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Gerry McCann Tales

Gerry McCann Tales

Gerry McCanns story thus far:


He and his wife Kate McCann each and every night of their holiday, save one left their apartment to dine out without their children (the first night they took the children with them as there was a ‘welcome meeting’ arranged by the holiday complex.

There was babysitting facilities at the complex where they stayed but they chose not to make use of the service.

They chose instead to leave their three children, twins Sean and Amelie, then aged 2 years old, and their daughter Madeleine who was almost 4 years old alone in the apartment.

The apartment had two entrances, a front and a side/back door.  The back door, being a sliding patio door! 

The McCanns claim that each night they locked the patio door, which could only be locked from the inside, then exited the apartment by the front door, locking it from the outside. 


The front door whether locked or not from the outside, required the use of a key to be able to re-enter.

The McCanns further claimed that they were checking on their children regularly, taking it in turn to return to the apartment at half hourly intervals.

They say they did not ever ‘look in’ on the children who were asleep in their bedroom.

They simply listened at the bedroom door, listened for crying.

If all was quiet, they again exited the apartment by the front door which they said they locked as they left.

So every half hour either Kate or Gerry McCann left the tapas bar, headed to their apartment.  Unlocked the front door of the apartment proceeded to the children’s bedroom door, and stood and listened for crying.   If all was quiet they left, locking the front door as they did so, and returned to the tapas bar.

Their children could in fact all have been missing on any of these nights when the McCanns did their checks, as by their own admission they did not bother to do visual checks of their children.

But I guess knowing they had LOCKED their apartment up SECURELY, FRONT AND BACK DOORS EACH AND EVERY NIGHT, that they thought they had no need to concern themselves, no need for them to worry that a child, one, two or all three could go missing!

 (well do we really believe these two doctors left three kids alone in an unlocked apartment every night? Pull the other one I say - but that is the story they put out there?)


So that all sounds pretty straightforward though shockingly selfish not to mention grossly negligent conduct on their part.


Two parents, both doctors, good memories one has to presume, taking it in turn to check on their children, neither having any problem whatsoever throughout the week in remembering what they had to do, the direction, route they should travel to reach the apartment, neither forgetting which door they were to use to enter the apartment to check on the children.  Not on any night did either of these parents have a lapse of memory, always they found their way to the front door, key in hand ready to unlock the mysteries of apartment 5A...oh and listen for their children's cries!

Well how could they forget?  For one, if they had tried the patio door, they would have found it to be locked, and that would have been a sharp reminder that they should have been round at the front door.

But I jest, of course neither Kate or Gerry McCann could possibly forget which door they were to use to gain access to their three beautiful children who they had left alone inside.  There is no way they could forget that it was the front door which they used to check on their much longed for children.

The fact they carried a key was a bit of a clue for them!  If they were entering by an unlocked patio door, no key was necessary!

Gerry saying he forgot which door would be like saying they both forgot how many children they had, their ages and gender, and that they both forgot which bedroom the children were sleeping, which bedroom door they should be listening at.


On the FIFTH night of this routine, the FIFTH night these children had been left alone – Madeleine we are told vanished into thin air!


The Portuguese Police naturally questioned the McCann couple.


Gerry McCann explained to the Portuguese Police, their wonderful checking system.  A checking system he said which was actually better than the one they were copying from another resort. He told police of how each night he and his wife Kate McCann left the children alone.   Of how, he and Kate McCann would take it in turn, to return to the apartment on a half hourly basis to check on their children.

Not visual checks, simply listening at the bedroom door where their children were sleeping.

He told the Portuguese Police of how they locked the patio door each night, and left the apartment by the front door, locking it after they left.

When they returned to check on their children they would enter by the front locked door using their key to gain access.

Now that all sounds pretty straightforward, possibly even feasible, perhaps even believable, (though shockingly horrifying that three young children were left each night so vulnerable) that is, if it was not for Gerry McCann deciding SEVEN DAYS LATER after giving police his account of events…THAT HE HAD GOTTEN  IT ALL WRONG!


That what he had initially told them, the Portuguese Police – HAD NOT HAPPENED AT ALL! 

