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Fresh Agony McCanns

Fresh Agony


Before I can believe a word from the mouths of the McCanns and their holiday companions – I would rather like to know WHY Gerry McCann CHANGED his story regarding his movements on the night his daughter Madeleine vanished.


FIRST he tells the Portuguese Police that he and his wife Kate McCann locked their children in the holiday apartment each night. 


Locked the patio door which can only be locked from the inside, thereafter leaving the apartment by the front door, locking it as they left.


When checking their children, they both would, naturally enter the apartment, using the front door and using their key to unlock this front door.


BUT WAIT---Gerry and Kate McCann at some point in the seven days following the child’s disappearance, colluded with their friends and came up with a SHINEY BRIGHT NEW TALE to tell the Portuguese Police…  


Please note –


At this stage their story of an abductor breaking in through the bedroom window and been completely ruled out by police forensics.


It just never happened.   No jemmied window.   No break-in at their apartment.


Oh, the FRESH AGONY – having to put their heads together and come up with another story!   Something which they hoped would fool the Portuguese Police!


Seems they thought NINE tapas heads were better than Gerry’s ONE!


The group worked carefully and diligently until they came up with ANOTHER scenario – ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TO THEIR FIRST. 


Not only did Gerry get a new tale to tell Portuguese Police – THEY ALL DID!


Even the alleged abductor was given a MAKEOVER that would make Gok Wan proud! 


They had their ‘finished article’ delivered to the Portuguese Police on10th May 2007 before the scheduled re-interviews of the gang were to take place that day.


Gerry on the 10th May 2007 eager to have his new story aired, informed the Portuguese Police that what he told them on the 4th May 2007…oopsy  - WASN’T RIGHT AFTERALL!


From Gerry McCanns Police Witness Statement 10th May 2007


DESPITE what he said in his PREVIOUS statements, he states now and with certainty that he left with KATE through the back door which he consequently closed but did not lock, given that that is only possible from the inside.


So there we have it – McCann changed his story! 


And still it did not wash with the Portuguese Police authorities not with any member of the public who has followed closely this case.


Their story was not changed to help Madeleine, not by a long shot – changed to help themselves!


The child, her brother and sister so dreadfully and horribly let down by her neglectful parents before and after her disappearance.


Madeleine’s life, the life this child knew lost due to their despicable conduct!   Her brother and sister never getting to know her!


Still these people six years on are game playing – accepting no responsibility for what became of this child.


Absolutely they know more than they have divulged – why else the need to have lied.  


And make no mistake not a one amongst them has been entirely honest with the Portuguese Police.


As the retired British Detective, John Stalker said – they are hiding something!


If ever we need an example of a police investigation into the disappearance of a young child being hindered and by the parents of the missing child – We need look no further than the tragically sad case of little Madeleine Beth McCann.


The so called agony of the McCanns –


Agony for them is Knowing:-


  •  That they are losing daily the support of the public who are now at last waking up to the Truth of the Lie
  • That the public are not prepared to keep funding them in their ridiculous, callous and calculated legal actions which they raise against others using the money donated to search for Madeleine.  Greed drives them it would seem.
  • That the public are not prepared to back them financially or otherwise in their attempts to destroy honest people.
  •  That Dr Goncalo Amaral is not the bumbling retired detective that they would have him painted.
  • That Dr Goncalo Amaral is an educated and honest man.
  • That Dr Goncalo Amara did not ‘fold’ under the pressure of Carter Ruck and the money in the Madeleine Fund which is the source of the McCann ‘might’ the source of  power which allows them to bully others. That is not what the public gave so generously for – to allow the McCanns to destroy the lives of decent honest individuals, so as to somehow justify in their minds, make them feel better about their failure to care for and protect their three children as they know they should have.  To make them feel better about their actions costing Madeleine dearly.
  • That Dr Goncalo Amaral did not agree to settle out of Court when the McCanns began to get cold feet, back track, put pressure and attempt to persuade him to.
  • That Dr Goncalo Amaral did not lose to them in previous legal actions.  His book Maddie a Verdade da Mentira  - The Truth of the Lie, copies of which the McCanns had in their possession, they had them seized, were ordered by the Court to return to the rightful owner.
  • That the public now know that the McCanns disobeyed the Court Order and for many months refused to return the property, the books to the publisher who they belonged to.
  • That the public can see that all is not honest in Camp McCann. 
  •  That the public now know also that Dr Goncalo Amaral is not a disgraced retired detective.

