Lying in the Sun

Friends Fear Kate...

Friends fear Kate…might lose 1.2m Euros?

A source, close to another source, who knows a source close to the McCann source - 

"Kate will be devastated if she doesn't get the 1.2 m Euros.  She’s  had her heart set on it these past 4 + years since she raised this action against the retired detective Dr Goncalo Amaral - she hates him, she wishes him to feel pain and suffering, she wants him to disappear...but she'd settle for the 1.2m,.   It won’t help Madeleine, but it will make Kate feel happier.  

They call him the disgraced cop - they know he isn't, and they know he wasn't sacked either that he retired from the police force, but Kate knows calling him the disgraced cop makes better headlines. 

She put all that stuff in her book, so her kids would get to read her 'version' of events or
‘an account of the truth’ as she likes to refer to her work, that is the book – Madeleine.  She didn't want them knowing the truth as per the police investigation...

Dr Goncalo Amaral was an experienced detective, he was quick to question their story which is full of holes, some say he was 'on to them' and that's why Kate hates him - Why else would you hate the detective who worked tirelessly to find your missing child, unless he found out something that you don't want anyone else finding out..?   

Whose source am I again..? Oh yeah, I'm Kate's - Yes, he is indeed a disgraced detective...

But to the real 'source'


A source is a source of course of course

And an ass too is of course a source

And no one can talk to the ass that’s the source of course

That is of course, unless the source,

Is the infamous Mr M!


Go right to the source and ask the source

He’ll give you an answer to try to put you 'off course' of course

He’s a real dodgy character this ass of a source,

Try talking to the infamous Mr M!


People yak-it-ti-yak a streak

And waste your time of day

But Mr M will never speak,

Unless his clients have something to say,

Try talking to the infamous Mr M!


A source is a source of course of course

And this one will talk til his voice is hoarse,

But only if he’s being paid of course, 

You've never heard the talking ass that’s the source?

Well listen to the infamous Mr M –


 “More importantly, I have (resigned) because I feel so strongly that they are innocent victims of a heinous crime that I am prepared to forego my career in government service to ass-ist them.”

Well that is what one does of course,

Give up a government career to become a source of course,

Of course he was already a talking ass this source,

The infamous Mister M!  

Hee Haw, Hee Haw

"I could not resign from my job with the Government before this issue was resolved.  It was unacceptable that Maddie's Fund would pay my wages.   

The solution found was the best:

I work for the McCanns but who pays my wages is Brian Kennedy, who made himself available to help them financially.  My objective is to help them overcome this phase but I also want to be paid for it, which has not happened yet. "

So the source of course didn't give up his job of course

For the innocent victims of a heinous crime as said the source,

His strong feelings lay more with being paid of course,

Then, Kennedy disappeared with his ‘cash source’

Any morals our source might have had dried up too of course,

Maddie's Fund becoming so much more acceptable to the source,

Well he wanted to be paid for 'it' this phase, of course.

Hee Haw Hee Haw 


Sandra Felgueiras interviews McCanns re Mitchell his fees

2.26 on video  - //



SF – Isn’t it difficult for you to pay him?

Gerry McCann:

"You know the first period Brian Kennedy paid his salary and then he was subsequently paid by the Fund, and now you know he is part-time on this>

He still works with us we are working very closely with him."

A source is a source of course of course,

And of course of course the Madeleine Fund pays for the source,

Well who else would pay for this ass of a source?

This interview took place in 2009,

Maddie’s money the source has been receiving for a very long time.

Hee Haw Hee Haw


A liar is a liar and a source is a source,

The source will lie for the liar and vice versa of course

Certainly a case here of horses for courses with liars and sources,

But what chance did little Madeleine have,

Her dad and mum teaming up with a source

Who’s known best by most  for being scum,

Spinning in the case of a missing child,

How low do these people come?

Hee Haw, Hee Haw

A source is a source of course, of course, 

The conduct, the spinning by this despicable source

To decent people, a mystery of course,

What type do this to a missing child.

The type of ass  that is the McCann source,

The infamous Mr Mitchell of course!


An ‘appearance’ by Kate McCann where she gives a speech or makes comment in some way about the disappearance of her daughter is always one of interest - not least because it generally contradicts a previous one – as she seems able with the greatest of ease to alternate from sad face, silly face, puzzled face, and happy smiley faced Kate, depending on her audience, her agenda –always another side of Kate or rather ‘another Kate’ if you like is introduced.

Her stint for Missing People at their Gala Dinner did not disappoint –Tired Kate was back on duty!

Tired Kate is though quite remarkable at times, she is able to run Marathons, participate in local fun runs travel to Europe to promote the recent and varied productions of Crime Watch in various countries… Germany in particular being treated to what proved to be yet ‘another account’ of what happened on the night the McCanns reported their daughter Madeleine as missing – or should that be when they reported she had been abducted?  

Without a single shred of evidence, without anyone having searched for the missing child, before the police were contacted, Kate McCann immediately declared that Madeleine had been ‘taken from her bed.’

‘I just knew she’d been taken’ said Kate McCann.

No prizes awarded to Kate for that one!  

It is a statement though which could be interpreted in more than one way. Kate McCann wishes us to take it that she 'knew' because of the 'way she found the room'  as she often has said, referring to the supposed open window and shutter.

But, if Kate and Gerry McCann are involved in the disappearance of their daughter, then Kate McCann saying 'I just knew she'd been taken' somewhat puts another slant on it.   She is then not lying - she did 'know'

We all know the child was removed from the apartment, and we all know, that Kate - 
‘just knew Madeleine had been taken’ as she has stated this in so many interviews – problem is, most of us don’t believe the person responsible for removing her was some stranger who happened along, not a paedophile, a petty thief or a burglar nor was it the butcher, the baker or the candlestick maker – most I believe have their money on someone from the medical profession.  The smart money it seems is on the cardiologist!

Time will tell!

But Tired Kate, rather sadly for Madeleine, did not manage to muster any energy to physically search for her missing daughter on that night –not ever in fact.   Never was she seen during the 4 months she spent in Portugal after the child’s disappearance – physically searching, calling out her child’s name.  Never was she seen ‘un-turning stones’   Funny that as the Madeleine Fund claims to leave ‘No stone Unturned?’

Her pals the Payne’s, Fiona to be precise told Leicestershire Police that Kate and Gerry got up early the morning after Madeleine vanished around 6 am to go out – to search, or walkabout?  Who knows!  And how long did they stay out?  Twenty minutes, one hour, five hours?  Who knows! The Payne’s not known to be the most truthful or reliable of people, unless of course you are Gerry or Kate McCann, then they can be relied upon to tell some tales to help you out!  

But we’ll get back to this despicable pair later, that is, to be absolutely clear - the Payne couple, as there could easily be some confusion here as to which pair I am referring to!

Often Kate was seen walking hand- in- hand with her other half Gerry McCann - aka Tiny Tears a nickname given to him by his sister Trish, - carrying the prop known as cuddle cat, Madeleine’s soft toy, and posing for press photographers – but never physically searching for this little girl, her little girl.  

Kate may have left home every evening of that holiday, before Madeleine’s disappearance, without her children, but never after Madeleine vanished did she forget to take the cuddle cat toy – well it was precious!  

Overnight, the cuddle cat became a celebrity!  The toy received very much more attention than the three young McCann children during their time in Portugal.    Kate McCann carried it everywhere, not secreted in a bag or a pocket, but simply in her hand for all to see - a star was born!   But not just one star - two - Kate McCann! 

Her performances not quite Oscar material, but, lights, camera, action and she instantly slipped into the role, acting out the part she had been assigned – to make sure cuddle cat was on display at all times! To make sure that she, and cuddle cat were centre stage.   If only cuddle cat could talk, the tales he could tell?

The soft toy we were told was a precious toy of Madeleine’s a toy which therefore should have been kept safe for the child’s return, not used so publicly and crudely to serve the McCann agenda.  It was a publicity stunt in poor taste, no more, no less!  