Now how is that possible?

How could Gerry McCann FORGET that the routine he originally claimed to have followed for FIVE NIGHTS, he had not followed on the FIFTH night after all?  The night Madeleine was reported as missing!


Try as I might, I just cannot believe this to be true!

Suddenly, out of the blue, McCann changed his mind.  Decided he had NOT entered the apartment by the usual route, the front locked door, but had in fact entered by an UNLOCKED PATIO DOOR

Why would he do this?

Several reasons – but first let us look again at Gerry’s TWO ACCOUNTS OF THAT NIGHT –


THE FRONT DOOR VERSION (his first version)


To reach the front door he had to walk to the top of the road, turn left enter a car park, pass through a little walkway in front of the bedroom window where his children slept and then unlock the front door.

He would then stand outside the bedroom door where the children lay sleeping and listen for crying.

If all was quiet he would exit by the same route he had entered, the front door, locking it after leaving.

His wife Kate McCann he claimed performed the same actions on each of her checks throughout that week.


He had done this he claimed in his original statement to Portuguese Police several times a night, over a period of five nights.


HIS PATIO DOOR VERSION (his second version)


To reach the patio door he had to walk the same route, but not continue to the top of the road – mid way along this road was the side (or back entrance) to the apartment, the patio door.

There was a gate at the entrance pavement level, which he required to open, then a stairway he would have to climb before reaching another gate at the top of the stairway which he would also have to open, as this he and his wife Kate stated was kept locked.  Enter through this top gate and then slide open the unlocked patio door.

To listen at the children’s bedroom door he would then have to cross the sitting area of the apartment.

According to his initial police witness statement, not on any night had he ever entered the apartment by this route.

On leaving the apartment he would exit through the patio door, slide it closed but not locked. Unlock the top stair gate (child safety gate) lock it after passing through.  Proceed down the stairway, open the bottom gate and close it after passing through.


Now I am sure all will agree that entering and exiting the apartment by the front locked door, and entering and exiting by the unlocked sliding patio door involve quite different actions.

Not something one could possibly forget.   And certainly not forget but hours after the event.

If one had followed a routine all week long (the front door entry) How is it at all possible for Gerry McCann to not have remembered when first speaking with Portuguese Police his first witness statement, that he had entered the apartment by the unlocked patio door, so involved was the process – having to open two gates – climb a stairway, and lock/close the gates after him, slide open a patio door, then cross the sitting area to the bedroom door?

Short answer - It is not in any way possible for McCann to have forgotten how he entered that apartment!

If, as claimed by McCann he had checked on these children five nights in a row, each of the McCanns performing at least two/three checks per night, if we are to believe they checked half hourly – that is at least 12 checks each (over 4 nights, if we discount the checks on the night Madeleine vanished!)

Now if you had performed 12 checks of your children following the same routine each and every time – and then out of the blue you decide to make a change to the routine, a change which was quite involved – you would not forget!

Quite simply, involved or not, you would not forget!

When we leave our homes each and every day, we never forget which door we exited by, which door we locked up.

If we were to leave three vulnerable children alone in a dark and unfamiliar holiday apartment we sure as hell wouldn’t forget which door we used.

Most normal caring parents would never in a month of Sundays even consider leaving three such young and vulnerable kids alone, but for those who may just consider it, I would imagine they would get no further than the click of the front door, the end of their garden path before guilt remorse and horror at their actions would set in and they would return immediately full of shame for what they had dared to even contemplate – leaving three innocent children in danger.


Gerry McCann knows which door he used, and he knows too why he HAD to change his story!

Up to Andy Redwood, the Metropolitan Police to discover why McCann lied!

Or, does Redwood already know McCanns reason for concocting two different stories, for lying to the Portuguese Police, for leading them a merry dance?

If so, what has Redwood done about it?   What is Redwood going to do about it?

It clearly demonstrates the McCanns had and have something to hide.

Tell me again...They are not suspects in the disappearance of their daughter, I did hear correctly?

Andy Redwood is either leading the public a merry dance by making that statement or he is keeping his cards close to his chest.

Time will tell which...
26th August 2013

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