  • That the McCann spin in this regard is now seen for exactly what it is – malice! 


The list of reasons as to why Kate and Gerry McCann are experiencing - ‘fresh agony’ are endless!


Some will no doubt put their ‘agony’ down to the possibility that they will lose this upcoming libel trial – or rather the thought of £1m slipping through their greedy mitts!   And understandably so!


I believe their agony is due to ‘fear of the truth.’


They have made very serious allegations against a retired officer of the law.   They and their spokesperson Clarence Mitchell at every possible opportunity chose to publicly make derogatory statements about this man.  All which I might add recorded in various places!


So utterly arrogant are they that they believe they can, not only treat others in this way, but get away with it!


Too dignified was Dr Amaral to respond to their cheap, common, nasty and extremely damaging slurs and comments, his good breeding not allowing him to.


Behaving as Kate McCann has, launching vicious, vile and evil attacks on this man not at all what decent people do.  She mouths off like a fish wife.   But then again, I think I am perhaps being harsh on fish wives to liken them to Kate McCann.  Fishwives are I’m sure not all as coarse and callous as McCann.


Never would an honest and educated man like Goncalo Amaral this polite and quietly spoken individual ever resort to the disgusting conduct we have witnessed by Kate and Gerry McCann.  Never would he allow them to drag him down to their level!


And that is what makes them fear this man most – His decency and honesty.  Something which on reading the McCann witness statements one can see immediately they appear not to possess.


That Dr Goncalo Amaral would not enter into a public slanging match the type of which the McCann couple are clearly most used to (perhaps a reflection on how they were both reared) at any time during these past few years when they have publicly hounded, bullied, goaded and threatened him with legal actions, one after another, done everything in their power to destroy not only him, but his wife and young family, when they have attempted to take from him the family home the home of his wife and children – says much about this most decent man that he would not stoop to McCann Level!


Dr Goncalo expressed for Kate McCann compassion, where she showed him hatred.  He understood he said that Kate McCann had lost a child and was a grieving mother.


She on the other hand, understood that she could possibly make £1m by attempting to blacken his name, by attempting to destroy him in any way she/they could.

The cash-strapped parents that once were, when Madeleine vanished, now using the monies donated through the generosity of the public to search for Madeleine, to take legal action against others.  How shameful!

What happened to these parents, or were they always so full of hate for others?


We hear Kate McCann at every turn tell us of her God, how she is a devout Roman Catholic – Pull the other one!


Devout Roman Catholics or quite simply decent and honest people do NOT do what the McCanns do! 


The pure and absolute hatred Kate McCann harbours, seeking revenge, is not the teachings of the Roman Catholic faith.


I hope her God is able to forgive her, her sins her actions!    As she does not seek justice, she seeks revenge.


But her revenge is unjust and unfounded.


She is blaming others making them pay suffer for what she and her husband have done.


Dr Goncalo Amaral does not have the financial backing the same backing which permits the McCanns to walk over others to trample them for having an opinion, for disbelieving their abduction story.

He does though have faith in the Portuguese Justice System.  He believes also that justice works in silence.


I’m sure if Dr Goncalo Amaral should ever feel it necessary to take steps against the McCanns and Clarence Mitchell make them accountable for the wrongs against him, it will be in a Court of Law and not hanging over the garden fence which is the UK press, the seedy stomping ground of McCann.


Difficult to tell if this case will ever see the inside of a Court, if it does, sooner rather than later I hope for Dr Goncalo Amaral, he has suffered enough at the hands of Kate and Gerry McCann.


In the meantime perhaps Kate McCann will take some time at church for quiet reflection (or confession if she prefers) take time to think about some of her comments which are far from Christianly – except of course those she has for the alleged abductor – Seems she can forgive him anything!


Mailonline - 18th April 2013


Quotes the statement Kate McCann gave to Daily Telegraph


“I think I could probably forgive Madeleine's abductor whatever the circumstances.  I don’t know whether it’s simply because I’m stronger or because there’s no benefit in not forgiving someone.

