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Gerrie Nel Strikes Again

Gerrie Nel Strikes Again

The ballistics expert Mr Wolmarans being torn apart by Prosecutor Nel.   

Asked why he didn't, in his reconstruction take into account the magazine rack, Wolmarans said he did not have the time to do a full and proper reconstruction!

This is the guy who last week had to admit he had not kept proper records or reports!

He has no recollection of the dates and times he went to crime scene! 

Dixon and Wolmarans will go down in legal history (in SA at least) as the poorest Defence witnesses to ever take the Stand!

Since retiring from police, years back he has not continued to undergo proficiency tests as would have been required of him had he remained a member of police force.

Pistorius doing a bit of fiddling with his shirt collar must be getting a bit hot under there!

Oh lordy lordy  - You're going down Pistorius!
12th May 2014

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