A toy she then popped in the wash, removing the scent of her missing daughter.  She claimed she did so as it had become dirty and covered in sun tan lotion, and that it was smelly!   Well that is what happens when you cart your missing daughter’s toy around for the benefit of a few photographic sessions with the press it becomes dirty!   But some believe she may have done so in an attempt to remove some other kind of trace?

Kate McCanns Diary 12th July 2007

‘Today I washed the Cuddle Cat (Madeleine’s favourite soft toy and a constant comfort to heartbroken Kate)  I was hoping not to have to do it until Madeleine returns, but it was now quite dirty and smelly, unfortunately without the smell of Madeleine on it. XX’

This it seems was not the first the toy had been washed, at least not according to Gerry McCanns sister Philomena!  According to Philomena the toy being washed in July 2007 was not the toy being washed for a first time, but the toy being washed - again!

So, not just dirty, but dirty and smelly?    A little soiled perhaps carrying it around one can understand, but smelly?   Smelling of what exactly?  Sun tan lotion?

Sun tan lotion not a bad smell – but it was not the sun the cat needed to be protected from, greater dangers awaited this poor toy, its backside being pinned to Kate McCanns bag, and then getting knocked around, and not on the ‘quick wash cycle’ in Kate McCanns washer – I can see the poor cat once out of view of the press getting its ass kicked right into that machine when news of a forensic check to be done, reached Casa McCann!  Just as well the poor old cat has 9 lives!

A mother would cherish all that belonged to her missing child a favourite toy especially so.  Never would she allow it to become mucky, dirty or indeed smelly!

Seems nothing is sacred to her – the moment Madeleine was gone – Kate produced cuddle cat for the press!

Seems from the get-go they were very aware of how to play the public, the press.

On one occasion she was photographed with the toy, perched precariously, peeping out of her bag, perhaps pinned on.   Would be comical if it was not for the fact, this was a mum deliberately pulling off a stunt, using her missing child’s toy to do so!

Kate McCann, marching along, cuddle cat hanging from her bag and Kate wearing also a tacky badge a picture of little Madeleine attached to the belt of her trousers, which too was on display for the cameras.

Somehow I just don’t see this catching on with the mothers of missing children – their children meaning so much more to them than to behave in this way, than to pin cheap badges to their clothing.

We would be fools to believe that the McCanns have not orchestrated, manipulated every move since they reported their daughter as missing.  They were doing so even before Mitchell appeared on the scene.

Kate McCann and Gerry’s sister Trish too, behaving disgracefully when Kate was being interviewed by Portuguese police texting from inside the police station  to the then McCann Publicity Manager Justine McGuinness who was waiting outside for news so that they could get Kate’s account out to the press, to meet news deadlines.

No thoughts of Madeleine then when being interviewed by police, simply worried about meeting deadlines!

Mitchell does however agree that it was he who arranged the visit to Rome he who wrote requesting an audience with the Pope:

 “It was I that wrote that email as Kate and Gerry did not want any special treatment.”

Kate McCann though for someone who it is claimed did not want any special attention sounded pretty ecstatic about it in her diary:


Sunday May 27th 2007

Clarence (Clarence Mitchell Foreign Office Family Liaison at the time) spoke to us about a possible trip to the Vatican.  It seems that it REALLY is going to happen – MAIN STORY ON THE NEWS. 

She’s very excited there about her and Gerry being MAIN STORY ON THE NEWS!

Mitchell again:


Maria Barbosa, 29th September 2007



“It was them that decided on a tour around Europe that started in Amsterdam.  After they had been to Germany, Kate was inclined to go to the North of Africa. Actually it is in that area that Kate suspects that Maddie might be.”


Yeah I can see that they did not want any special attention, only a visit to the Vatican, a tour of Europe, North Africa and a jaunt to the United States for good measure, all paid for presumably from the Madeleine Fund as they themselves were strapped for cash, they had already paid a couple of mortgage payments from Madeleine’s money, that is the Fund.   At times too they travelled on a private jet!

Yeah they definitely did not want or receive any special attention, that is obvious!

Let's not kid ourselves, the McCanns refuse nothing but blows!

And why exactly does Kate McCann, or did Kate McCann believe/suspect Madeleine would be in North Africa?



“It is true that we requested a meeting with the Prime Minister to show him the strength of our case, to explain Kate and Gerry’s innocence and yet all we’ve been offered is a medium-level-consular meeting, which we REJECTED!


Good heavens I cannot imagine how anyone got the idea that this lovely couple and their ‘touped team mate’ wanted special attention!  

And I don’t know how Mitchell could say they never received any!



“They are people of a higher academic education, but that above all love their children.  They are not influential people.  They have not had any special treatment.”

Would that be people of a higher academic education than himself he is speaking of?

They are not influential and they have not had any special treatment - but do this strange breed of educated people come in peace to your planet Clarrie?

You gotta laugh at the guy!

And when exactly did this case become Mitchell’s?  

HE wanted a meeting with the Prime Minister, to show him the strength of OUR case?  and, to explain Kate and Gerry’s innocence?


Well that’s a tale we’d all like to hear, why save it for the Prime Minister! And why would their innocence need explaining to the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown?

Better if he explained it to the police!


£70,000.00 per year, of Madeleine’s money, paid to Clarence for this crap?

No wonder they want to sue Dr Amaral – they must need the cash to pay Clarence?

For your interest and entertainment too, worth a look at these video clips:


Kate McCann too, quite remarkably and magically was able to continue with her hobbies, sporting activities – jogging in particular soon after her daughter vanished! 

Eleven days after, according to her diary!   And two days after Madeleine’s 4th birthday.


Monday, May 14:


 I slept well last night after a not very good end of the day, frustration with the FLO (Portuguese Family Liaison Officer) asking me where would my little M be.

I got up at 06:50.  I dealt with some trifles and got myself ready for the statement to the press at 08:00.

I tried to put on a slightly more presentable and “healthy” air, Gerry AGAIN gave a great PERFORMANCE!

Following on we answered about four questions.  I almost responded to the first one, asking how we were, but I didn’t.  I did answer a question on our possible return home.  I replied that obviously I didn’t even think about that.  Anyway it seemed to have gone well. 

After breakfast and our having LEFT S and A, we went to church to pray in silence.  Very good, calming.

After getting back I decided to go running – for the first time since THE day (already 11 days ago.)  I knew that it was going to be physically difficult, but I also knew that I wasn’t going to give up BECAUSE IT WAS FOR MADELEINE and also because the level of pain is far higher now.


To re-cap eleven days after Madeleine vanished, Kate McCann had a great night’s sleep. 

She was pissed off by the Portuguese Family Liaison Officer daring to ask her where her little M (Madeleine) might be.

She thought Gerry once more gave a GREAT PERFORMANCE when making press statements.

She prayed at church after having LEFT the twins S and A (Sean and Amelie)


She went out jogging but not for her own enjoyment, be sure to understand that,  understand that somehow Kate going jogging was going to benefit in some way, her little M- Madeleine her missing child.

This is the mum who at that time tells us she believed her daughter was with a gang of paedophiles (in the North of Africa?) and she thinks if she jogs about town for a while it will do the child the power of good!

Well Lordy, Lordy, how did this mastermind of a mum figure that one out!

This diary, do correct me if I am wrong - she was writing it for Madeleine, for the child to read if and when she returned home?

Having not read all of it, are there any entries where she speaks of going out to search for Madeleine?

Kate McCann was not going out to try and find her missing daughter eleven days after she was reported missing she was going out jogging.  She was going to church - all times she could have spent sparing a little time looking for her child.

This was only eleven days later and this woman was sleeping like a baby?

People in disaster zones where there have been earthquakes, tsunamis, search for great lengths of time, days, weeks in the hope that they find another person, not necessarily a loved one, they search in the hope that they may find someone, anyone who remains on record as still missing who needs help,who needs to be found.

Her young twin children too back in the crèche in Portugal immediately after Madeleine’s disappearance which left Kate free to continue doing what Kate liked doing best, jogging around.  And drinking a fair amount of alcohol too if her diary entries are anything to go by!  More than once she speaks of her ‘drinking’ of how she needs to curb it!’ 