I can’t change anything and I don’t want to be eaten up by hatred and bitterness.

And maybe there is an element of pity – what kind of person could do something like this?

Of course forgiveness will always be easier if there is remorse”



Now have you ever heard a bigger load of hogwash in all your life?

She has forgiveness, pity for whoever has been abusing her daughter for past six years!


Because she doesn’t want to be eaten up with ‘hatred and bitterness’ (and saying she forgives makes for a much better story, better headline don’t you think, makes her sound a nicer person than she actually is – albeit it a stoopid and untruthful sounding one)


But oopsy too late…she was eaten up and swallowed a long time ago:


Of Dr Goncalo Amaral she has this to say:


“He deserves to be miserable and feel fear”


Furthermore and from her book Madeleine also, she writes that she would like him to disappear!


And boy oh boy I’ll bet she’d like nothing more!


Seems Kate can’t play nicely!

What happened to all that - 'I don't want to be eaten up with hatred and bitterness, no benefit in not forgiving?'


Well it seems there can be benefit in not forgiving, that is financial benefit.

Easy to say she forgives someone who probably doesn't exist and who she knows she cannot get a dollar from even if he did!

To not forgive someone she thinks she can financially ruin - the benefit to her so great - a temptation a greed she cannot resist!

For this devout Roman Catholic, Kate McCann - Three Hail Mary’s and an ‘Our Father’ just ain’t gonna cut it - greed, hatred, bitterness, wishing harm on others, temptation, not demonstrating forgiveness, heavens she'll be getting cut loose!   The priest will be asking her to hand back the church door key!

Fresh agony?  

That is having to hear Kate and Gerry McCanns whinging and whining voices.  Fresh agony is to switch on the television over breakfast and up pops an image of the McCanns - and the milk in your cereal curdles instantly!  Fresh agony is to see headlines with more silly stories about the McCanns such as the nonsense served up by the Express today

If this libel case is going ahead and the McCanns are not going to attend it has not a jot to do with Scotland Yard worrying about a media circus, and everything
 to do with the McCanns being cowards.  

They have made serious accusations but are not prepared to stand face to face with the man they have accused.

But did we ever believe that Kate McCann would stand up in a Court of Law have the courage of her convictions?

The fear of the lies told is what keeps them away!

It is not down to  Andy Redwood having an attack of Camera Shyness over a bit of media attention - he's been chasing it courting it for months now.  He must have spent hours in front of the mirror perfecting that pose, that dead pan look - Well that's devotion for you as is said in the old Knorr advert.   He will though have to work a bit harder on his cock a leakies!

But then it was not the Metropolitan Police who have said this, so I should give Andy a break...

They prefer to hide behind Clarence Mitchell pay him to do their dirty work.

Much of what Kate McCann has written about this man probably libelous.

Not only have they in the past paid vast sums from Madeleine's Fund to cover the cost of losing previous legal actions, they could lose this one and find themselves, the boot on the other foot, they being sued!

Does any of this help missing Madeleine?

Has anything they have done in the past six years helped Madeleine?

When will their circus end?

A little girl vanished without trace and it appears absolutely that her parents lost sight of this a very long time ago.

They know Dr Goncalo Amaral's book has not hindered their private search.

Hell, they have accused just about everyone of damaging their search!

I'd love to know what their private search has ever involved, that is, apart from the obvious - FIVE dodgy detective agencies is it, and £hundreds thousands of Madeleine's money squandered, lost...

Damn laughable if it was not for the fact they expect to recoup their losses at the expense of innocent others, those who have done them no harm.

And if anyone has ever damaged a search for a missing child, that is a proper Official Police Investigative Search, (not some private search that no one on the planet even knows what was happening and which after six years is fruitless) -  look no further than Kate and Gerry McCann and their companions! 

They failed Madeleine big time, each and every one of them when they refused to fully co-operate with Portuguese Police and refused to return to Portugal to assist in a reconstruction of the events of the night the child was reported as missing.

If there is anyone who can tell you all you need to know about buggering up a police investigation - a McCann can!

They've been playing silly buggers since the start!

Fresh agony?

As they would say in Gerry McCanns native Glasgow his neck of the woods - Fresh agony my arse!

1st September 2013

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