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Gerry McCann - Tantrum Times

I'm sorry I didn't get Gerry's memo that his hissy fit mattered to me today!

So Gerry McCann is at it again - another hissy fit!

I have a little theory on hissy fits - they don't always just happen - sometimes they are planned and pitched!

And McCanns latest stunt/hissy fit - is the latter!

The God of Hissy Fits had a special message for those who cast doubt on his version (S) of events of the night his daughter mysteriously died disappeared, whoosh, vanished...and delivered in his own special way -  aided by Brunty in the guise of a Sheriff-O-gram - his own special message.

I want you all to believe me.  And if you don't you will suffer my wrath.  I will threaten, sue, intimidate anyone who doubts my VERSIONS of events.  I know I told the Portuguese Police when interviewed the day after I reported my daughter as having mysteriously vanished that the previous night, when I did my check on the children (3rd May 2007) that I: 

  • Left the tapas bar, turned left into the street on exiting.
  • Walked all the way up to the top of the road
  • Passed the side/back patio entrance to the apartment on the way.
  • Turned left walked a short way to the entrance of the car park.
  • Crossed the car park
  • Walked down the little lane in front of the children's bedroom window.
  • Into the little recess to the front door.
  • Unlocked the door with my key.  
  • Entered the apartment.  
  • Went to the bathroom. 
  • Saw the children's bedroom further open than I had left it. 
  • Walked into the children's bedroom. 
  • Saw that they were all sleeping. 
  • The twins in their cots.  
  • Madeleine in her bed EXACTLY as I had left her. 
  • I knew then none of the children had been out of bed in my absence. 


  • Why didn't you bother to look around the apartment for clues?
  • Why just leave your kids on their own again? 
  • Madeleine was only 3 years old.  She couldn't be expected to protect her younger brother and sister, twins aged 2 years from an intruder.  
  • Whoever had been in the apartment with your kids had to have opened that bedroom door!
  • In this knowledge - why walk out and leave them alone and vulnerable again?

McCann when first interviewed by police wanted them and the public the watching world to believe the above statement.  This was his honest and true account of the events of the night his daughter vanished without trace.


COMPLETELY CHANGED HIS STORY when interviewed once more by the Portuguese Police on 10th May 2007, SEVEN DAYS AFTER HIS FIRST STATEMENT - and McCann knows, that when you read HIS SECOND VERSION you will STRUGGLE to understand how he could have confused which door he used to enter the apartment (especially when he claimed to have been checking regularly on the children every night in the way described in his FIRST VERSION (entering by front locked door) so how could he forget which door after performing this checking routine at least say 4 nights previously x 3 checks per night, equating to around 12 times previously?but he WANTS you to believe HIS SECOND VERSION, and ignore that there ever was a FIRST VERSION.  

Even though this SECOND VERSION too, is FULL OF HOLES, COMPLETELY UNBELIEVABLE, it is the version which best helps their story.

When your story is an invention to begin with, it generally needs tweeked so as to try and counter any new information which comes to light which puts you in a difficult position, or as and when you have more time to think it through, add some trimmings, tweek, whatever is necessary.

And that is what VERSION TWO is all about!

What Gerry wants also is for as FEW people as possible to read the police files where they can see that he gave TWO entirely different accounts of events.

And he certainly has no plan to discuss this during any interview.  No plans to explain at what point during those first SEVEN days that he decided his story needed to be ALTERED!

Wonder if he explained to DCI Redwood why his story changed.   To a police officer dealing with the case of a missing child - that surely is a biggie - THE FATHER of the child changing his story?

Be interesting to know if he did - what possible explanation he could have given!

The SECOND VERSION despite being a load of old bollocks does though help out his wife a tad, it was a necessary change, because her story was even more bollocks than his, and UNLESS Gerry McCann changed his story, Kate McCann was snookered - Pass go and straight to Jail!  By changing his story, it makes hers still bollocks, but evens out the level of bollocks between the two.

The following is Gerry McCanns SECOND VERSION of events,  and included here also are the trimmings he added to this SECOND VERSION OVER TIME, be that in TV interview etc.

Please note Gerry doesn't in his statement detail the route taken, he only states that he left the restaurant, and continues by stating he entered by the patio door.   I have detailed the route in both his first and second versions to demonstrate the huge differences, and to show that it would have been impossible for him to have confused the two!

