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Furious Can they Fix It?

Furious - Can They Fix It?

Jimmy Savile claimed he could.  Even Bob the Builder, claimed he could - the AA claimed they knew a man who can, but can the McCanns?  Probably not!
Not even Mr Ludicrous himself can stop this ball rolling.

For  seven years we have heard the McCann source/spokesperson Mr Ludicrous, aka Clarence Mitchell, tell us of how furious his clients the McCanns are, at this, or at that. No end to his spin.  All done to gain sympathy for them.  Always they were furious at "someone" who had offended them in some way.  Well that is the spin Mr Ludicrous put on every tale he told, the McCanns were either furious, devastated, hurt, not going to comment on the matter... on whoever or whatever had caused the offence (when McCanns are "offended" by someone, that generally means 'that particular someone' has had the guts to stand up and be counted speak out against their farce, the lies in this most tragic case) but on their latest outing at Court in Portugal - they did - comment that is!f

And didn't they make a mess of it...didn't they just!

Their combined fury witnessed by the world as they stood there spitting venom at Dr Goncalo Amaral the man who stands between them and a wad of cash!  The man who has stood, in many ways alone, who has challenged the lies and inconsistencies told by the McCann couple and their buddies in the case of missing Madeleine.

They could not contain their anger - at the thought of losing the libel case, at the thought of not getting their grubby grasping hands on the money they were so sure of being awarded.  At the commencement of the trial, so sure were they it would be theirs, all theirs.

Their lawyer in Portugal, the one who claims no one in Portugal likes her (I wonder why) and who claimed also at the beginning, that there was NO NEED for her clients the McCanns to be in attendance at the libel trial - no need for them to be called as witnesses - no need for them to set foot in Portugal, it was a done deal, they would win the case. According to Duarte, they had won it before it began!

The McCann source also at that time claimed that the Metropolitan Police had advised the McCanns not to go to Portugal as it would cause a media furore, and as they were in the middle of an investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, it would not be a wise thing to do, it would be detrimental to their investigation.

The McCann source aka Clarence Mitchell, Mr Ludicrous, is not known for his honesty.  Did the Metropolitan Police advise McCanns not to attend - or just another of Mitchell's tall tales?  Anyone's guess really.

Either way, that is the story he spun, and the McCanns did not deny it.

What did Kate McCann do?  Bear in mind her lawyer in Portugal said she and her other half Gerry McCann were not witnesses in this case, and were not required to attend - the Metropolitan Police, according to Mr Ludicrous had advised against them going - but no show without punch!   Rothley's Kate McCann a GP, the disgraced child neglecting mother of three young and vulnerable children (wouldn't want her as GP to my family) - whom she abandoned five consecutive nights in a holiday apartment while she boozed it up with her buddies - and whose daughter Madeleine vanished without trace due to the neglect of the children - well she had other ideas.

She had prepared a speech a little side show for the press, and her performance was schedule to take place at 'the close of Court proceedings' that day.  

But of course it was all 'for Madeleine' oh and the little matter of the cash, can't forget the cash, and not forgetting the usual vile verbal which she is now famous for in her hounding of this honest and decent man, in her pursuit of causing Dr Amaral to feel misery and fear.  Yes that is what Kate McCann has said, she wishes Dr Amaral to feel miserable to feel fear.  Her wish she has stated also that he would disappear!  

If she was there for Madeleine - Why did she not speak up in Court as a witness?  

Quite simply, she and Gerry McCann, their little lawyer, Mr Ludicrous, and the rest of their team, a nasty and arrogant team, all thought the case was won.

Any normal person not required at the Court, advised by police that her attendance would hinder the investigation into the disappearance of her daughter, would heed the warning for the sake of the missing child - NOT Kate McCann!   Her hatred of Dr Amaral so great she was not going to pass up on the chance to perform for the press, a chance to hound the man.

