Lying in the Sun

Gerry Mccann Fits E- Fit

Gerry McCann Fits the E- Fit

Martin Smith one of the witnesses who saw the man carrying the child - as shown on Crimewatch believes the man he saw carrying the child was Gerry McCann!

Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police presented this sighting as new information when in fact it is not!

Redwood knows this!

Why would Redwood do this?

The McCanns private detectives knew this too!

It was the Portuguese Police who arranged for Martin Smith to return to Portugal back in 2007 to give his police witness statement.

The Portuguese Police always considered the sighting by Jane Tanner the McCanns holiday companion to be not credible!

Was the man seen by Martin Smith the Irish chap, Gerry McCann or someone known to McCann?
14th October 2013
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