  • I left the tapas bar, on exiting I turned left onto the street.
  • Walked a short distance.
  • Reached the side/back patio entrance
  • Opened the little gate
  • Climbed the staircase
  • Opened the gate at the top of the stairs
  • Opened the patio door which I had left unlocked
  • Stepped inside
  • Used the bathroom
  • Noticed that the children's bedroom door was more open than I had left it.
  • Stepped inside the bedroom.
  • Saw that all three children were fast asleep, I am sure of this.
  • Twins in their cots.
  • Madeleine lying on top of the bed/clothes EXACTLY as I had left her.
  • I just left them alone again.  
  • I headed back to the tapas restaurant
  • Met an acquaintance on the way.
  • Chatted to this acquaintance
  • I then went back to restaurant.

Interestingly Gerry McCann:

  • Made no mention to his wife Kate McCann that the children's bedroom door was open much further than they had left it.  
  • Madeleine had told them that very morning that she and her baby brother had cried in their absence the previous evening.  The child had asked them why they did not come to attend to her and her baby brother.
  • Despite knowing this they again left their children alone that night while they dined out.
  • Despite knowing this they claim to have left their children alone in an unlocked apartment
  • Despite knowing this, and when on his check, discovering that the bedroom door was more widely open and having established that NONE of his children had been out of bed, McCann didn't bother to check for an intruder.
  • He was was not concerned in the least for their safety, despite knowing that he and his wife had left the patio door unlocked and that the bedroom door had clearly been opened by 'someone' 
  • Knowing the patio door was unlocked he didn't bother to check the apartment to discover who had been in the apartment with his children, the person who must have opened the bedroom door.
  • He did not mention this to the acquaintance whom he met right outside the apartment when he left apartment 5A.
  • He did not ask this acquaintance to go to the restaurant and tell Kate McCann his wife that there was something seriously wrong in the apartment, that someone had been in there and opened that bedroom door, he did not ask this acquaintance to tell Kate McCann that he did not want to leave the children on their own again, that he wanted to stay and protect them from harm from the person who had clearly been in the apartment alone with his kids, the person who had opened that bedroom door.

McCann, his actions indicate he was COMPLETELY UNCONCERNED about the safety of his children.  COMPLETELY UNCONCERNED on discovering that someone MUST HAVE been in that apartment and opened wide the children's bedroom door.   So COMPLETELY UNCONCERNED that he never bothered to mention it to his WIFE on his return to the tapas bar.   So COMPLETELY UNCONCERNED  that he didn't mention it to this acquaintance Jez Wilkins.

In fact, Jez Wilkins stated that he did not notice anything unusual in McCanns behaviour.

And we know he didn't mention it to Kate McCann because giving her the benefit of the doubt as the mother of these three kids, on hearing that the bedroom door had been wide open indicating that someone had been in their apartment with their children while they wined and dined, a mother would have immediately gone home, she would not have allowed a man who her kids didn't know to go and check on them.  She would have dropped everything for her children.  Surely?

Think about it.  You have left your three children alone in an unlocked holiday apartment. Two, two year old twin children in cots, and a little girl of 3 years of age, days from her 4th birthday.  You return to the apartment to check on them.   You discover that their bedroom door is wide open.  You establish absolutely that the children are asleep and INDEED the eldest has not moved a muscle, not an inch from the position you had left her lying asleep on top of the bedclothes. So, you know ABSOLUTELY that someone has been in that apartment with your kids. Someone who MUST HAVE come in that unlocked patio door - well is that not the FIRST thing any parent would think after establishing that their daughter had not been out of bed - that someone had come in through the unlocked patio door, the door that they had left in a position which required an intruder to simply slide open?    

McCann in his SECOND version of events DIDN'T!   He just walked out of that apartment, chatted to this guy Wilkins, returned to the bar and NEVER made mention of this to anyone.

NOT even when the next check of his children was due - a check he allowed he claims MATT OLDFIELD (the guy who had never before this holiday cast eyes on the two younger McCann children, and had only seen Madeleine once when she was a baby, and who said he didn't really know Kate McCann at all, and had briefly come in contact with Gerry McCann professionally) did he say to Matt Oldfield, 'hey when I last checked the bedroom door was lying wide open, someone must have been in the apartment, don't know who, but hey ho' I just left kids alone again.  Check out that bedroom door why don't you while you are there.'