So no fear from this mother, no anxiety that the big bad abductor may come back for one of the twin children, the abductor afraid that one or other, perhaps both might be able to tell who was in the apartment... they were after all, so we are told, in the bedroom when Madeleine was ‘taken.’   They may have seen something!   The alleged intruder would not know if these twin children were able to tell their parents what happened. Wouldn't know how well they could or could not speak.

Which raises another issue -   If the twins had seen something/someone, and were able to tell of what they had seen or heard, would an intruder who had 'planned' as we are supposed to believe happened,  would he merely sedate the children?  Sedation doesn't last forever - the twins would still when awake again have been able to 'speak up' - would a child abductor not then have planned to either silence them for good, or remove them also?

An intruder, even one who planned, could not guarantee that the twins or indeed any of the children would not be awake when s/he entered the apartment!   So taking a huge risk!

It truly doesn't make any sense - as very young children as the McCann kids were at the time, are liable to wake at any time -that is what young children do in the night.

That is what the McCann children did throughout that holiday!

And why only one child when the alleged abductor could have had all three, and the little sister one of the twin children, well she was image of Madeleine.

So, why Madeleine?  Why not one of the other children, Tanner's child, Oldfield's child.   They were all little girls, all in ground floor apartments, right next door to the McCann apartment.  And their apartments were less visible from the street giving any intruder greater chance of not being seen.   The McCanns had two entry points, one the patio door side, leading right onto the main street where a number of guests, and residents and the McCann party all passed when going about their business.

So why Madeleine?  Why the McCann apartment, the one most exposed?

And why would any abductor who knew the routine of the group then take the child and walk out into the street and head right into the open, heading in the direction where he knew members of the group would be if on their checks?

And why would  an intruder open a window and shutter when so many people would be passing it on their way to check on the children and it would be seen?

There was NO INTRUDER who had planned as Andy Redwood suggested, because if there had been an intruder, he certainly DID NOT PLAN -  opening shutters/windows right beside the apartments of the other families in the group who were all we are told listening, and walking off in the direction he knew the group were all waltzing around was one shit plan!

This lot, although we know they have not been truthful regarding the checking of the children - they didn't check each other's kids - not in a month of Sunday's did they do so - but if we play along with their story, and take it that they were all queuing up to listen at the McCann shuttered window - and if the intruder had been watching the McCann family as Kate McCann famously said - "they've been watching us."  then one would have to deduce from that, that those 'watching' were complete and utter idiots - as if they had been watching the group, watching the group listening at shuttered windows - the last thing, they would then do is open a shutter and window - it would immediately draw attention to them!

Why would this nasty bunch of paedopiles have done surveillance all week and then ignored their findings throwing it all to the wind, opening shutters and windows, and walking willy nilly out onto the street carrying the child?

Didn't happen!   Didn't happen that way, it happened under different circumstances, as Kate McCann would say, and she is a lady who 'knows.'

It is just all complete and utter nonsense and that is why it doesn't add up!

Their story is as shit at the alleged abductors plan!

And as Kate McCann was not there so we are led to believe at ‘that moment’ when her daughter Madeleine was removed from the apartment, and if she was not involved in any way, she really had no way of knowing what exactly happened, no way of knowing if Madeleine was removed from her bed, if Madeleine had gotten out of bed and was removed from the living area, the kitchen, the hallway, from her parent’s bedroom, or indeed if the alleged intruder might return!

I think there is every possibility that Madeleine spent some time in her parent’s bedroom before she was removed from the apartment. Dead or alive?   Who knows! 

Not forgetting, both Gerry and Kate McCann on their separate checks of the children, said that on seeing the bedroom door where the children slept, more widely open they immediately thought Madeleine had gone through to their bedroom.

That would be the bedroom where Kate said she had carefully tidied away the bag containing the medical items...

Madeleine's bed appeared not to have been slept in.  Her mum said she tucked the child in that night  -  all cosy to keep her warm? 

Her dad said he left her lying on top of the bedclothes as it was a warm night?

Daddy or Mummy, who is telling the truth?

And if daddy left her on top of the bedclothes was it so that she could be removed by someone?

If say, the McCanns are involved, and Madeleine was to be removed, then which would have been easier - removing the child from under the bedclothes or from on top of the bedclothes?

Is there a chance that this child was put to bed, not in the same room as the twin children that night, the twins who it seems often woke crying, and which in turn woke Madeleine who had to go at night to her parent’s bedroom to alert them, sometimes they were around at other times they were out dining when the child was looking for them.  Would this be a reason the bedclothes on Madeleine's own bed were undisturbed, as she had not been sleeping there at all?

Fiona Payne, Kate's best friend told police this is why the McCanns had left the patio door open/unlocked so that if Madeleine woke up she could get out of the apartment and go and look for her parents who were at the bar.

Both Gerry and Kate McCann say they presumed Madeleine had gone to their bedroom when they supposedly found the bedroom door more widely open.

Perhaps Madeleine was always in their bedroom that night, to lessen the chances of her being wakened by the crying of her siblings should they wake up?

Perhaps this is why Gerry's story of how he looked at her and thought how beautiful she was and how lucky he was, referred only to Madeleine - as he looked at her lying alone in the parents bedroom, a  story which through time also grew feet and legs, changing from thinking Madeleine was beautiful, to having 'three beautiful children' his lucky father story changing to include the twins also.

It doesn’t mean that it actually happened that he actually did stand and think this of Madeleine or any of his children, just that as Madeleine was the one missing, she was the one he was referring to, and with the possibility of her being in the other room on her own perhaps why he at first only mentioned her in his story?

Well, why would any father, his three children all lying asleep in the same bedroom, only look at one of them and think that particular child was beautiful and not think likewise about the others?  He had to quickly change this story too, to include all three children.

But Kate McCann must have been very confident that they (the twins) would be safe in the crèche, despite this alleged abductor, paedophile gang being on the loose, confident this alleged abductor would not return.   Just as confident as she was on the night Madeleine vanished, when she ran out of the apartment leaving the twins alone inside?

Remember, she knew right away that Madeleine had been taken, yet she ran out of the apartment leaving the twins alone inside, door lying open, windows and shutter she said wide open, and not knowing if the alleged abductor was still in the apartment, hiding either inside, or on the patio area, or just outside the front door.   

She certainly didn’t feel the need to keep the twins close, not then, nor the days immediately after Madeleine vanished, as they were deposited straight back into the crèche.  It was business as usual – crèche/kids club for the kids, leaving her and Gerry free to pursue other activities. 

Their visiting family members too, enjoying days at the pool at the Ocean Club, according to a former chef at the Ocean Club who told of how this was the way the McCann family spent their days after Madeleine vanished, at the pool, playing tennis etc

Twins in the crèche/kids club – adults doing their thing!

How odd that is to allow your two younger children out of your sight and so soon after your daughter vanished, and not to be cared for by family or friends but by strangers as Kate McCann referred to the crèche staff! 

One of them may have been the alleged abductor?

When speaking of their childcare arrangements during that holiday, or lack of, she said it felt safe to leave all three of her children alone in an unlocked holiday apartment night after night with all the dangers that posed, so I guess leaving her twin children in a crèche with qualified child care staff despite her first born child having as she said been abducted only hours previously, and despite the possibility that someone on the staff may have been involved in the alleged abduction - at this early stage no one would know for sure who were the perpetrators - would for Kate McCann, be like leaving your children to spend the day at Fort Knox!   It was a huge step up from leaving them alone in an unlocked holiday apartment that’s for damn sure!

But wait…these are the same people are they not, the very same staff, the very same trained and qualified nannies, who she claimed she could not leave her children with at night, these same people she said  were strangers to her children, so she preferred not to have these staff members care for them in the evening when she was out wining and dining with her holiday buddies…the very same staff with whom she had left her three children every day of that holiday , morning and afternoon, up until teatime, while she and Gerry McCann enjoyed ‘all day’ adult time, yet she felt her children would be better left alone unsupervised, unprotected in an open/unlocked and unfamiliar holiday apartment, that it would be better to leave the door unlocked/open so that Madeleine if she woke upset and crying was able to exit the apartment and go look for her mummy and daddy.  

