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Gerry-Open Bedroom Door

Gerry - Open Bedroom Door

I've raised the issue more than a few times now about Gerry McCann finding the bedroom door more widely open when on his check of his kids at just after 9 pm on night Madeleine vanished.

The implication is that the alleged abductor opened it, as McCann is absolutely certain he said that none of his three kids had gotten out of bed.

It has always niggled me this one.

Not least because a parent who had left his three kids in an unlocked holiday apartment, discovers on his check of his kids that someone had been in the apartment and opened the bedroom door where his kids slept, AND DID NOTHING ABOUT IT.   

Didn't remain with them to keep them safe.
Just walked back out on them, leaving them in that same dangerous position.

And the biggie.   He DIDN'T mention it to his wife Kate McCann on his return to the dinner table!

That ain't what responsible caring parents do!
That ain't what loving caring couples do, keep from one another, such a serious, and frightening incident regarding the safety of their three little kids, a life threatening incident that a stranger had been in that apartment alone with them.

Can you imagine your other half not telling you that someone had been in the apartment with your kids, one kid goes missing?  You'd never forgive a partner for that.

Yet Kate McCann tells us she and he NEVER HAVE, apart from the night BEFORE Madeleine vanished, ever had a cross word!

It niggles me also, due to Redwood the Metropolitan Police appearing to have paid no heed whatsoever to this open bedroom door, the statements by McCann and Oldfield, when putting together his Crimewatch, Madeleine McCann Special, because in his version the abductor struck at just before 10 pm - so the door would not have been more widely open at just after 9pm (McCanns check) or at 9.30 pm (Oldfield's check)

I mentioned in a previous blog the video clip where Kate McCann rather chillingly speaks of the intruder as though he/she was someone who had gone into their apartment and stolen a bag of potato chips, not her first born child!

I decided to have another look at that video as it is a real eye opener for many reasons, and something struck me -

Kate McCann speaking of the alleged abductor:

..."THEY must have known, you know,  that Gerry had just been into the apartment and...cluck..."

So what was it that struck me?
Gerry McCann, his open bedroom door tale, the implication is, that the intruder had been in the apartment before Gerry arrived, and opened said door.

Yet here we have Kate McCann saying that the intruders 'THEY' must have been watching them, saw Gerry LEAVE the apartment and THEN struck - 'cluck' as she put it.  

IF they did not strike until AFTER they saw Gerry McCann leave the apartment, as Kate McCann said, must be the case, then WHO IN HELL OPENED THE BEDROOM DOOR and BEFORE Gerry McCann arrived?

Just another in a long list of lies?
5th January 2016
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