would you have ever have thought that someone was going to go into an apartment and steal your child.   It just didn’t enter our head if it had have it wouldn’t have happened.


We’ve been through all these questions, day in and day out….why how why, and I can only ye know say to myself, ‘well Kate you felt really safe and I know how much I love my children and there is no way I’d have taken a risk.’


I think the worst thing though about the focus on our behaviour and you know if we could change it we would but we can’t change it, but it takes the focus away from the abductor and that becomes quite frustrating for us because Madeleine is still missing. Those, that person, or those responsible for taking her are still at large.


Indeed they are, still at large.  And I’ll bet it is more than frustrating for McCanns when people focus on the root cause of the harm Madeleine suffered her parents abandoning her, her brother and sister in a holiday apartment, night after night, and leaving the door unlocked for anyone who chose to, to walk in, and for the child to walk out!

And those who failed to fully co-operate with the police authorities, who refused to answer police questions, who refused to take part in a reconstruction of the events of that night, and who give interviews and spout the lies and absolute nonsense that they do, fully expecting the public to be fooled by them, and who may in fact be the persons responsible for removing this child, dead or alive from that apartment, they too are still out there at large!

McCann said the focus on him and his Mrs is frustrating. 

That situation isn’t going to shift any time soon.  When all of the lies and inconsistencies can be explained, then and only then is there a possibility the focus will shift, but which way it will shift - more in their direction?  It could be that this will be the point when, if they are responsible for this child’s demise, their game will be up!

Jane Tanner, her part in this tale, already torn apart by the Metropolitan Police, yet she has said not a thing.  Accepted it?  My money is on Jane having had one chat too many with the Met for Kate and Gerry McCanns liking!

And Fiona Payne, Kate’s best pal – who told Portuguese Police that Kate McCann told her she had left the patio door open, the purpose, to allow Madeleine to go out into the dark night on her own to search the streets, bars for her parents!

Kate McCann claims she did not!  (According to the interview she gave on Irish Television Channel, the Tubridy Show)

Now what does DCI Andy Redwood and his 30 + team of detectives think of that now? 

They must know that one or other of these ladies is a big fat liar.

And surely he must want to get to the bottom of this as to why they have lied!

Rachael Oldfield and Jane Tanner too, said that Kate told this story at the dinner table, of how she had left the patio door unlocked. 

Kate McCann in her book ‘Madeleine’ tells us of how she told the ‘others’ at the dinner table about leaving the door unlocked.

They ALL speak of how anxious Kate McCann was, worried in fact at having done so!

Why would any mother leave their children in an unlocked apartment, worry about it, tell those dining with her about having done so, and then sit on her ass all night and not bother to rush back and forgo the meal?  And added to which, she allowed a stranger to the children, Matthew Oldfield to check on them?

Didn’t happen!

Interestingly, though each of the three female holiday companions, tell the story of Kate telling them over dinner about the patio door being unlocked, ONLY Fiona Payne, Kate’s best friend, in her statement, tells police, that Kate McCann, said the door was left unlocked for Madeleine to be able to get out!

Oh the lies these people have told – every last one of them.

And Gerry McCann is frustrated and wonders why the focus is on them? 

Dream on McCann – You know exactly why!

And as to ‘safety’ be it the McCann belongings or the safety of their children – what was it Gerry McCann said to Piers Morgan:

“Again, I mean I think that it’s back to the safety issue.”

It is indeed.  And always will be - it is so unbelievable!

The McCanns always say they thought it was safe.

Safe in what respect exactly?

They tell us they never thought of anyone being able to enter the apartment and take a child – (that in itself makes no sense.  If you leave a door unlocked, someone clearly is able to get inside) but let’s go along with that version for a moment –THEY NEVER GAVE ANY THOUGHT TO ANYONE ENTERING THE APARTMENT, so in what respect did they feel it was safe to leave the children?  Were their children safe from any of the following?

  • Waking and being emotionally distressed?  NO

  • From a fall on the slippery tiles underfoot?   NO

  • From fire, breaking out in apartment? NO

  • From becoming ill, choking if vomiting?  NO

  • From hot stoves, knives, medicines, switching on kettles to make TEA (staining pyjamas) and causing serious and perhaps life threatening burns to the child?  NO

  • Climbing on furniture to look out of a window in search of their parents, resulting in a fall, perhaps fatal?  NO

These children were not SAFE in any way manner or form.

So in what way exactly did Gerry and Kate McCann think they were safe?

No one has ever asked them, and they have never explained this!

To simply say they ‘felt it safe’ is a nonsense!

And quite clearly from the statements made to police by the female members of this group – Kate McCann, on the night Madeleine vanished was showing signs of anxiety, she quite obviously then, if this is the truth, did NOT FEEL IT SAFE TO HAVE LEFT HER CHILDREN IN THE UNLOCKED APARTMENT.


Something was happening that evening that required Kate McCann to have told such a tale at the dinner table, something happening to Madeleine, that she knew of, that caused her to be anxious and visibly so. 

Anxious as to whether it could be carried off without those involved being caught in the act!

Did the Smith family ‘catch them in the act?’



No matter which version it is - they have lied!

The recent programme ‘The Lying Game’ I didn’t view but I gather, the McCanns were deemed innocent by a Dr Leal?

Has Dr Leal studied the McCanns in depth?

If Dr Leal would care to view the many televised interviews given by the McCanns, she may just feel differently about that statement.

As I have included the Piers Morgan interview in this blog, perhaps a good place for her to begin!  This clip in particular of Gerry in action should have her doing a U-turn!

She stated the McCanns were/are innocent.

Innocent, but innocent of what exactly?  

To-date, McCanns and their holiday companions have not, been charged with any crimes in relation to the mysterious disappearance of young Madeleine.

So what exactly is it Dr Leal thinks they are innocent of?

It certainly cannot be ‘lying’ as the whole group have done that.  Their lies are all intertwined.  And the good Dr will be able to establish that in a flash!

And if Dr Leal thinks McCanns are ‘innocent’ does she believe this to be the case for the holiday companions too?

Does she believe that none of them have ‘played any part' in Madeleine’s disappearance?’

I take it Dr Leal does understand that to have lied, to cover any aspect of this case be it the storytelling of the ‘checking of the children’ or concealing information, is playing a part?  It is hindering a police investigation, into the disappearance of a missing child.

And that – is not only very serious, serious charges could be brought against them, but it is unforgiveable!
12th January 2014

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