This was not some last minute decision to board a flight to Portugal, an impromptu speech, this was well planned in advance.  

She was not going to Portugal to speak in Court as any mother would do if they felt their missing daughter's case had suffered, NO, Kate McCann was there to perform for the public for the press.   She had nothing to say to the Court about her beautiful little girl, not a single word for Madeleine.   Showtime for Kate McCann was at the end of proceedings that day where she would get to do what she came to do - bad mouth Dr Goncalo Amaral!


Kate McCann:

" I won't be answering any questions and I don't feel it's appropriate at all for me to say very much.  I'm here today for Madeleine, and obviously I strongly hope for justice. I'm here to stop the damage that has been caused, and is still being caused both directly and indirectly to the search for our daughter, and to stop the suffering that has been caused to our family, and will carry on being caused for our family if the theories of Goncalo Amaral in his book (bewk) and documentary go unchallenged, and that's why I'm here today."

So how did Wonder Woman STOP the damage on that day?  Anyone know?

She wouldn't be answering any questions - Why of course she wouldn't be answering any questions.  Kate McCann doesn't do 'questions.'

She refused to answer when questioned by Portuguese Police about the disappearance of her daughter - 40 + questions she refused to answer.  Answering only one, when she was asked by the Portuguese Police if she understood that by not answering she was hindering the investigation into the disappearance of her daughter.  Her reply - if that is what the investigation thinks!

NO - Kate McCann doesn't DO questions!   She doesn't do TRUTH either!  Come to think of it - that'll be why she doesn't do questions.  She lands herself in deep shit every time she opens her mouth. To answer questions, well she'd just bury herself in it!

And wouldn't you just love for her to give us at least one example of this direct or indirect damage?  One thing for her to spout this, but can she come up with the goods?

McCanns have claimed monies too for the suffering caused to their remaining children.   In what way has this book caused either of these children suffering?  How has this suffering manifested itself?  

In interviews the McCanns tell us the twin children are happy little people unaffected. So in what way are they suffering?  In her broad scouser accent Kate McCann tells us the twins are great yeah know.  aAssuring everyone that she and Gerry have done well to protect them to raise them as normally as possible.

Yet for the purpose of the libel trial she/they claim these kids are suffering have suffered, and they have attached a monetary amount to each remaining child, which they consider will ease that pain and suffering.

They've got gall - gotta give them that.   

And one has to ask - If the McCanns due to their greed, had not raised this action, would the twin children even have known of  Dr Amaral's book?  A book not on sale in the UK, not published in English language?

What is in this book is exactly what is in the Portuguese Police Files.   If the book was not written.  Arguably when the children are older they would read the files.

What it boils down to is the McCanns not letting an opportunity pass them by to make a buck, and to cause suffering to another in the process.  In this instance, not just any 'other'  Dr Amaral a very significant other.  The man who knows what they have done.

As is well documented now, the trial proceeded with the various dodgy witnesses testifying on behalf of the McCanns most being less than truthful.

Kate, had failed on her visit to STOP the damage she had spoken of!   Her super powers must have let her down that day.  But how could she stop something which doesn't exist?  The search has not been damaged.   Is there a search?  The twin children have not suffered.   Just like the elusive abductor the McCanns speak of -   You cannot catch someone who doesn't exist, you cannot STOP something which exists only in the minds of Kate and Gerry McCann and exists only for the purpose of financial gain.

But what became apparent was that it was not Dr Amaral and his book that was doing them damage - it was their own dodgy witnesses.  Their case was fast going down the pan!

This called for none other than Super Man himself - enter Gerry McCann.   He flew out to Portugal (on more than one occasion) in a desperate bid, to STOP the damage his band of family and dodgy cohorts had done to their case.  Incidentally, he took a plane to Portugal, he's really not a super man in any sense of the word.

But McCann was not a witness.  Still, the big 'I am' thought he would head out to Portugal, and somehow, in his tiny mind he thought too, that the Judge would just allow him to take over in her Court!   Silly man!  He wasn't 'heard.'

