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Gerry Tells it Again

Gerry Tells it Again

It was discovered soon after Madeleine vanished that the forensics clearly showed that the bedroom window and shutter had not been jemmied open.


It had been an inside job!  Kate McCanns prints being the only ones found on the inside!  Her prints it is said, in a position which indicated the possibility that she had in fact slid this window open.


The window/shutter was not open when Gerry McCann was in the apartment shortly after 9pm that night.


It wasn’t open at around 9.30 pm that night, the time when Matthew Oldfield claims to have been in the McCann apartment.


And, not Oldfield, Tanner or O’Brien saw an open window or shutter at any time on their checks of their own children (all of which took place between approximately 9pm and 9.45 pm) checks which involved being round at that side of the building where the McCann bedroom window was located.


Yet we are led to believe that the window was opened shortly after McCann exited the apartment?  We were told this as this had to fit with Jane Tanner's 'sighting'   The alleged intruder had to have exited through the narrow window/shutter just after McCann exited the apartment and just before Jane Tanner went towards the apartment.   (yet she never noticed that it was open)


So McCann (let us use his first police witness statement) left the apartment by the front door, locked it as he exited and all was fine.


His three beautiful children were fast asleep inside.


Moments later, we are led by McCann to believe someone somehow entered this securely locked apartment (both front and back doors being locked – remember we are using McCanns FIRST police witness statement) and in a matter of 2/3 minutes perhaps less this ‘someone’ managed to enter the apartment, remove Madeleine from her bed, remove her from the apartment and then walked straight out into the street making no attempt whatsoever to conceal the child making no attempt whatsoever to avoid Gerry McCann who was standing in the street talking to an acquaintance.  And walked straight across Jane Tanner's path!


Based on Gerry’s FIRST police witness statement, how was it possible for anyone to enter that apartment and remove Madeleine so swiftly, in fact remove her at all?


We know the window was not jemmied that if it had been opened that it then had to be, according to forensic analysis, an inside job!


We know that both the back door (patio door) and front door were both securely locked.  Gerry said so!


We know too we must rule out the patio door as it cannot be opened from the outside when in locked position, and Gerry McCann also was standing outside the door speaking with an acquaintance.


Now the only way that this ‘someone’ could have gained access then to this securely locked apartment in the 2/3 minutes they had, (according to the story told by McCann and Jane Tanner) was if they had a key to apartment 5A!

And IF this someone had a key, they had no need to open a window at all!  Simply in and out through the front door!

The number of keys to this apartment and others, I am sure are recorded, should one be missing should not be difficult for police to discover this.

So whoever opened that window, it is certainly looking like someone within the McCann party!


Now all of that, to me at least, basing matters on Gerry McCanns FIRST police witness statement, gave him every reason, EVERY NEED to change his story!


Because as it stood, it left him with not a leg to stand on!


And the guy wonders why the Portuguese Police were onto them?


Thus far in this tragic case, on forums or elsewhere we have all discussed, debated that which the McCanns and their companions have told us, that which they have manipulated, orchestrated and directed...


We have in a way accepted Gerry McCanns SECOND VERSION of events, and at all times tried to understand how any intruder could have gained access to the McCann apartment, the McCann children based on this SECOND version by Gerry McCann.

But is his SECOND version the true account of the events of the night Madeleine vanished?


This second version allows the McCanns their companions much more scope to embellish the story, though admittedly even then they have been caught out – the shutter was not jemmied – the patio door was not used as an entry or escape route – Jane Tanner’s alleged sighting put paid to any thoughts of an alleged abductor leaving by the patio door, as does Gerry McCann chatting outside the door! 


Never do we look at his FIRST version which most probably, if these children were left to their own devices – is the “true” version!


The press at least in the United Kingdom have never to my knowledge ever printed anything at all informing their readers that McCann CHANGED HIS STORY!


And McCann changing his story puts a whole new light on this tragic case.


This guy, Gerry McCann the last person to see his daughter (alive?)

The guy who can recall in the finest, minutest detail everything about that night, right down to how widely open to the nth degree he left the bedroom door – Yet he cannot remember after a week of checking nightly, several times a night, his children, which door he used to access the apartment.  

Now that ain't sounding too good for his patients, a cardiologist with such a poor memory!


The Metropolitan Police Officers reviewing this case must be onto this McCann story too they must have seen right through it the moment they looked at the files, read the statements by the McCanns and their companions.

If this does not allow for the tapas group to be considered suspects, persons of interest to this inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, then sadly something is very wrong with this investigation.


If this is the case, then there will be no justice for Madeleine Beth McCann.

Let us hope that the witness statements by all of the McCann party are part of the line of inquiry by the Metropolitan Police as whatever happened to Madeleine on 3rd May 2007, her dad's police witness statements in particular hold the KEY!

26th August 2013





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