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G McCann Spinning a Yarn

Gerry McCann Spinning A Yarn

We have heard Kate McCann on Gerry's 'vision' now read the little guy telling his version of the vision, the tale:

In an interview given to the Catholic newspaper The Tablet, published 16 June 2007, Gerry McCann told of an "extraordinary experience" inside the church in Praia da Luz just days after Madeleine's disappearance.

The experience inspired him to launch the global campaign to find his daughter.

He said:

"When I was praying I started thinking of all the things that were happening. There were lots and lots of ideas in my head and how we could make things better and I was really feeling very down and not sure which way to proceed. I had this mental image of being in a tunnel and instead of the light at the end of the tunnel being extremely narrow and a distant spot, the light opened up and the tunnel got wider and wider and went in many different
directions. I talked to you (Kate) about it and said,
'I am not prepared to pursue one path. We are going to do everything in our power to influence things.' 

"It was almost like something - I am not saying it was the Holy Spirit - came into me and gave me that image. That is when I really felt I had a clear path." 

Was it a religious experience? 

"I can't say it was a vision because I am not clear what a vision is but I had a mental image and it certainly helped me decide. I became a man possessed that night. The next day I was up at dawn, making phone calls."


Oh Lordy, Lordy, the little man started making phone calls, like a man possessed!

I guess that makes a change from deleting phones calls from his mobile phone, at the time of Madeleine's disappearance, like a man possessed!

And we still have not been told which day this vision occurred?  This article only tells us
'early in the first week'

Madeleine was 'disappeared' late Thursday night of 3rd May 2007.
Now the grannies, and family (aunty Phil?) and friends were packed off home out of Praia da Luz on Tuesday 8th May 2007.  

McCanns were therefore given the keys to the church sometime between 3rd May, and that first week (as in the first week after her disappearance) so I decided to dig around and lo and behold, in files, Father Pacheco states that he gave the McCanns the keys on either the 7th May 2007 or 8th May 2007, that is, that at the suggestion of John Geraghty, Father Pacheco (who speaks fluent English) gave his permission for the key to be given to the McCanns.  The key was given to Geraghty by someone from church, and Geraghty passed it to McCanns.

So we can assume this 'vision' took place soon after Gerry put his mammy on a plane home, in the day or so that followed.

(John McCann, Gerry McCanns brother went out to Portugal on around 5th May 2007 and spent 5/6 days he said, so he would have been there when Gerry McCann and Kate McCann received the key to church.  When Gerry had his vision?)

What would be interesting to discover, is, WHEN did the McCanns first tell anyone of this vision?

Did Mitchell ever speak of it?  Use it for a headline?

I must look!

As I said in the previous blog - Kate McCann Spinning a Tale - they were really lucky that Gerry had his 'vision' so soon after getting the key, so early on - it allowed him to get his party started.  Allowed him to go it alone, do it THEMSELVES, knowing they had the cash to do just that, and the cash was rolling in at that time.

Gerry's Mammy described how the Fund money had affected Gerry's mood, lightened it (remember, he said when in the church, he was feeling down) :


"Feeling a lot better and brighter in his voice and I think us being here (Rothley) with the family, and The Fund starting has uplifted him..."

Also in this video we have Kate McCanns uncle Brian Kennedy speaking of the money donated (at this early stage May 2007) and when asked what it will be used for, NO mention of Madeleine or any search for her.   He states that it will 'probably mainly be used for legal expenditure.'  To be used for a FIGHTING FUND - that is a fund which would meet the costs of any legal fees Kate and Gerry McCann might need paid to protect themselves.

How very strange that innocent parents of a missing child, a child who the public took to their hearts and began parting with their cash to help find her, that they would NOT be thinking of using the monies donated for that purpose, BUT for the purpose of self protection - a FIGHTING FUND!

I guess little guy Gerry IMMEDIATELY interpreted the vision as a message to him that he should start a FIGHTING FUND with money donated for Madeleine?

Nine years on, has anything changed?
28th February 2016

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