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Gerry - Tantrum Time - 2

Gerry - Tantrum Time - 2

As to Gerry McCanns silly troll complaint, I won't give it, him or Martin Brunt, who should hang his head in shame, the time of day.   Not one of the finer moments of Brunt's career, an all time low when he has to sink to playing a Sheriff-O-gram, hounding, harrassing members of the public, and probably unlawfully so.   If this person, this female has acted in an illegal way it is not for Brunt to ride into town and confront her - that is a job for the police.

Perhaps Brunt might like to investigate other claims made by the McCanns too, hunt down the former Metropolitan Police Officer who Kate McCann claims sent her an insensitive and cruel message (my blog above Mean Man of the Met) or perhaps when the police are investigating Twit people they can add this former Met Officer to their dossier?

Kate McCanns Diary
Diary Entry 

Thursday, June 26th

‘Unfortunately I read two books of messages that had been delivered... There were three horrible ones. One from a former Met Police officer' very insensitive/ cruel and far from constructive! 

Or, perhaps Brunt would do better to stick to the job of journalism, he is after all crime correspondent for Sky not part of law enforcement.

Brunt has some explaining to do!

I hope next time he 'meets' with the McCanns (as there is no way he will dare just pounce on them unannounced as they leave their home of a morning, in the appalling way he did the woman in his report, and I use the term report loosely) and in his capacity as crime correspondent and not 
pretendy cop, that he asks them relevant and pertinent questions regarding the night Madeleine was reported as missing, that he asks them about that change to Gerry's story and a whole lot more that remains a mystery in this case, a case which has to rate as one of the murkiest ever of a child gone missing!

Suffice to say, in the world we now live we have, on, and offline people who will make threats against others conduct themselves in unacceptable ways, and that cannot be condoned.  But it is up to the police to decide whether there is any real threat against anyone be it on or offline, not only against McCanns but against anyone.  It is up to police to determine whether the actions of individuals are unlawful.

Do remember we had Kate McCann making such claims before, of threats against her, and making such claims at a time when the claim had been thoroughly investigated by police, and was found not to be a threat at all, but a throw away remark by an elderly lady, not the wisest of comment but nevertheless it was not, as the police confirmed, a threat!

The McCanns made no attempt to make this clear.  They allowed the ridiculous story to grow feet and legs, resulting in even more ridiculous headlines.

Kate McCann is not free of acting in the same way as they accuse others:

  • Kate McCann once stated she wanted to kill Robert Murat.

  • She has stated she wants Dr Goncalo Amaral to feel miserable to feel fear.

  • She has stated that particular police officers are Fucking Tossers.

Wanting to kill someone.  Wanting someone to feel miserable, to feel fear - Calling officers of the law fucking tossers - all abusive unacceptable conduct by Kate McCann one might say.   Some might perceive her conduct her words as threats.

Kate McCann in her diary complained of a message from a former Met Officer, she describes it as insensitive and cruel.

Is not wishing that someone feels misery, feels fear, insensitive and cruel?

Is not wanting to kill someone - well...psychotic?

What makes Kate McCanns words her conduct any different from those on Twitter who Gerry McCann is complaining about?

And, which I might add he has stated he has NEVER READ!

It is utterly ridiculous for anyone to suggest that Operation Grange, the Metropolitan Review/Investigation team working on the Madeleine McCann case would be spending time looking over some silly dossier put together by some crazies on twitter, persons with an axe to grind against anyone who doubts Gerry and Kate McCanns versionS of the events of the night they reported their daughter as missing.

IF the McCanns have received threats - I have not a doubt in the world that the police will be dealing with it - just not Operation Grange - and that Gerry McCann and his wife Kate (who knows better than most, she is no stranger herself to when it come to wishing harm to befall others) will be able to provide police with all the evidence they hold regarding any threat against them or their twin children.

What I doubt though is that they have received any threat, as just as the last time, if they had received a serious threat, the police would have advised them not to go spouting this publicly - not to appear on Kelly's sofa laughing and giggling, and certainly not to do so  IF THERE was any investigation.

The McCanns appeared on our screens at that time laughing joking, chatting merrily about Kate running in a marathon or whatever race it was.  Clearly unconcerned about any threats.  Unconcerned about any threats to kidnap their children.  Frankly as she/they knew there was no threat.