Pull the other one Kate, it’s got bells on!

That is the police statement her best friend Fiona Payne gave to Portuguese Police – that Kate McCann told her at dinner that evening, the evening Madeleine was reported as missing, of how she left the patio door unlocked for Madeleine to get out!

No one ever questions this – not even Kate McCann.   How extraordinary that her best friend told police such a damning story one which completely contradicts the story told by the McCann couple, and the McCanns say nothing?   

They didn’t sue best friend Fiona for making such a statement to police, one which they in their own statements and televised interviews contradict?

A statement which blows the entire McCann story out of the water!

A statement which if this case ever sees the inside of a Court will put another nail in the coffin for the McCanns!   

How odd they don't 'deal' with Fiona Payne, when they sue others!  When she has slandered them?

Perhaps they don’t want attention drawn to this.  Or perhaps they don’t want attention drawn to their pals, the Payne’s?

One can see why – either, best friend Fiona Payne lied to police, or Kate and Gerry McCann did, or actually, could be that all three of them did!   And that would seem the most likely – that all three did – they haven’t exactly been the most truthful bunch of witnesses.   They all told so many tales, they tripped each other up!

Whichever it is, either way these people have lied to police both in Portugal and in UK - Fiona Payne's statement is in the Police Files, it can be viewed online - there is NO GETTING AWAY from it, for her, it is all on record, and there is no getting away from this issue either for McCanns - they are on record, televised interviews stating that there is NO WAY their daughter Madeleine could have opened the unlocked patio door and left the apartment...

...All those months Kate McCann spent in Portugal after Madeleine vanished, all those days she went out running – one wonders why she could not have spared even a little time to physically search for Madeleine.

I would imagine the mother of a missing child would be out there every day searching, even though they may know in their heart their search may be fruitless, they would still go out there, always the hope they might find her, the love for their child driving them on…more especially those first days, a mother would rip the town apart in case those searching had missed something, the thought of her child hiding somewhere in fear, having had a fall, trapped somewhere.  Quite simply the thought of their child suffering physical or mental pain and anguish would have any mother out looking for their missing child – not strolling along the beach posing for the press with the child’s most precious toy – and making it smelly?

When teenage/adult offspring disappear that is what parents do, they look for their child, no matter their age, it is still their child.    This was a little girl, not quite 4 years of age who very easily could have been somewhere close by, alone and frightened, yet her mummy did not go out there to look for her to call the child’s name.

On the night the child vanished her mum and dad didn't go out and look for her, it was too dark said Kate McCann in interview.

That is one of the reasons apart from the most obvious why parents would go out and look, the thought of their child alone, afraid in the dark, perhaps lying hurt somewhere.   Yet they didn't?

I'm sure if they felt it too dark the hotel could have supplied them with torches to aid them!

Parents would have gone out to search for their child no matter what - Quite simply they didn't!

Kate McCann said she knew immediately Madeleine had been abducted, that she had not wandered out of the apartment.  (Her story as to why she said she could not have wandered out of the apartment has like every other story told by this couple, since the child’s disappearance, grown feet and legs)  The “abduction” knowing Madeleine had been abducted, she put this down to the open window and shutter. 

The only prints on this shutter belonged to Kate McCann!

But if we are to believe that Kate McCann did in fact find the window open and believe also that the child had been abducted – why would that be reason for the mother not to search?

What if an intruder had taken the child and dumped her close by, which often happens in such cases?  

Why then did Kate McCann not search?  What made her so “sure” that Madeleine would not be found?  

Not searching for this child would certainly indicate that she ‘knew’ something more, that Gerry McCann knew something more that most in the group, but not all, at that time at least, knew something more

Remember Fiona Payne was not it seems, kept in the loop about husband David’s visit to Kate McCann that evening, and she really did not seem to know, when she was speaking to the Leicestershire Police regarding his movements on that day, what exactly he had been doing, she was pretty vague, and vague about the timing also…  Dave was either off doing something he shouldn’t have been, or he didn’t visit Kate McCann at all!

These people, every last one of them, refused to fully co-operate with the Portuguese Police in so doing, refusing to help missing Madeleine!

Kate McCann in televised interview said that the first couple of days she was almost non- functioning.  Afterward she was busy doing other things – this was her reply when asked that very important question as to why she did not, like the hundreds of people in Praia da Luz, locals, holiday makers and of course the police, search for her child -  –

The first interview with Jane Hill from the BBC - 25 May 2007


Jane Hill: 

"I met people who didn't go to work for more than a week because every day they were down on the beach, searching the streets.

Did you, as a mother Kate, just sometimes think 'I've got to go and be out there with them?  I want to go and just physically look as well?" 


(Pause) I mean, I did. Errm...  (Long Pause)  Errm, we'd been working really hard really.

Apart... I mean, the first 48 hours, as Gerry said, are incredibly difficult and we were almost non-functioning, I'd say, errm, but after that you get strength from somewhere.

We've certainly had loads of support and that's given us strength and it’s been able to make us focus really so we have actually, in our own way, it might not be physically searching but we've been working really hard and doing absolutely everything we can, really, to get Madeleine back."


Indeed, doing absolutely everything they could in their own way, except,  physically,  search for their missing daughter.

How extraordinary that two fit and healthy parents, medical professionals, could pose for cameras, take long walks on the beach, sit on rocks at the beach gazing out to sea, yet could not find a moment of their time to search for their little girl?

It’s quite incomprehensible, unfathomable, that innocent parents would choose to pose for the press rather than search for their missing daughter!

Did they not physically search, as, if involved in some way they would have automatically been drawn to where they knew the child to be?

Kate McCann when interviewed said that AFTER the first 48 hours ‘you get the strength from somewhere’ – but after this period, this mummy and daddy still DID NOT physically search, for their daughter?

They did however find strength to give interviews, make appearances for the press, walked on the beach, hand-in-hand like star struck lovers – but they did not search for their little girl.

And the strength Kate McCann claims she got from the support she was receiving, seems not to have been quite enough, or not the right type of support, to enable her to go out there and search, it was a type of support that enabled her only  to ‘focus’ not search!

It is the simple things the obvious things in this case right back at the beginning, which I find astonishing, troubling, so very telling, they reveal so much!

All that has transpired since, the lies, the self-protection, though we find it shocking, their actions despicable, it is when we take it back to the time Madeleine became ‘lost’ look at their behaviour then, that we can see that what followed and what has continued to-date is what would be expected from parents who may have had involvement in their child’s disappearance, though admittedly the McCanns the shenanigans shall we say have been on a grand scale, a scale never before heard of, a scale that perhaps even they could not have thought possible, things out of control at times, but ironically too – it was the support, sympathy and kindness shown by the public particularly so in donating to their Fund which opened doors for them!   They now had the finances to do as they pleased to perpetuate their tales.

It was the kind of support that did not make them go out and search.  It was the type of support which enabled them to silence and shut down others who questioned their quite unbelievable tale.  Just the type of support they were looking for?   Certainly without this massive financial support they would not have been able to act as they have, concerning themselves more with silencing people than searching for Madeleine specifically so in financial terms!

The Fund too raises many questions.   A Fund set up to find missing Madeleine, yet vast sums of the monies have not been used for this purpose?  Gerry McCann stated when being interviewed by Sandra Felgueiras that every penny was spent on the search for Madeleine…oops - wrong!

Can anyone, anyone at all tell me what in hell is this mysterious search, I certainly don’t know, and I’m damn sure they don’t know either!  They just bandy around the word ‘search’ when speaking of the Fund when they speak of Madeleine.  But more than 6 years down the line and what have their investigators come up with?  Zilch!