And some fury followed as it always does when Kate and Gerry don't get their own way!  Gerry appeared outside Court huffing and puffing, tail between his legs.  The Judge was having none of his nonsense.

So neither of the McCanns were required to be in Portugal, as stated by their lawyer, both were advised for the sake of the Scotland Yard investigation into the disappearance of their daughter to STAY AWAY - yet here we had Gerry McCann turning up to try and turn back the tide.

But the poor couple were suffering.  That MONEY was slipping away before their very eyes, and it sure as hell was making them suffer, the thought of losing it.

Kinda funny really.   So cocky were they at the beginning of the trial.  They didn't need to be witnesses.  They didn't need to attend.  They were going to win it.

Yet Kate still thought she'd go over, not to speak up for Madeleine in Court but to cause suffering to Dr Amaral, just because she could.   Gerry McCann couldn't be bothered attending at all, he'd leave the speech to the sad mother of Madeleine, but when things weren't going their way - Gerry McCann headed out in a bid to stop the rot to save the cash if he could.

This time around - for the continuation of the trial case, they joined forces - both headed out to Portugal.

And,as McCann himself might say - It was a disaster!

As we saw, they could not contain their anger, and they could not conceal their greed, the thought of losing out financially was way too much for them to bear, so much so, that they lashed out once more against Dr Goncalo Amaral, accusing him of having for the 4th time halted proceedings.  

The McCanns knew this was not true.   Did it stop them making such comment for the world's press?  You bet it didn't!  But when have this nasty nasty pair ever let the truth get in the way of their agenda? 

And that agenda is to destroy a very decent and honest now retired Portuguese Detective.  He is not a disgraced detective as the UK press, under the influence of the McCanns sleazy and very expensive spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell would have us all believe.   Yes, almost 7 years Mitchell has been their spokesperson - £70,000 per year it costs the parents to get someone to spin tales for them -  money donated by the public to search for Madeleine given to a lying scumbag.

Anyone ever heard of the parents of ANY missing child having that kind of cash to flash around, and not being used to find the missing child, the purpose which the public donated for - but quite simply - for their own reputation management?

It has to be unheard of!   Beggar's belief really!

SEVEN VERY EXPENSIVE YEARS OF SPIN!   Mitchell must be laughing up his sleeve at his luck, such easy money - Madeleine's money!

Gerry McCann said in interview with Sandra Felgueiras, that Mitchell is now a very close friend of the family.   Close friends don't charge you £70,000 per year for any type of assistance when your child is missing.

Ask yourself - Why would innocent parents feel the need for such a scumbag, a guy who would lie in the case of a missing child?  Why would they become close friends with such a person?  Really only one answer to that!

Interesting too in this libel action.  The McCanns are claiming money for missing Madeleine for her suffering, due to the investigation they claim, being hampered by the book written by Dr Amaral.  

Madeleine is a Ward of Court in England and Wales.  It seems that the McCanns cannot make such claims on her behalf as it is the Court who decides what is or is not in the missing child's best interests.

The McCanns are required to now produce the evidence that they obtained the necessary legal permission given by the Court to make such claims in Madeleine's name!

Did they obtain this before raising this legal action (or indeed any other legal action where they have claimed money on Madeleine's behalf)  That is yet to be seen.

After seven years, in the UK, I believe a missing person can legally be declared dead. McCanns chose not to in Madeleine's case.

I wonder - would it make any difference to any legal actions they raise in her name if they did?  Bearing in mind any actions they have raised in the past have all been for monetary gain.

Would having Madeleine declared dead, hamper any future actions, and would this have been reason for them not to have done so?

McCanns recent trip to Portugal they dropped their guard.  They often spout nonsense, tall tales, lies, but this time around their fury was so great their hate of Dr Amaral so great they could not conceal it.  The world saw them for what they are - the disgraced parents trying to put blame for their actions, their failure to put in place proper care and protection for their children, elsewhere, at someone else's door.

