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Gerry Confesses

Gerry Confesses


I can’t speak for the people who read the book, but obviously it doesn’t stand up to critical appraisal


                                                Gerry McCann

                                                                               November 2009



Never did I think I would ever agree with Gerry McCann, but a strange thing has happened – I do!     Well I do, with regards his above statement!  

To be more clear - that is with the first part of his statement - 'I can't speak for the people who read the book.'


The libel action the McCanns raised against Dr Goncalo Amaral is based on what effect the McCanns feel the book had on the public or more correctly the Portuguese people (though they have no evidence to support their ‘feelings’) and the knock on effect this had on them, how it damaged their search for Madeleine.

It is not simply that they feel the book upset them.


They claim the Portuguese people turned against them after having read the book, and therefore in turn, stopped searching for Madeleine.


How he is able to determine who read/didn’t read it, or what the thoughts and opinions of those who did, both before and after having read – who was searching, who wasn't searching, is the six million dollar question?

One might think the McCanns may possess some magical power the rest of us don’t…that is until you hear what he really thinks…


When asked by Sandra Felgeuiras about the book Gerry stated, that he could not speak for those who had read it…but is that not what his legal team have been doing in the Court in Lisbon these past weeks – ‘speaking for those who have read the book?


This particular video (2009)is more than worth taking a look at, as the questions posed by Sandra Felguiras are still very much relevant to what is going on at the moment with this case, both with regards the libel action and the Metropolitan Police investigation.


Just a couple of points:

1min 03s

Sandra Felgeuiras:


Have you truly felt that the Portuguese public opinion is still with you?


Gerry McCann:

I think obviously there has been a lot written about us negative…and it was inevitable that you…so much written was negative about us that some people would have thought we were involved

But we do feel, now that legal action has been taken and the judicial processes are saying, there is no evidence to support what’s been written…


You are talking about Goncalo Amaral’s book?



But also with the publication of the file in the first place and the initial process of the criminal file regarding Madeleine’s disappearance that there is no evidence that we were involved.

And subsequently the action we have taken recently that I think people are now prepared to continue the search for Madeleine!


Sandra Felgeuiras also asks the McCanns why they employed a communications agency in Portugal.

Gerry McCann stated that to really make the search successful they had to present the information to the Portuguese public, and that given how much had been written in a negative way about them that they wanted to work with someone who understood the Portuguese culture, and the Portuguese media, and how to persuade people that Madeleine was still out there!

Also speaking of this campaign which the McCanns were promoting in this interview with Sandra Felgeuiras McCann had this to say this about their search:


“In an event like today, hundreds and thousands, if not millions of people today will forward this link to their contacts all over the world"



“There is willingness of the population to help"

What McCann has said here in 2009 is very much different than what we are hearing at the libel trial.

He does not, like his witnesses, say that 'all' or 'everyone' believed in the book or the files, nor that they all stopped looking for Madeleine. 

He does however say that after legal action was taken he believes the Portuguese people were
now prepared to help.  (After getting their knuckles slapped I take it! He made them toe the McCann Party Line by way of threat?)

Are we to take it  that when the book was published all the Portuguese people, all who read it, decided they now didn't believe the McCanns?  

Through legal action taken by McCanns, the book was later banned and, they the Portuguese people all changed sides once more, again believing in them and resuming their searching.

The ruling with respect the banning of the book was overturned, in what 2010?

Are we to believe the Portuguese people once again changed opinion, and once more stopped believing and stopped searching?

He speaks of the Portuguese as though puppets, he the puppet master, of how he makes them dance to his tune (by
threats and "persuasion" and using Madeleine's money from her Fund to carry this out, to pay for an agency in Portugal to "make" people believe them.    Innocent people don't need to use "persuasion")

So where are we now?   Or rather where are they now?

Or, should that really be - Where do the McCanns 'say' the feeling of the Portuguese public their opinion now lies, as they the McCanns seem to think they are the authority on this.
6th October 2013

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