I guess having a headline that brought them the attention they so crave no matter the headline is the name of their game.

In blogs above

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I addressed this very same issue the McCanns exposing and using their twin children in a way that is not acceptable, that shows a lack of thought or care for their care and protection.

To hear Gerry McCann has ONCE AGAIN stated that people are threatening to kidnap his children - is utterly irresponsible.

"People are threatening to kidnap our children, people are threatening violence against Kate and myself."

Do we really think that if there was ever such a threat against the McCann children on TWITTER that all who use this mode of chat regarding missing Madeleine, be they supporters of the story told by these parents or not, would not have IMMEDIATELY INFORMED POLICE?

If anyone out there can produce such a tweet - a tweet where someone has threatened to kidnap the McCann children I will be astonished!

If such a Tweet existed the McCanns the Metropolitan Police, whatever body is responsible for Twitter (excuse my lack of knowledge in this regard - don't do Twitter) the thousands of people who use this facility missed a beat, and the beat of the century at that!

And as for Sky Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt - he should be sacked - while he was off hounding some female - the Twit person who it is alleged said they would kidnap the McCann twins, is WHERE Martin?   The Tweet threatening this is WHERE Martin?

Why was Brunt not knocking on the door of whomever made this ALLEGED THREAT to kidnap Amelie and Sean McCann?

McCanns statement that PEOPLE online ARE THREATENING TO KIDNAP HIS CHILDREN is one I hope he can back up and produce!

But more importantly - it is one that demonstrates that the McCanns, their lawyers, their spokesperson, and all those who advise them - DO NOT have the welfare of the McCann children at heart.

At a recent trial in Lisbon, Kate McCann told another of her fantastic tales, that Sean McCann, had on the school bus, heard on the radio, a report of some sort, heard it stated that Dr Amaral had said their parents had played a part in Madeleine's disappearance -  she thinks it was school bus, she was not sure! How can she not be sure when such a serious matter?  Would not a parent seek to discover whether it was on the school bus, what the radio station, the programme, so that they/she would know EXACTLY what her child had heard? Children can sometimes misunderstand, and Sean could have misunderstood. 

Of course they would.   McCanns didn't!

Before making such a statement in a Court of Law a parent would want to get the facts the details of the matter exact.

Now when McCann stood on the steps of the Court that day after proceedings and spouted that Sean had said this to Kate - out of those journalists present, such a pity that none asked them - if it was the school bus, what the programme, what radio station, the date of this broadcast, and exactly what had been said!

Because if it was the school bus, it rather narrows the 'window.'

Sean and Amelie travel back and forth on bus, the time they board the bus and arrive at school will not be very long.  The times they travel on the bus there and back are obviously known too.  So pretty much it would be easy to discover what broadcasts about Dr Amaral were on air between those times, and of course, ask the bus driver what radio station he listens to?

Kate would know too which day Sean came home and told her this - not something she would forget - her son telling her that he heard on the radio she and his dad had concealed Madeleine's dead body.

Oh I think that is a day, she would never forget.

So she would be able to pin down absolutely whatever it was Sean heard pretty easily.

What mother would not have taken steps to discover this?

And for those of us who don't know which day this happened it can be pinned down too to an extent - as at the hearing previous to Kate's claim - at Court there was no mention of Sean McCann having heard anything about the case when such matters were touched on.  Therefore stands to reason that Sean heard this sometime between the two hearings.  Rather narrows it down for anyone interested enough to investigate what news reports there were on UK radio stations where it was announced that Dr Amaral had stated the McCanns were involved in their daughter's disappearance.  Can't imagine there would have been too many like that!

She stated that her children should not have to hear such things, something along those lines.

She claimed too that she dealt with the situation by telling her son that Dr Amaral said silly things.

Whether she sat Amelie down to tell her this too?

These poor children.

I re-iterate my concerns for their well being as detailed in previous blogs.

Someone from a body dealing in child protection should be investigating these parents, as it is clear to me that they lack what comes naturally to most parents - the instinct to protect their young from harm.

Their actions in Portugal when they left these kids night after night, and their actions now, SEVEN years on are quite horrifying.