Seemed to me they now wanted that libel trial wrapped up and pretty damn smartly,and when they realised that they would not get a step closer on that day, they flew into a rage, ranting and raving like lunatics.  

McCann, like his wife had done on that first day had prepared a speech, only this time for the Court.  It was all planned.

What I don't believe they had come prepared for was the possibility of a postponement, and I get the feeling they had not planned to return at a later date either.

Not to my knowledge have the McCanns either of them, taken to the Stand in any of the legal actions they have raised thus far. 

For McCann to suddenly want to be a witness a sign of how desperate they were how they feared losing (the cash)  And when he hopped off in a huff stating he was not going to 'speak' to Dr Amaral, when asked by a reporter if he had anything he would like to say to him - McCann could not disguise his fury!

Unless Jimmy Savile comes back from the grave and fixes it for the McCanns, I'd say they are up the creek without a paddle on this one as even old Mr Ludicrous himself must be at a loss, must know, that no amount of reputation management can fix the farce or the fury that is the McCanns!

Mr Amaral is not the victim in this said Kate McCann.

Dr Amaral and his family are victims, victims of the hatred of Kate and Gerry McCann the butt of their fury at their own failure as parents, the neglect of their children, which they will never at any time accept responsibility for.

Dr Amaral himself has never claimed to be a victim I must add, but he is!  He is the victim of Madeleine's hateful parents.

Madeleine is the victim of her parents neglect.  Their callous actions cost the child her life.

McCanns direct their fury at everyone but themselves, where the real blame lies.

They failed their children on that holiday, failed Madeleine, and still they fail Sean and Amelie now by dragging them through this libel case.

Any decent parents would not do so.  Would not make such exhibition of themselves for fear it would affect their children's lives.  The money would mean nothing to them.

If anyone is causing the McCann children suffering it is their parents Kate and Gerry McCann.   It is cruel what they are doing to these kids.   For them, being the siblings of missing Madeleine, a sister they cannot possibly remember, the most well known missing child in the world, must be extremely difficult for them especially as they get older and have more understanding, as they must be beginning to now - for their parents to conduct themselves in the outrageous fashion they do, must make for a miserable and painfully difficult time for the twin children.   

Their school friends all reaching an age too where they have greater understanding of what is going on, and they will without doubt make comment.

To me, for the parents to put their remaining children through this pain and suffering is cruel beyond understanding.

For them to have stood outside the Court in Portugal and behaved as they did, a despicable act.

An act which demonstrated not only their hate of a decent man, Dr Amaral, but the complete and utter lack of thought, care or protection of Sean and Amelie.

The McCanns are the only one's who can 'Fix It' for their twin child to not suffer any more than they already have at the hands of their selfish and uncaring parents.

It is truly beyond the understanding of any normal rational caring person that any parent would put a child through what they are doing to Sean and Amelie, but will they fix it?  Will they do what any loving parent would do - drop this ridiculous libel case, stop the suffering they are causing the twin children, the Amaral family?

Will they fix it?

No they won't!

They lack the integrity, the humility, the honesty, they have no sympathy, empathy for others.   They strike me as narcissistic.   Void of any thought or care for others.

Do people hate the McCanns?  I believe most don't.  They may hate what they have done to their children, but I don't believe many will hate the McCanns.   A dislike of them rather than hate is probably more apt.

The McCanns want the public on their side, want the sympathy of the public, the public to part with their hard earned cash, but one has to ask why should they be given sympathy when they show not a hint of this for their twin children?

If they gave any thought for the twins they would drop this case like a hot potato.

But rather than do what is right, proper and good - they won't!

They will go to their graves still full of hate, still furious!

Perhaps that is no more than they deserve, a life filled with bitterness and anger, brought about by their own actions!
3rd July 2014

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