Or that may not be entirely true – According to the Sunday Times article their investigators had some E.fits put together of a suspect.   The e.fits we are led to believe are the descriptions given by an Irish family of a man they saw carrying a child.   A man this family, members of,  believe is Gerry McCann.


These E..fits were ‘buried’ shall we say by the McCann couple, for FIVE years no less!

But more interesting, is that the report which accompanied the E. Fits prepared by their own private investigators raised issues about the McCanns themselves, their holiday companions, the inconsistencies in their stories, so we are told.

That rather lifts the fog hugely as to why they the McCanns decided things needed burying - when your 'own guys' doubt you, you are in deep trouble!

Often wondered at their other private detectives, Dave Edgar and his sidekick Cowley was it?   How they never noticed the inconsistencies in the McCann and Co stories, I suppose like Clarence when you are being paid big bucks, you then are able to see nothing but $/ £ signs!

And for that lovely Scots lass Lorraine - McCann bums on breakfast sofas make for an increase in viewing figures, more than her job is worth to go where no TV presenter has gone before her, not a single breakfast time presenter brave enough... to ask say Gerry McCann -

Why did you change your story mate?

Recently, Tired Kate travelled to Portugal to take her place, no… not on the stand at the Palace of Justice where the libel trial is taking place, but to stand on the steps of the Palace of Justice, her chosen platform where she would give another of her now infamous performances!

How odd that this mum of a missing child would choose not to speak in Court, but outside, and to the waiting press.   She told them she was there to challenge Dr Goncalo Amaral the man she wishes would come to harm.  The man she hopes will suffer,  feel fear and pain!

Nice lady!

A lady filled with hate for Dr Goncalo Amaral, a now retired officer of the law, who in his investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, as we can see from recent events, came much too close for comfort for the McCanns!  The Portuguese Police Investigation coming much too close for comfort for the McCanns.

There had to be a 'fall guy' to protect their asses, and Dr Amaral drew the short straw!

I guess that must rate him as someone who must be silenced, someone who must ‘disappear’ as Kate McCann has openly stated, is another of her wishes!

  • Madeleine has disappeared.
  • Kate McCann wishes that Dr Goncalo Amaral would disappear.
  • She has stated that she has felt like disappearing.
  • Oh and all of their tapas companions appear to already have ‘disappeared’ off the radar - for now at least!


The Payne’s certainly have –they didn’t even get an invite to Andy Redwood’s Crime Watch Party – well they did, but they were not referred to by name…how peculiar!   Now I imagine that one was well and truly discussed between the Payne's and the Metropolitan Police!  

It wasn't an oversight that's for sure!

The Met Magician that is Andy Redwood is no stranger to making things, people/suspects, events disappear - a dab hand it would seem – by not mentioning the McCann pals, the Payne’s in the Crime Watch programme – and by stating he was concentrating only on the time between 8.30 pm and 10.00 pm he very cunningly, made disappear very crucial piece of information – that visit by Payne to the McCann apartment –which took place before the McCanns headed out to dinner that evening!

Time will tell if this was done in Madeleine's best interest or in the best interest of the McCanns and their buddies?

Unfortunately Kate McCann chose not to speak from INSIDE the Court, not to take her place on the stand, not to tell the Judge of the harm she claims she has suffered at the hands of Dr Amaral, not to speak up for Madeleine…Perhaps she couldn’t muster the energy for two performances that day and opted to preserve her energy for the ‘see, see me’ performance which she had planned and rehearsed for the waiting press pack!

The McCann lawyer, Isabel Duarte had announced before the commencement of the trial that her clients, Kate and Gerry McCann had no need to speak up, they were on a ‘winner’ so to speak, the 1.2m  Euro they want from Dr Amaral – was in the bag!   

A case of counting their chickens before they’d hatched?  What awful people!

She had one little problem though, she just didn't know where Dr Amaral kept his money, how to get it from his 'bag' into theirs, so she claimed!  

And outside the Court in Lisbon when being interviewed by Sky Crime Reporter Martin Brunt, she accused Dr Amaral of hiding the monies earned from the sale of his book…Naughty, naughty, nasty nasty Isabel Duarte.  

What Dr Goncalo Amaral does or how he may have spent his money not a jot to do with Kate and Gerry McCann or their little lawyer.

The donations made to the Madeleine Fund - the public are not privy to how they the McCanns spend it, at least not in entirety - that transparency the McCanns spoke of...a bit clouded...I'm sure the public did not understand when they donated that the monies would be spent on legal fees for legal actions raised by McCanns against others and lost by them!

I'll bet they did not understand that £70,000 per year would be paid to Clarence Mitchell to spin for for them?

Or that they would employ so many teams of lawyers to protect them - not Madeleine.

Nor would they have understood that they would have lawyers both in the UK and in Portugal.

Or indeed that they would have a press agency working for them too in Portugal.

How many parents of missing children have the means, financial or otherwise to put together such a formidable team of lawyers, PR, press agencies, spokespersons costing £hundreds and thousands, and not monies that they themselves have earned, or monies they had at the time their daughter vanished?

One must ask - Why do they need such protection?   And more than six years on - Why do they need such protection?

That Fund is tied up so tightly that even if Madeleine is never found, they need not part with the monies donated by the public - therefore the reality is, as long as people keep giving, they will keep receiving and accepting.

That Fund can remain 'open' long after the McCanns leave this earth, with family and friends, not then searching for an alive Madeleine but seeking still to discover what became of her, they might say...unless of course the Met investigation or the Portuguese re-opening of the case gets 'results.'

To-date £hundreds thousands paid into this Madeleine Fund lost in one way or another..?

I believe some members of the public are requesting a return of their donations as they are not amused at how the money has been spent by the McCanns!

I'm sure that most when they donated had not seen a copy of the Madeleine Fund Terms and Conditions - I suspect had they been able to easily view same that they would not have parted with their hard earned cash, that old ladies would not have parted with their pensions, and little children not parted with their pocket money - but then little children would not have understood the T & C's  as laid out by the McCanns and quite probably many elderly people would not have been able to access a computer to read online, and why would they, good kind people, simply gave to help what they thought was a search for a missing child.

To now know what we do about the Fund, and to know that the McCanns hid information gathered by their own private detectives, information which could have led to the discovery of what became of Madeleine (the whole point of the Fund supposedly) and that it had been buried for FIVE years, is simply shocking!

The libel case is not going well for the McCanns as we all know…their family and paid witnesses (?) proving not to be the seasoned performers that Tired Kate and Tiny Tears Gerry are.  Their witnesses messed up big time!

The statements they gave in Court were in part not in relation to anything they themselves had witnessed or experienced, the Court established that they were simply repeating what Kate McCann (or Gerry McCann) had told them- therefore of no value whatsoever to the Court.  And in some instances, the statements were quite simply, not truthful!

Things were getting tricky for Kate (and Gerry McCann) - I guess seeing 1.2 m Euros disappearing slip away before her very eyes – enough to make any Super Hero do a 360 and shake off the tiredness…

It was time for Tired Kate to be put back in her box until next needed - a quick spin, and Wonder Woman Kate sprang into action – and applied to the Court for permission to take the stand, Gerry too, an eleventh hour bid to try and salvage the case.  

Kate McCann wasn't about to let the 1.2 m Euros disappear so easily.   

They desperately need that money for sure, as that Fund cannot possibly be showing a healthy balance the way they have been splashing the cash!   Added to this, the lovely Kate had still not achieved her greatest wish, to make Dr Amaral disappear, to cause him to feel pain to suffer...  Well maybe her second greatest wish, the money has got to be first, but a close call I would think!

Their little lady lawyer in Portugal did however disappear she had performed equally as poorly in Court as had the McCann witnesses!

Did Kate banish her?

Tired old Kate might not be able to muster up the energy to search for her missing child, with or without support, but she sure can muster it when faced with losing 1.2m and knowing also that the man who knows the truth of this case, Dr Goncalo Amaral was not for giving in, was not going to crumble under their threats, intimidation, their attempts to destroy him, his family, that he had no intention of fulfilling Kate McCanns wish that he disappear!  And why on earth should he, he has done no wrong? – 

Never has Dr Amaral lied regarding this case, the investigation. 