That Kate and Gerry McCann are again making headline news, by making statements that there have been threats to kidnap Sean and Amelie is quite outrageous.   

It is beyond the understanding of any parent, any person of sound mind, that they would do this to their kids, not once, not twice, but now three times that I know of, and perhaps more.

As NO one has been held up as being the perpetrator of the threats to kidnap Sean and Amelie McCann, I think we can safely say that there have been no threats.

As there has been no statement by police to this effect, I think we can safely say there is no threat.

As no Twit person has come forward with the threatening tweet, I think we can safely say there is no threat to kidnap Sean and Amelie on Twitter.

If there was the children's school would have been informed, alerted, and Sean and Amelie would not be travelling on the school bus!   

Kate McCann who is not in employment would surely be driving these kids back and forth!

Have the McCanns discussed with the children any threats of kidnap?  What they have to do should anyone they don't know approach them?

It is one thing for Gerry and Kate McCann to attempt to scare the public into silence, but when they come out and make statements in public which will not only frighten their own children half to death but children who come in contact with the McCann children at school, clubs etc - a whole other ball game!

In my opinion there is something quite seriously wrong with this couple.  That any parent would conduct themselves again in this way is terribly sad for the children, and raises huge concern as to what these children are being told at home.

If hearing on the radio that Dr Goncalo Amaral (though this story by Kate McCann is quite far-fetched most probably another of Kate's tales as she was not able to provide any proof for the Court in Lisbon that this had happened. Most mothers would have gone out of their way to discover whether it was on the school, bus, what the programme/news report was where it was being reported that they had concealed their daughter Madeleine's dead body.  A mother would do this so that she would know EXACTLY what her child had heard, as the child may have misunderstood -she didn't) the Portuguese Police Investigation believe their parents are involved at some level in the disappearance of their sister, the sister they never got to know, and this caused Sean McCann upset, then hearing their father speak on radio and reading the headlines that there is according to their father a threat to kidnap them - that will have these kids terrified witless.

McCann calls for vile tweet people to be made an example of.

Perhaps it is time that the public call for persons, parents who neglect their children to be made an example of.

Because in amongst this darn well mess of a case is a little girl who was so badly let down by her parents and seems to have been forgotten - stories of poor Kate and Gerry McCann, Gerry and Kate throwing temper tantrums taking centre stage, when they don't get it all their own way now dominate!

In the case of the McCann children they were so horribly and cruelly treated by their parents when on holiday in Portugal.   Their parents leaving them night after night in what they say, an unlocked holiday apartment.

(well that is the story the McCanns have spun that they neglected horribly their children)

One child vanished without trace.

The two remaining children have been fed stories of a scary burglar who came in and stole their sister.

But they are getting older now, and stories of burglars stealing a child, just won't wash!

These children are also being exposed by their parents to stories about kidnappers coming to get them also.

Knowing their sister vanished these children are very vulnerable to such stories, and to be told, hear on radio, or read a headline that they are under threat of kidnap is not at all acceptable.

As I have said in the past - hearing a parent state this - the children will believe it!  And that is scary.

They should not be hearing this from their parents, their parents should be re-assuring them if they have any fears in connection with matters relating to their missing sister.

It is certainly past time the McCann couple were in my opinion investigated with regards the twin children as it does not sound like a healthy environment.

What we heard from Gerry McCann this week is shocking.   These parents seem not to learn, not to understand a child's needs.

The Metropolitan Police are currently (for over three years now) investigating the disappearance of Madeleine and there is also an investigation ongoing in Portugal.

There is no need for Kate or Gerry McCann to be out there creating headlines scaring their children.   Why would a parent do that?

And guess what, it will come as no surprise to anyone should they discover that this is another tale told, just like the school bus story was, to bolster their legal action against Dr Amaral, this time to deflect from other up and coming matters.

There is nothing that they will not stoop to, and their actions and those of Sky, and Martin Brunt over the past week are testament to that. 

In terms of the twin children to create headlines out of real threats is worrying, to make headlines out of false threats more concerning if that is what we are dealing with here, and there is every indication that this is in fact the case - either way not healthy for the emotional well being of these kids.
5th October 2014

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