NO ONE, not a single member of this group had gone in to each others apartments on that holiday on any night to check on children other than their own, YET McCann wants us to believe that out of the blue he and Kate McCann thought it was a good idea to allow this stranger to his children, Matt Oldfield, to check on their children, to go into their apartment and perform some sort of check never before done during this holiday, on his children, a check, AFTER he McCann had discovered only around 15 minutes prior to, that the door of the bedroom where his children lay sleeping WAS OPEN WIDE, A CLEAR INDICATION THAT SOMEONE WHO SHOULD NOT HAVE, HAD BEEN ALONE WITH HIS KIDS?

But more importantly - he allowed Oldfield to go make this alleged check on his children and made NO MENTION to Oldfield that on his (McCanns check) that something was VERY WRONG - that the children's bedroom door was wide open and should not have been, that this indicated someone having been in the apartment!


Or most likely, both versions contain lies of varying degrees - because none of it adds up!

  • Two doctors who claim to have left their three children alone night after night in a locked holiday apartment.
  • Two doctors who changed their story to leaving their children in an unlocked holiday apartment.
  • Two doctors who claim they were told by their kid that she and her baby brother cried the previous night when alone.
  • Two doctors who ignored the child and still walked out and left all three kids and also leaving a patio door open/unlocked.
  • Two doctors, two parents who knew that Madeleine their daughter was prone to waking in the night and whose sleep was often disturbed by the crying of her baby brother and sister which cause the child to get out of bed and look for her parents.
  • Two doctors who we are asked to believe FORGOT WHICH DOORS they entered and exited the apartment!

Just not possible!

What too is unbelievable is that not a single newspaper in the UK, not a single journalist, not a single TV presenter when interviewing the McCanns has asked Gerry McCann and his wife Kate McCann to EXPLAIN THEIR EVER CHANGING STORY.  NOT IN SEVEN YEARS HAS ANYONE ASKED McCANN ABOUT THIS!

No one has asked him how it is possible that he could tell police that unbelievable FIRST VERSION and then SEVEN DAYS later give police an entirely different story a more UNBELIEVABLE SECOND VERSION.

When you compare the two versions - Is there really anyone out there who honestly can see how McCann this guy, this doctor, presumably who has an excellent memory, could possibly after 4 nights of going back and forth checking on his children, FORGET on the FIFTH NIGHT, THE NIGHT HIS DAUGHTER VANISHED - which door he used?

Hell, I wouldn't want him to be my cardiologist if his memory is as poor as he claims!   Time for him to be checked out.  Not good news for his patients or for the NHS if his memory is so poor.  A liability to the NHS one would imagine!

How could he have confused walking to the top of the road, passing the side/back patio entrance on the way, cutting across a car park, down a lane to the front door of the apartment passing his children's bedroom on the way, using his key to open the front door. 


Walking to the side entrance, opening the gate, climbing the stairs, opening the gate at the top of the stairway, then entering the apartment by an unlocked sliding patio door.


So is it any wonder that McCann has pre-planned hissy fits?  Hissy fits where he attempts to put the frighteners on anyone who questions not only his VERSION OF EVENTS but those of his wife, and those of his less than truthful buddies!

There is but one reason that McCanns don't want this case discussed, that they don't want anyone raising any difficult questions, that they would love to silence them by any means, and from this one example above (and of which there are dozens more) - the reason is obvious.

McCann can stomp his feet, pull angry silly faces, throw his pacifier out of the pushchair, demand that people be locked up, demand that they shut up, demand that only he and his wife be believed, until the cows come home, but it changes nothing.   Their stories simply don't add up.
 They didn't add up seven years ago and they don't add up now.

They fear the ever growing numbers who are reading the police files discovering for themselves that all that we have been told is far from truthful.

They fear that their twin children now 9 and half years old will read some home truths about their parents, their parents holiday buddies who each and every one failed young Madeleine their sister.

I can imagine that the twin children, reading of their father's change of story, and how ridiculous it is will not go down well, nor will the fact that their parents holiday buddies refused to return to help police with a reconstruction, and that their mother refused to answer when questioned by police - that they will be hugely disappointed in them, that it will be a horrible blow to learn of this, and much more.

To know that £hundreds of thousands was spent on the likes of Clarence Mitchell and others, monies from Madeleine's Fund, monies donated for Madeleine, lined Mitchell's pockets at the expense of the search for their missing sister - how can the McCann kids when young adults possibly take that in, and understand why their parents if innocent in ALL respects, completely honest on ALL counts justify SEVEN years and £hundreds of thousands spent on the services of a guy as dodgy as Clarence Mitchell?

It is simply not justifiable.  People like Mitchell are hired for one reason,and one reason only!
5th October 2014

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