Why would he?  He is an honourable man, an honest man of the highest integrity!  The facts speak for themselves.

And he was not the only officer working this case.   Some seem to have got the impression he was an officer working alone - now how silly is that.   

On the other hand – take a look at the police witness statements by the McCanns their companions, their many interviews…if they are not involved in an way - Why the need to not be entirely truthful?

But why was Tired Kate resurrected, for the Missing People Gala Dinner, a charity for which she was quite ironically made ambassador – a mother who did not search for her own missing child, a mother who refused to answer police questioning, a mother who refused to take part in a reconstruction of events when requested to do so by police, a mother who has been less than truthful with police, a mother who wishes pain and suffering on others, wishes that Dr Amaral would disappear, a man whose job it was to investigate the disappearance of their daughter.  A mother who quite frankly hindered the investigation into the disappearance of her own missing child!

The appointment of Kate McCann as ambassador to a missing person’s charity – more than controversial!   

But if we cast our minds back – Clarence Mitchell said in the early days, and this is not the exact quote, but he said that ‘Kate had not been offered any work with a Charity as yet.’

Why in heaven’s name would she have been?  But it demonstrates that this was something they had been giving thought to!  

Her appointment as ambassador for this charity has also made many look a little closer at the charity uncovering some very interesting information.

It could be that a recent press article is responsible for Tired Kate having been resurrected for Kate's appearance as ambassador for Missing People. 

Tired Kate is used to garner sympathy.  Tired Kate always has a friend, close at hand who likes to be known as a ‘source’ just like Clarence Mitchell is to them, a ‘source’ on days when he doesn’t want a comment attributed to him, and then back to plain old Clarence the next when he is happy to be known as, well, plain old Clarence, the source!  

Their source is always on hand, when Tired Kate has had an airing- the source, worried, concerned – about how awful Kate looks how thin she looks. 

You gotta laugh.   The woman is naturally thin. 

Did anyone see a fat Kate McCann on the day she announced Madeleine was missing?  No we never!  

Did anyone see Kate McCann collapse after running a marathon or a fun run in the past 6 years - the ones she appears to gate crash?   No we haven’t!

When you see professional marathon runners are they struggling to stop their wobbly bits shaking like a jelly while they are running around – No they aren’t – because they don’t have any, because they are super fit, they need to be to run a marathon.

Just like Kate McCann doesn’t – the lady is physically as strong as an ox! 

Susan Healy, when asked about her daughter’s health:

“She’s always had that kind of build and has never carried any weight.”

Her ‘source’ really wants to cut the crap - with the cheap tricks bringing Kate McCanns appearance into it  - but Clarence knows that already!

When she promoted her book, and did her round of interviews, did we see a fat Kate McCann, a sad Kate McCann, a shabbily dressed Kate McCann – no we never!

We saw a very happy Kate McCann, laughing joking, with those interviewing her, hair and makeup in place, groomed within an inch of her life, a Kate McCann made glamorous!

And why ever not if that is what the woman wants to do if that is what makes her feel good, why ever not - but don't try and pull the wool at other times with the poor tired Kate...

But that is the purpose of these latest stories by Clarence, the source, is to have people focus on Kate’s physical appearance and in so doing, stop them talking about what is the real issue at this time– that libel trial, oh and of course those E.fits!   

Tired Kate is used to distract the public from any news about Madeleine’s disappearance which is not favourable for the McCanns!

In light of the recent press article in the Sunday Times, one might ask if there can be many left who are still being ‘taken in’ by Tired Kate or any of the 'Kate's?' 

How could anyone have sympathy for parents of a missing child who it is claimed by the Sunday Times made crucial evidence regarding their daughter’s disappearance…well disappear?

The Sunday Times reported that - E.Fits of a suspect  who a witness said he believed was Gerry McCann carrying off Madeleine –  obtained, by the McCann private detectives, and given to the McCann couple had disappeared, that is, Tired Kate and her other half, her able assistant, Tiny Tears Gerry made them disappear…for FIVE years so the Sunday Times have claimed, claimed also to have seen the documentation in this regard.

The Metropolitan Police it seems had to make a legal request to the McCanns for disclosure of these E.fits and the reports by their private detectives!

I can see how this revelation might be considered by Kate McCann to have caused her to experience a tricky time of late, how it would result in some sleepless nights, causing that tiredness she claims to be suffering from.

But what better way to avoid any tricky questions than to present herself as poor old tired Kate? 

Kate McCann told Jane Hill BBC, that just days after Madeleine’s disappearance she slept normally.

She said that after 2 days she got strength from somewhere - just not enough it seems to search for her missing child.

She had no intention of ‘speaking’ at the libel trial which she and Gerry McCann raised against Dr Amaral, until they saw the 1.2 m Euro was slipping through their fingers.

She did travel to Portugal though, popped into the Court House and then gave a speech outside to the waiting press.

She could not however, if Crime Watch had been filmed in Portugal, travelled there to take part as that would have been too upsetting, and for this reason we are told, it was filmed in Spain.

I think we can all see a pattern – when required to go to Portugal to help any investigation into the disappearance of their child – she is too tired, or just not bothered – but when there is cash involved, the tiredness is easily overcome!

Money seems to be her motivation!

There is no escaping the fact that the McCann couple and their companions have not fully co-operated with police.   They have not been truthful in the accounts they have given to police in Portugal and to the Leicestershire Police the two police forces involved in the initial investigation.

What tales they supplied Andy Redwood and the Metropolitan officers is quite another matter – that is, if indeed they have ever been questioned by the Metropolitan Police?

As to Mitchell, the source, the spokesperson, the spinner of tales he has stated that he need not ask them, the McCanns if they are innocent, he knows they are.  It was enough he said to see them with Sean and Amelie those first four weeks to know this.  He did not need to ask questions of them he said.

But he does!

  • He needs to ask why Gerry McCann changed his story SEVEN days after Madeleine was reported as missing.


  • He needs to ask them why David Payne was at the apartment at all, why would he need to be, and for how long?


  • He needs to ask Kate McCann if she did say, as her best friend Fiona Payne has claimed - that she and Gerry left the patio door open/unlocked so that Madeleine could leave the apartment and look for them.


  • He needs to ask Matt Oldfield why he went inside the McCann apartment on that alleged second check, and why not just listen at the shuttered window as he claimed to have done on a first check.

You see, Fiona Payne claims that Kate told the story of the unlocked patio door on the night Madeleine vanished, that leaving the patio door unlocked/open had been prompted that night, the night of the 3rd May 2007 by Madeleine telling her parents that she and her baby brother had been crying the previous evening when they were out dining.

Payne was telling us that this was the first time the patio door had been left unlocked by the McCanns.

Why on earth then would Matt Oldfield, who stated categorically that he did not know the McCann children, not well enough to check on them at any time throughout that week (no one checked on each other’s children throughout that week, that is just another of the tales/lies told) suddenly decide he would do a check for the McCanns, a check where he would enter the apartment?

You see, Oldfield, unless he was privy to Kate McCanns supposed conversation with Fiona Payne at the dinner table that evening, would not know that the McCanns  had left the door unlocked...

So, IF Oldfield decided to do a check, and offered as Kate McCann has stated - he would not have been offering to go inside apartment 5A, now would he?  


He would have been offering one would imagine, to listen, at a shuttered window.

But that too, is something Oldfield has stated in his police witness statement  that he had never done before, never had this man listened at the McCanns shuttered window.

In fact, he said that when he told McCann he had done so, that McCann seemed annoyed, and he himself immediately went to check on his children, Oldfield left feeling he said, a bit miffed, put out, by McCanns reaction to this.

So no, these people did not check on each other’s children (See 'Just Checking' blogs) so it doesn't seem likely Oldfield checked at any shuttered window - just another of their tales to make their negligent behaviour towards their children appear - less negligent!

