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Morning George,

I'm on it!  

Page is around half way to being restored to original order.

Nice to know you use site for reviewing/researching, but if I may say -The site here is simply my opinion, and observations based on the police files, the statements and interviews these people have given, the known facts, and of course their general conduct regarding their missing daughter, which has and still is truly appalling.    

To really review/research the case, if I might point you to the following sites where persons involved in them have devoted so much time to carry out excellent research, translating files and much much more, to bring to public attention that which otherwise, if Team McCann had their way, would be well and truly buried under the mountain of lies and deceitful news articles produced by Clarence Mitchell, and paid for by the McCanns, from the Madeleine Fund.  Much of the monies to this Fund having been donated by the public for the purpose of a search for the missing child.  A Fund which we now know - courtesy of Mitchell himself
- that the McCanns have been transferring its funds back and forth, to what he referred to as a Special Bank Account.

An account which there is not a mention of on their website.  Nothing which would indicate to the public that the McCanns would be moving around the monies donated.

There will no doubt be other sites where lots has been researched and would be of help to you, but those which I know of are:

McCannfiles -

Joana Morais -

Gerry McCanns Blogs by Pamalan - -

The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann -

Best regards George.
16th September 2015
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