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Gerry Re-Energised

 Gerry McCann Re-Energised


Ah so now we have a date for the libel trial McCanns v Goncalo Amaral.


The UK press as is the norm describe Goncalo Amaral as a disgraced ex detective who will face a libel trial.


And the McCanns then I take it are the disgraced parents who abandoned their children night after night one of the children, Madeleine coming to harm, her whereabouts now unknown.  The parents who lied to the Portuguese Police?


But Goncalo Amaral is not a disgraced ex detective, but what do the UK press want with the truth – nothing it seems!   Best not give them attention!


So the libel trial which the McCanns attempted to back out of after having accused Goncalo Amaral of all sorts, which the McCanns attempted to settle out of Court a few months back, which Goncalo Amaral would not hear of doing – is to go ahead!


We don’t need to look too far to understand why the McCanns wanted to back out of this one!


Goncalo Amaral has already whipped their asses in the European Courts, and they are probably still stinging yet.  Doubt Gerry and Kate McCann were able to sit down for quite some time after losing, what was it TWO, THREE times in Court to Goncalo Amaral?


But on a more serious note – this couple, their greed, their hatred it appears spurs them on in life.  Their need it would seem to destroy others rules all areas of their lives.


We are told everything they do is for Madeleine?


In the past 6 years I have yet to see anything at all which the McCann couple have done for their missing child. 

They have “done” for themselves in Madeleine’s name, but that is quite different from ‘doing’ for Madeleine!


Is spending Madeleine’s money – the money donated by the public which the public understood was to finance a search for the child but instead it has been squandered on failed legal actions against a retired police officer.  It has been given to dodgy detective agencies, criminals in fact, the list too long to mention?


Did that help Madeleine in any way?


The Fund quite clearly was mis-managed when the McCanns had to ask the public for more – re-assuring them on televised interview that they would try to spend MADELEINE’S MONEY more wisely!


Yet here we are again – another legal action by the McCanns – and when they once again lose – Madeleine, the search for her AGAIN DAMAGED BY HER PARENTS!


Do this couple never learn?  


Does Madeleine mean so little to them that they allow themselves, the Fund to be right back in the very same position which they promised the public they would never be again?


When they lose Madeleine loses!


And who is the sneaky source close to the McCanns we can attribute the following quote or was Clarence feigning bashful:


“The new investigations and the high-profile libel hearing could re-energise the worldwide search for her.”


They have a friend with a sense of humour then?


Worldwide searches – high profile libel hearings -  searches re-energised!


Yes a friend with a sense of humour! 


The McCanns haven’t searched for almost two years, and most times their search extended to popping on a rubber wristband before appearing in front of a tv camera!   I always wondered why they never donned the t.shirts when on camera – there must be thousands of them kicking around in their online shop gathering dust!


And there is no need for worldwide searches…


Don’t the McCanns and their source, their close friend, know the Fucking Tossers, the Tweedle Dee’s and Tweedle Dums’ (as Kate McCann has described them) the Portuguese Police Force finest will be acting on behalf of the Metropolitan Police - making inquiries, interviewing witness and arresting suspects!


That should put Kate McCann in jolly mood!


Nope – no need for a ‘worldwide search’ to be given a boot up the backside – it can lay right back down again be a couch potato for as long as it likes as the Metropolitan Police have it all under control…


Back in the real world – Gerry McCann, Madeleine’s father – could if he can be arsed re-energise the case by getting down the cop shop and sort out his two versions of what he was up to on the night Madeleine vanished – as there is quite obviously something not sitting right here…


Perhaps the Metropolitan Police will ask the Portuguese Police to re-interview McCann just as they are re-interviewing 38 others…

I'm joking, keep your hair on Gerry!

Now what a stroke of luck for Gerry, Kate, Dave, Fiona, Matthew, Rachael, Jane, Russell and Dianne that they don't reside in Portugal else they would have come face to face with a Portuguese Police Officer when re-questioned...residing in the UK they had only to face the Met/Andy biggie eh they had been keeping closely in touch from day one said Andy...

I take it Andy did still follow protocol, and on one of his many contacts with them arrange for the bunch to be re-interviewed..?


Seems a way to go…
26th August 2013

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