So perhaps Clarence Mitchell might want to ask Oldfield why he would suddenly out of the blue not only do an impromptu check of the bedroom window of the McCann apartment, but also go inside and check the McCann children a little later that evening.   Something, which NO ONE had done that entire week!

Something that not even the McCanns themselves normally did - they didn't go inside and open the bedroom door on their checks, they simply stood inside the doorway and listened, so they claim.

Note also, Oldfield stated he did not know which bedroom the McCann kids slept, this he stated in respect of his check inside the apartment. When he went inside he stated that he did not know which bedroom the children would be!

Therefore when he listened at the shuttered window as he claims to have done on an earlier check - how then would he know if he was at the correct window?   For all he knew there might have been no one in the bedroom where he was listening at! 

Yet he went back to the restaurant we are told and said to the McCanns that he had done a check, listened at the shuttered bedroom window and all was quiet, all okay.

How could he know if all was okay if he didn't even know if the children were in that bedroom?   He could have been listening at the window of an empty room!

And if when he supposedly offered to check on the McCann children later, free-ing Kate from her responsibilities to her children, the McCanns would have to have explained to him at that point in time that they had left the patio door open/unlocked, that he was to go inside, no?

Explained to him what he should do once inside, whether he should go to the bedroom, look in, or whether he should do as they claimed was their routine - not bother to look in the bedroom but simply stand just inside the doorway and listen.

They would have to have told him also what he should do should he find Madeleine awake and out of bed, as seems to have been the norm for the child, to wake and get out of bed.

Madeleine would get such a fright I am sure if awake upset looking for mummy and daddy and this man who she did not know suddenly appeared in the apartment.

Oldfield didn't know McCann children - What exactly did he think he was going to do if met with this situation, Madeleine out of bed, crying?

Was he then going to leave the children, perhaps all three awake and crying, leaving them all in a greater distressed state than when he found them and hurry back to the tapas bar to tell Kate and Gerry McCann their children were all very upset.   And then they rush to return?

Can you imagine that scenario, the fear and suffering these children would have endured, firstly waking to discover once again no parents around for them, and then this strange man appears through the darkness, who then rushes out again?

It really makes no sense at all.  Oldfield would not have been able to comfort crying children, children he didn't know.

Think about your own children, waking in the night and some guy who you have worked with at some point in your career, but who you don't keep regular contact with, a guy who your three kids don't know, he pops into your home an errand let’s say a work matter, your children are in bed they wake, and you send him in to attend to them...the children expecting mummy or daddy, they see the stranger...

....So what exactly were the McCanns thinking of by sending Oldfield to their apartment, knowing that their children had been awake and crying the previous evening when left on their own, knowing there was every chance they would be awake and crying that evening too, this the reason they left the patio door unlocked...and they send a stranger in the form of Matt Oldfield in to see if the kids were okay..?

Didn't happen - Oldfield did not make any check of the McCann children of that I am sure.

Oldfield stated McCann was annoyed at him for doing the supposed impromptu check his first check, listening at the shuttered window - Why then would McCanns, Gerry McCann in particular give Oldfield his 'blessing' so to speak, a half hour later to go inside his apartment and check on his children -  a man who didn't know the McCann kids, and a man the McCann kids didn't know, and something as I said earlier NO ONE in this group of people had done for each other throughout the entire week stay in Portugal.


If Oldfield had overheard a conversation at the table concerning the McCann children being awake the previous night crying and upset this would have had the man running for the hills, not running to attend to three crying kids, the kids of an acquaintance, not kids of a good friend, he and McCanns were not good friends, simply acquaintances.

Oldfield offering to do a check - that should have had Oldfield's wife, Rachael, telling him to leave the checking of these young children to their parents, as for a man to go inside, a man who didn't know the children, a man whom the children did not know - really not a clever idea, not in anyone's books, and certainly for 'people with a higher academic education' surely they could see this was an absolute NO NO?

But, no, no, they didn't!   (pull the other one again Kate - Oldfield took your turn to check on your kids, the kids he didn't know, and the kids who didn't know him- didn't happen missus!)

And peculiar too - Oldfield said that when the group ran to the McCann apartment after being told by Kate McCann that Madeleine was missing, that he did not go inside.

Twenty minutes or so earlier he supposedly had been in apartment 5A checking the McCann children.  One of the children is at this stage now missing, and Oldfield doesn't go in to the apartment?


The one person the McCanns should have been dragging into the apartment, was Oldfield, this acquaintance who had just been in the apartment alone with their kids, a guy THEY didn't know that well and who THEY say offered, out of the blue, to go visit their kids?  


The guy himself would be eager to go inside one would have thought, to look and see if anything was different out of place in the apartment since the time he was in there, a short time before the child was reported as missing.   Who better than Oldfield to help at this point?


Yet Oldfield said he did not immediately go into the McCann apartment.


Now that certainly does not make any sense!


Think about it – had you been the last one to be in that apartment, you would be rushing in… 

Oldfield didn’t! 

And no one called for him to do so, to ask him if anything was out of place, different from when he had paid his supposed visit!

Or to ask him how he found the apartment when he was there - Was the bedroom door wide open when he went in for instance?   Was the shutter or blind open when he went in?  Ask him if he noticed anything, how he found the apartment.   Were the stair gates open, top and bottom?

Did he close over the bedroom door when before leaving?
Did he go into  any other room?
How long was he there?
Did he close behind him the patio door?
Did he close behind him the top stair gate?
Did he close behind him the bottom stair gate?
Did he see anyone on the street out side when he went to do his check?
Did he see anyone round at the front of the apartment?
(as Oldfield was round at the front of the building too, popping in and out of Tanner/O'Brien apartment)
Did he see anyone at the side/back/patio side of the apartment?

Why were the McCanns not interested in asking this guy, a guy who they really didn't know well at all, a guy who told police he didn't know the McCann children and they didn't know him, a guy who went in to the apartment to check on them, something NO ONE in that group had done for each other the entire week, and the first time it happens - hey presto - a child vanishes!

And not a single person wanted to ask this guy any questions?

Now that is hard to believe!

Personally I would have tied him to a chair until he came up with the answers I needed - he would have been going nowhere if he had been the last person in the apartment with my three kids!

He would have been the first person I suspected of harming them!

But no - no one wanted to ask him anything!

And that makes me think -
    Oldfield was never in Apartment 5A!

But Oldfield is now right up there, top of the list of people of interest I would say! 

And, all of these medical professionals who sat round that dinner table, that evening, on hearing Kate McCann tell of how her children had been crying the previous night, and hearing of how Kate and Gerry decided the best thing to do about this was to leave the patio door open/unlocked for Madeleine to get out, did not one of them think for a moment that this was shocking?  Did not one of them say - 'hey shouldn't you Kate or you Gerry at least one of you stay at home with your kids if you know they were crying last night, and WHY in HELL have you left the patio door open/unlocked, if Madeleine wakes up she could go out and something terrible might happen to her?

Seems not!

Seems they all took it in their stride!

At least that is what they want the world to believe!

Yip this group of people have been trying to pull 'fast ones' since the moment they discovered 'something' had happened to Madeleine and decided to invent a tale a little story of the events of the night of 3rd May 2007 to cover for how Madeleine vanished, the circumstances which surround that disappearance, the disappearance of a child in their care, who has never been seen or heard of since that night.   A story which would keep them out of jail/charged with child neglect (at very least) a story which would hopefully allow for them to continue with their careers their family lives.

This group most definitely got together, colluded and concocted the tale they have told the world.  Not a cop on the planet would disagree if they are being honest!

The McCann couple have sat on so many "TV" sofas, telling interviewers their story, bold as brass, they sit, the story growing feet legs and arms, embellished every time.

They must know that those who follow this case, those who have read the police witness statements they gave, know that they have not been truthful, yet it doesn't stop them - they continue to try and fool those who are interviewing them, and their audience.

It is shameful!

And surely all who have interviewed them don't believe this far-fetched tale.  I imagine it difficult for some to interview them when they don't believe a word being spoken by the couple.

And as for Gerry McCanns colleagues, what must they think?  Being a fly on the wall in the hospital staff room would be interesting...

As to put it bluntly, not everyone, not all of his colleagues will believe their tale, and not all the residents in Rothley will either, and not all of the teachers at the kids school will believe.

And not all of the aforementioned will think that the way the McCanns behave, the way they bring their twin children into this horrendous circus they have created can be considered responsible parenting in any way whatsoever.

They have not given a damn toss, not a single thought to what all of their stories in the press their antics in Portugal have done to these little kids?

In my book it is the most appalling abuse of their children, that they do this to them!

So yes, it is certainly time, well overdue in fact, that  the McCann source aka Clarence Mitchell started asking a few questions instead of just taking the cash from the Madeleine Fund in payment for his 'source services!'

Start with Gerry McCann
would be my suggestion, and I know anyone who may read here might be tired of me saying this, but I cannot for the life of me think of any reason whatsoever why the father of the missing child, told the police in Portugal that he entered that apartment to do his check of his children by the front locked door, using his key to open it, and then SEVEN days later, he told police he wanted to CHANGE his story, stating THIS TIME AROUND  that he entered the apartment by an unlocked/open patio door.

Quite simply it is impossible for McCann to have mistaken which door he entered the apartment!

Gerry McCann changed his story for a reason - and it wasn't due to poor memory!   

McCann changed his story to cover up something!

And only those out there who are as thick as two short planks, or related to the McCanns in some way can deny that it is IMPOSSIBLE for McCann to have mistaken how he entered that apartment.

And why did it take him SEVEN DAYS to realise his "mistake?"

What a chancer!

Maybe Mitchell, for little Madeleine, for what she has been made suffer as the victim of the crimes which took place that evening, might try asking her daddy, Gerry McCann - WHY?

Try asking the Payne's - Why?

Try asking the Oldfield's - Why?

And try asking Jane Tanner and Russell O'Brien - Why?

A question put to Mitchell


Maria Barbosa
29th September 2007 

Q.  In order to defend the McCanns innocence with such surety it is necessary that you know more than what you say...  


"I know the FACTS that can explain ALL the police suspicions regarding what was found in the car or in the apartment rented by them.   I can not reveal any more details."

This statement I would say makes Mitchell himself a crucial witness - If Mitchell knows the facts as to all of the police suspicions - regarding the hire car and the apartment, then Mitchell had better start spilling the beans as that is somewhat of a fantastic claim he has made!

How did he come by the facts?

Surely he is not simply going to tell us 'Kate and Gerry told him so?'  As that really doesn't count as being factual!   It may be a fact they told him, but not necessarily that the content is fact.  

But IF the McCanns 'told him' something which can assist any investigation into the disappearance of this child, or he has come to know the FACTS from some other 'source' shall we say, then Mitchell has a duty to disclose this to any investigating police authority!  

The Metropolitan Police are currently involved in investigating this case and the Portuguese Police also have re-opened the case.

I suggest Mitchell gets himself to Portugal to pass on the FACTS to the Portuguese authorities.   I further suggest he get himself a good lawyer!   


How do you explain the cadaver scent detected in the vehicle rented 25 days later?  


" It is not up to me to reply"     There has never been anything that has happened that has led me to suspect the McCanns."

Mitchell clearly has never read the police files if he has never come across anything which might lead him to suspect the McCanns...
But then what is it he is referring to when he says 'never been anything that has happened that has led me to suspect the McCanns?'  

You see he may mean, nothing has happened which has led him to suspect they killed Madeleine.

Not many believe they killed Madeleine.   Many believe they are up to their eyes in it as that is what the few known facts point to, that they are involved in some way.

For sure if he has read those files, he must know, not merely suspect, he must know that they have not been truthful with police.

And he must know that for the group to have lied as they have that they had something to hide.

And when people hide something that is suspicious behaviour!

He knows they were hiding something from police from beginning, and he like the rest of the world now know that they also HID THE E.FITS PRODUCED BY THEIR OWN PRIVATE DETECTIVES FOR FIVE YEARS.

Mitchell is doing what Mitchell does, being ambiguous by not stating what he is specifically referring to when speaking of not suspecting the McCanns.

He is not being paid £70,000 per annum (when working full time for them) to cover their asses, if there is not a need to do so.   Mitchell knows that.

He invents the stories, arranges the interviews, instructs them...they are all as bad and as guilty as each other in this regard!

Never,  I am sure has there been a case when so many are more than happy to turn a blind eye to the suffering of three little children, to the loss of one, Madeleine who vanished without trace lost her life the life she knew, whilst in the care of her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann.

Never a case I am sure where so many people all who think of themselves as upstanding citizens, decent and honest human beings, responsible parents who have conducted themselves so appallingly who have failed Madeleine, and all children.

To allow these people to go unpunished for their actions is a great injustice to all children.

Mitchell tells us the McCanns are not special.

That is about the only thing he has ever said regarding this case which is truthful!

Of course they are not special, and Madeleine no more special a child than any other child is to their parents and family, but they have without question, though not according to Mitchell, been treated as though they are more special than any other parent of a missing child.   Which is made more extraordinary when there is so much more to be suspicious about regarding the McCanns as to what involvement they may have had in Madeleine's disappearance apart from the obvious child neglect and the stories which don't add up, in comparison to other cases of missing children where parents were/are innocent but who were not treated as though some sort of super stars!

By all who surround them, the McCanns are protected for some unknown reason.   And for this same unknown reason, little Madeleine what became of her has pretty much has had to take a back seat to her parents and their need to be centre stage, their need for things to be about 
them not the missing child.   

Particularly so, the plight of this child has taken a back seat to her own mother Kate McCann who seems to relish playing the victim, her book Madeleine where she speaks about herself more than anyone else, it certainly wasn't about Madeleine, she got very little 'page time' this book was about Kate, covering her ass!

Mitchell and all of the other costly hangers on - wanting this case to be about them, Mitchell saw it as a way of being propelled into  the spotlight, something he had craved.  

Smugs Game... Sunday Mirror  

Carole Malone

He can't help the way he looks but the McCanns new PR boss, Clarence Mitchell, looks shiftier than your average car salesman.  

However, what he can help is the look of smug self-importance that dominates every TV appearance, a look that says: 

 "This is my moment and I'm going to make the most of it."

Mitchell - like everyone else involved in this case - needs to remember it's not about him, it's not about's about Madeleine.   He will serve the McCanns well if he remembers that.


In the main I echo Malone's sentiments regarding the smug Mitchell.

But, with regards to serving the McCanns well - yes indeed he has, and in many ways, but not in the way I believe Carole Malone was meaning -  he has lied and cheated on their behalf, payment for same made from the Madeleine Fund!   He has become very close friends with them as Gerry McCann told Sandra Felguerias.  Yes he has served them and their unbelievable tale well.

He and they have fed off each other!   Helped each other along!   I'll scratch your back...comes to mind...

McCanns and their 'Source' - the perfect partnership, when there is a truth to be hidden..?

What Mitchell failed to do was serve missing Madeleine - but finding Madeleine was never on his agenda - his services did not stretch to helping the child - only the parents, helping them through this 'phase' as Mitchell refers to Madeleine's disappearance!

There are few known facts in this case - but what is fact and what is known, is that the group that is the McCann holiday party, and Mitchell who is now as far as I can tell as much up to his fat neck in this as they are - have been less than truthful!

And AGAIN - Why exactly did Gerry McCann change his story?

Maybe the lovely Lorraine might know the answer to that one?

None of us know exactly what became of Madeleine McCann but what we do know is that her parents, their holiday companions when it comes to the truth have told half a story!

As to which Kate will make an appearance at the libel trial, Tired Kate, if any of them...well frankly who cares, they are all vicious characters in their own way, and they all play the victim ...I think we know what we can expect.

And to the odious Mitchell who believes the McCann couple, Kate and Gerry McCann, are innocent victims of a heinous crime - they are not!

Little Madeleine McCann is an innocent victim - the McCann twins are innocent victims!
22nd November 13

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